LINGUIST List 8.175

Wed Feb 5 1997

Jobs: Phonology, Australian, German lexicon

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  1. Caroline Fery, Job announcement in phonology
  2. IAN.GREEN, Alice Springs Linguistics Position
  3. Centre for Lexical Information, Job: Temporary German lexicon development position at CELEX, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Message 1: Job announcement in phonology

Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 10:01:56 +0000
From: Caroline Fery <>
Subject: Job announcement in phonology

[Please feel free to forward this mail to any interested parties.
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The Department of Linguistics at the University of Tuebingen (Germany) is
seeking candidates for a

 full-time research position (BAT IIa)
 in the typology of syllable structure.

The position is for two years with a possibility of renewal (maximum 4
years). The candidates should have a PhD in Phonology.

To apply send a curriculum vita, a list of publications and a letter of
recommendation to

Caroline Fery
Seminar fuer Sprachwissenschaft
Wilhelmstr. 113
72072 Tuebingen

Interested parties are invited to apply as early as possible. Knowledge of
German is desirable but not indispensable.

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Message 2: Alice Springs Linguistics Position

Date: Tue, 04 Feb 1997 16:15:32 +0930
From: IAN.GREEN <>
Subject: Alice Springs Linguistics Position

Linguist - Lecturer A or Lecturer B
Centre for Australian Languages & Linguistics, Batchelor College

The Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics, Batchelor
College, has a short-term vacancy for a linguist for its Central
Australian programs. The position is based in Alice Springs.

This position is available immediately, and will be filled at the
Lecturer A or B level, according to qualifications and
experience. Appointment will be initially for the first semester 1997,
with possible extension for second semester.

The lecturer appointed to this position will be dealing primarily with
Aboriginal students from Western Desert, Warumungu and Warlpiri
communities, and will be expected to undertake research into these
languages and to develop appropriate language/linguistics
programs. Travel to remote areas will be required.

Applicants should have at least an Honours degree in Linguistics, and
preferrably some familiarity with Australian language typology as well
as experience in working with remote Aboriginal people. Teaching
experience is an advantage. A current drivers licence is essential,
and 4 wheel-drive experience is preferred.

To apply for this position, or for further information, please contact
one of the following people:

Ian Green
Co-ordinator, Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics
Batchelor College, Batchelor NT 0845
ph: 08 8939 7305
fax: 08 8939 7331

Josephine Caffery
Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics
Batchelor College, Central Australian Campus
PO Box 9170 Alice Springs NT 0871
ph: 08 8951 8300
fax: 08 8951 8311
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Message 3: Job: Temporary German lexicon development position at CELEX, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 17:37:11 +0100 (MET)
From: Centre for Lexical Information <>
Subject: Job: Temporary German lexicon development position at CELEX, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

- ------------------------------------------------------

CELEX, the Dutch Centre for Lexical Information, is urgently seeking
to fulfil the position of one full-time researcher/developer to enrich
the German lexical database for the fixed period of 10 months, from
March 1 to December 31, 1997.

- --------

Within the framework of a long-term lexical database research and
development project, CELEX has been compiling and updating massive
structured collections of numerous word features for Dutch, English
and German for the past ten years. CELEX has been jointly established
and managed by the University of Nijmegen, the Institute for
Perception Research (IPO) in Eindhoven, the Institute for Dutch
Lexicology (INL) in Leiden, and the Max Planck Institute for
Psycholinguistics (MPI) in Nijmegen. It is located at the MPI, which
is formally entrusted with its day-to-day administration.

- ---

On an extension to a grant awarded by the Netherlands Organization for
Scientific Research (NWO), we are able to appoint one extra
computational linguist for a period of 10 months on a full-time basis.

The future employee's tasks will focus on enriching the German lexical
database by:

- Coordinating the disambiguation of the frequencies of all homographic
 wordforms (approx. 12,000 existing and new entries) on the basis of their
 context in corpora supplied by the IDS in Mannheim. This task will be
 carried out in collaboration with two student assistants.

- Evaluating and, where necessary, revising the verbal argument
 structures listed in the current database on the basis of scholarly
 publications, corpus research and dictionary labels.

- ----------

Applicants should ideally have a master's degree in German with
advanced computational skills, or have mixed but solid qualifications
in German and computational linguistics. Native speakers of German
with a training in general and computational linguistics are also
invited to apply.

Employment Conditions
- -------------------

Employment will be on a temporary basis, for a period of 10 months.
Although funding is restricted to this period, the appointment may be
extended depending on the provision of additional funding from the
Dutch government, European councils or any other relevant bodies. No
further commitment on our part or claims on the part of the applicant
can be derived from this statement, however.

The salary will be in the order of Dfl. 4,000= (US $2,200) before tax
per month for junior researchers, according to qualifications and age.

Enquiries and applications
- ------------------------

Further enquiries can be made and (informal) applications can be sent
by e-mail or surface mail to:

Richard Piepenbrock
CELEX Project Manager

Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Wundtlaan 1
The Netherlands

Tel: (+31) (0)24 - 3615797
Fax: (+31) (0)24 - 3521213

More information on CELEX (though not on the job) can be found on our
WWW-homepage at URL
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