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Mon Dec 1 1997

Sum: Location of Person Features

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  1. Phoevos Panagiotidis, Location of Person Features

Message 1: Location of Person Features

Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 11:15:03 GMT
From: Phoevos Panagiotidis <>
Subject: Location of Person Features

John Grinstead sent me, among other things, the following references:

 Johnson, Kyle. (1990). The Syntax of Inflectional Paradigms .
Manuscript, University of Wisconsin.
 Johnson, Kyle. (1992). Head Movement, Word Order and Inflection .
Manuscript, UC Irvine.
 Shlonsky, Ur. (1989). The Hierarchical Representation of Subject
Verb Agreement . Manuscript, University of Haifa.
 Conzemius, Edward. (1929). Notes on the Misquito and Sumu Languages
 of Eastern Nicaragua and Honduras. International Journal of American
 Linguistics, 5, 57-115.

Paul Millar the following:

Jila Ghomeshi and Elizabeth Ritter. Binding, Possessives, and the Structure
 of DP. in Proceedings of NELS 26.

Elizabeth Ritter. On the Syntactic Category of Pronouns and Agreement.
 Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 13:405-443. 1995.

Robert Rolf Noyer. Features, Positions and Affixes in Autonomous
 Morphological Structure. 1992. MIT Dissertation (I think it is a PhD

Heidi Harley. Hug a Tree: Deriving the Morphosyntactic Feature Hierarchy.
 MIT working Papers in Linguistics 21, p 289-320. 1994.

There is another work I too am trying to get hold of that deals with person
features, I believe. It is an unpublished manuscript by Joost Zwarts (1993)
called: Pronouns and N-to-D Movement, from Utrecht University.

and Cecilia Poletto her own draft of a book she's writing at the moment

I thank them all three.



"the opposite of a great truth is another great truth"
			Niels Bohr

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