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Sat Nov 29 1997

FYI: Bilingual Concordancing Tool, Language Typology

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  1. Elliott Macklovitch, TransSearch
  2. Bernhard Hiegl, 6th DGfS-Summer School 1998: Language Typology

Message 1: TransSearch

Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 14:39:35 -0500 (EST)
From: Elliott Macklovitch <mackloviIRO.UMontreal.CA>
Subject: TransSearch

	Your correspondents may be interested in trying out TransSearch, the 
RALI's bilingual concordancing tool, which is accessible via the Web, free 
of charge, at the following URL:

	This Web version of TransSearch allows you to query a database composed
of seven years of Parliamentary debates (the Canadian Parliament's Hansard, 
1986-1993), or approximately 100 million words of English-French translation. 
You simply submit a problematic word or expression in one language and 
TransSearch retrieves all its occurrences in the database - WITH THE 
it's as though you had a group of highly qualified Parliamentary translators
at your personal disposal and could ask them the following question: "Have you
ever seen this word or expression; and if so, how did you translate it?" 

	Of course, the domain of Parliamentary debates may not always be 
relevant for the translation of technical or other highly specialized texts. 
Nevertheless, for general problems of English-French translation - or for 
simply surmounting a case of writer's block - TransSearch can very often 
provide invaluable suggestions. In my (necessarily partial) opinion, it's 
a veritable goldmine for translators.

	I encourage you to give TransSearch a try. If you find that TransSearch
would be a useful resource for, may I suggest that you add a link to it on your
own remarkable Web page.

	Should you have any further questions about TransSearch, please do 
not hesitate to contact me.

	Elliott Macklovitch
	Laboratoire RALI
	Universite de Montreal
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Message 2: 6th DGfS-Summer School 1998: Language Typology

Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 16:03:14 +0100
From: Bernhard Hiegl <>
Subject: 6th DGfS-Summer School 1998: Language Typology

6th DGfS-Summer School 1998: \132Language Typology\147
from August, 31 - September, 11 1998 at the Johannes
Gutenberg-University Mainz
Prof. Dr. Walter Bisang / Bernhard Hiegl M.A.

The sixth Summer School of the German Linguistic Society (DGfS) will
take place at the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz from August, 31
to September, 11 1998. 

1. Contents

14 courses of 2 hours a day from Monday to Friday
Plenary discussions every day plus distinguished guest speakers

Participation will be certified. The number of credits at the home
university of individual participants is, however, subject to the
individual regulations at the home universities in question. No
guarantees can be provided in any way by our institute.

Courses entitled in German will be held in German; courses entitled in
English will be held in English
-Auer, Peter (Hamburg): Sprachtypologie und Phonologie (Language
typology and phonology)
-Bisang, Walter (Mainz): Grammatikalisierung (Grammaticalization)
-Cinque, Guglielmo (Venice): Formal grammar and typology
-Comrie, Bernard (California): The syntax and typology of adverbs and
-Corbett, Greville (Surrey): Typology of gender systems and number
-Croft, William (Manchester): Typology and cognition
-Foley, William (Sidney): Comparative grammar of Papuan languages
-Haspelmath, Martin (Bamberg): Morphologische Typologie (Morphological
-Kornfilt, Jaklin (Syracuse): Theoretical perspectives in syntactic
-Lehmann, Christian (Bielefeld): Typologie des Yukatekischen (Typology
of Yucatec)
-Plank, Frans (Aarhus, DK) und Lahiri, Aditi (Konstanz): Co-variation of
phonology, morphology, and syntax? The prospects for holistic typology
-Siewierska, Anna (Lancaster): Word order typology: synchrony and
-Stassen, Leon (Nijmegen): Typology as a reductionist method
-Stolz, Thomas (Bremen): Sprachliche Konvergenz: Areale und Typologie
(Linguistic convergence: areals and typology)

Our distinguished guest speakers are:
-Haider, Hubert (Salzburg): Sprachvergleich in der Formalen Linguistik
(Language comparison in formal linguistics)
-Johanson, Lars (Mainz): Aspect
-Ramat, Paolo (Pavia): Sprachliche Kategorien und Kategorisierungen
-Van der Auwera, Johan (Antwerpen): Areality in language typology (with
special reference to the problem of Standard Average European languages)

Every day, there will be plenary discussions of approximately one hour
with respect to recent developments in the research fields of the
A more detailed schedule will be published in near future in our
homepage! (see end of this leaflet)
However, it has already been determined that the courses will be
assigned to three timeblocks. The planned assignments to the individual
blocks look like follows:

10:45 - 12:15	Auer/Corbett/Comrie/Siewierska
13:45 - 15:15	Cinque/Croft/Foley/Haspelmath/Stolz
15:30 - 17:00	Bisang/Kornfilt/Lehmann/Plank+Lahiri/Stassen

2. Costs

-Students and Persons without income:DM 280/350*(DGfS-Member:DM
-University Employees and Persons with income:DM 560/650*(DGfS-Member:DM
-Participants from `countries with low salaries\180 have to pay half of the
students fees.

* = Participants fee after June, 30 1998.

The German Linguistic Society will pay tuition fees for maximally 20
participants to support particularly qualified and promising young
linguists. Selections will be made by the program committee (W:Bisang,
U.Demske, E.K\246nig, G.Wurzel) on the basis of track records and the
income of applicants (no more than DM 18.000,-/year). Please, send
applications to the local organizer by March 31 1998.
	Walter Bisang
	Johannes Gutenberg-Universit\228t Mainz
	Institut f\252r Allgemeine und Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft
	Jakob-Welder-Weg 18
	D-55099 Mainz

3. Accomodation

There are accomodation possibilities on Campus at very reasonable prices
(approximately 100 beds):
-1 bed in a double room: 	approx. DM 170,-- for 2 weeks +deposit of DM
-1 bed in a single room: 	approx. DM 210,-- for 2 weeks +deposit of DM

The assignment follows after application in chronological order of
Mediation of hotel rooms is also possible.

4. Application/Information

DGfS-Summer School
Attn.: Mr. Bernhard Hiegl 
Johannes Gutenberg-Universit\228t Mainz
Institut f\252r Allgemeine und Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft FB 14.20
D-55099 Mainz, Germany
Phone/Fax:	+49 (0)6131 / 39-3980
www: (application form is available
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