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Sat Dec 6 1997

Confs: Chinese Languages (revised program)

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  1. Irvine Linguistics Students Association, revised program: On the Formal Way to Chinese Languages

Message 1: revised program: On the Formal Way to Chinese Languages

Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 23:38:17 -0800 (PST)
From: Irvine Linguistics Students Association <>
Subject: revised program: On the Formal Way to Chinese Languages

On the Formal Way to Chinese Languages 
December 12-14, 1997, University of California, Irvine

(revised program)

December 12, 1997 (Friday)
9:00-9:15	Moira Yip (Acting Chair)
		Opening Remarks
9:30-10:05	Shan-Shan Wang (U Haiwaii, Manoa)
		On some properties of Taiwanese prefixed reciprocal
10:05-10:40	Andrew Simpson (Frankfurt U)
		On the status of 'modifying' DE in the Chinese DP
10:40-11:15	Alexander Williams (U Penn)
		Predemonstrative modifiers as restrictions on the input context
11:25-12:25 	Invited Talk: Y.-H. Audrey Li (USC)
		Determiner and indefinite nominal expressions
14:00-15:00	Invited Talk: Raung-fu Chung (National Kaohsiung Normal U)
		Acoustic properties of Southern Min nasality: A
		preliminary experiment
15:10-15:45	Shu-Ming Chen (U Essex)
		Stress in Mandarin reduplication
15:45-16:20	Jie Zhang (UCLA)
		A phonetically-based OT account for the /n/-/ng/ asymmetry upon
		/r/-suffixation in northern Chinese dialects
16:30-17:30	Invited Talk: Moira Yip (UCI)
		The role of markedness in onset and tone loss

December 13, 1997 (Saturday)
8:30-9:05	Nai-Fai Wong (Chinese U Hong Kong)
		Multiple modals in Chinese
9:05-9:40	Miao-Ling Hsieh (USC/UCSD)
		Tense interpretations in Chinese and the related issues
9:50-10:25	Ning Zhang (U Toronto)
		Checking variations in Mandarin yes/no questions
10:25-11:00	Chin-man Kuo (USC)
		The interaction between Daodi and Wh-phrases in Mandarin Chinese
11:10-11:45	Sze-Wing Tang (UCI)
		Some consequences of the parametric theory of verb raising
11:45-12:20	Xiaolu Yang (Chinese U Hong Kong)
		L1 acquisition of focus adverbs CAI and JIU in Mandarin Chinese
13:30-14:05	Xiaoguang Li (UCI)
		More than a coincidence: on the correlation between tense and
14:05-14:40	Haiyong Liu (Wayne State U)
		Dou-doubling in Chinese
14:50-15:25	Jonah Tzong-Hong Lin (UCI)	
		Toward a distributivity account of WH/QP interaction
15:25-16:00	Luther Chen-Sheng Liu (UCI)
		Parallelism and economy: a note on Chinese predicate anaphora
16:15-17:15	Invited Talk: Lisa L.-S. Cheng (UCI)
		_You_ in Mandarin Chinese and (locative) existentials
December 14, 1997 (Sunday)
9:00-9:35	Xiu-Zhi Zoe Wu (USC)
		The classifier ge: an aspectual marker that licenses an
		extra argument
9:35-10:10	Ching-Huei Teresa Wu (McGill U)
		Serial verb constructions and verbal compounding
10:10-10:45	Sui-Sang Mok (UCSD)
		What are Cantonese exceed comparatives? 
11:00-12:00	Invited Talk: C.-T. James Huang (UCI)
Closing Remarks	C.-T. James Huang


On the Formal Way to Chinese Languages is being held at Room 2112, Social
Science Plaza A, University of California, Irvine, December 12-14, 1997. A
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	On the Formal Way to Chinese Languages
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	School of Social Sciences
	University of California, Irvine
	Irvine, CA 92697, U.S.A.

Please make checks or money orders payable to 'ILSA-ASUCI'. We cannot
accept credit card payment. Payment must be in US funds, drawn on a US
bank. On-site registration fees: US$30. On-site registration will begin at
8:15am on Friday, December 12, 1997 outside Room 2112, Social Science
Plaza A. 

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