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Confs: Practical Linguistics of Japanese-SFSU

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  1. Yukiko S. Alam, Practical Linguistics of Japanese

Message 1: Practical Linguistics of Japanese

Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 18:50:02 -0800 (PST)
From: Yukiko S. Alam <>
Subject: Practical Linguistics of Japanese


			May 2-3, 1998

		San Francisco State University

		(Knuth Hall, Creative Arts Bldg)


8:40	Opening Address
		Midori Y. McKeon, Conference Chair

9:00	Default Accentuation and Long-Distance Accent Shift 
	in Japanese Loanwords
		Makiko Asano (Harvard University)

9:35	Politeness and Honorifics: The Pragmatic Function of 
	Syntactic Embedding
		Junko Baba and Stanley Dubinsky
			(University of South Carolina)

10:10	Loanword Phonology and the Acquisition of English 
	Words in Japanese by English Speakers
		Ayako Yamagata (Michigan State University)

10:45	Break

10:55	What Do You Mean by Modality?: Refocusing the 
	Definition of Modality in Japanese
		Yuki Johnson (University of Michigan)

11:30	On'inron no Nihongo Onsei Kyooiku e no Ooyou
		Seiichiro Inaba (California State University, 

12:05	Lunch Break

1:00	Welcome Speech
1:10	Piano Performance In Memory of Dr. Toshiko Mishima

1:30	* * Keynote Speech * *
		Susumu Kuno (Harvard University)

2:30	Break

2:40 	What is a "Sentence"?: Toward an Understanding of 
	the Nature of the Japanese Sentence and How It 
	Should Be Treated in Japanese Language Teaching
		Shoichi Iwasaki (University of California 
		at Los Angeles) and Tsuyoshi Ono (University 
		of Arizona)

3:15	Soo janai n janai n desu ka? -- Hanashi Kotoba 
	Kenkyuu niyoru "janai" no Imi
		Satoshi Uehara, Etsuko Fukushima and 
		Hiroaki Kitano (Tohoku University)

3:50	Is It "Japanese People , Who Work Hard," or 
	"Japanese People Who Work Hard" That Are Hated?
		Yoko Collier-Sanuki (University of British 

4:25	Break

4:35 All-Participant Panel Discussion with the Audience

Sunday, May 3, 1998

9:00	Hito no Shoyuu o Arawasu Hyoogen nituite - "Hito ga 
	Aru/Iru" to "Hito o Motte iru" no Ryookeishiki no 
	Bunseki kara --
		Sumino Niida (Ochanomizu University)

9:35 On Saying "No" in Japanese: Negative Responses 
	in Context
		Scott Saft and Yumiko Ohara (Hokkaido 
				Tokai University)

10:10	"Mou" to "mada" no Imi -- Bunfukushi toshite no 
		Tomiko Hayashi (University of Vermont)

10:45	Break

10:55	Meishi-ku no Modality toshite no "Koto" - "Meishi 
	no Koto" to Jutusgo no Sookan kara
		Junko Sasaguri (Kyushu University)

11:30	Japanese Humbling Verbs as Politeness Markers
		Mutsuko Endo Hudson (Michigan State 

12:05	Lunch Break

1:00	* * Keynote Speech * *
		Seiichi Makino (Princeton University)
		Is the Relationship between Sound and Meaning 
		Not Arbitrary in Japanese? -- A Case of 
		Nasals/Velars and Semantics of Grammatical Forms

2:30	Break

2:40	Lexical Semantic Roles in Stative Verbs
		Natsuko Tsujimura (Indiana University)

3:15	Nihongo Chooboin no Tanboin-ka Genshoo o Meguru 
	Sho-Yooin no Jikken Onseigaku-teki Kenkyuu to 
	Onsei Kyooiku he no Shisa
	Yasuhiko Sukegawa and Satoshi Uehara
	(Tohoku University) and Kikuo Maekawa 
	(National Language Research Institute of Japan)

3:50	Stylistic Choices in Japanese Across Generations
		Yoshiko Matsumoto (Stanford University)

4:25	Closing Address
4:30	Informal Meeting with the Keynote Speakers

	This Conference is Sponsored 
	The Center for the Advancement of 
Teaching of Japanese Language and Culture, SFSU
The Northern California Japanese Teachers Association

(1) Aims and Scope This conference is intended to bring together
researchers on the cutting edge of Japanese linguistics research and
to offer a forum in which linguistics research results can be
presented in a form applicable to those who might apply them in
practical fields such as teaching of Japanese as a foreign language
and in language technology.

(2) Conference Language: English/Japanese

(3) Registration
(a) Registration Fees 
The registration fee is thirty (30) US dollars till March 20 or fifty
(50) US dollars after March 20. The special registration fee for
students is fifteen (15) US dollars till March 20 or twenty-five (25)
US dollars after March 20. In addition, because there are no easily
available eating establishments nearby, we have worked out a meal plan
along with a banquet, the prices for which are expected to be paid at
the time of pre-registration.

Please mark your choices in the brackets of the following
form. (Please also note that the conference web site, contains 
the registration forms, which are superior in legibility.)

- - - - - - - - - - - cut here - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

[ ] Pre-registration:	[ ] Regular:$30		$(	)
			[ ] Student:$15		$(	)
[ ] Late Registration:	[ ] Regular:$50		$(	)
 (after March 20)	[ ] Student:$25 	$(	)

[ ] Banquet:$25		Please choose:
 (Includes Cheese &	[ ] Chicken Piccata	$(	)
	Wine Reception)	[ ] Grilled Swordfish

[ ] Saturday Box Lunch: $15 Marunouchi Bento	$(	) 
	(with beverage)

[ ] Sunday Box Lunch:$11 Please choose:		$(	)
	(with beverage)	[ ] Turkey Sandwitch
			[ ] Vegetable Sandwitch	
					TOTAL	$(	)

(b) Registration Form 

Please fill out this form and return it along with the payment and the
above selection sheet to the Program Chair, listed in (6) below.
(Please print or type.)

Name: __________________________________________________
	First		(Middle)		Last

Affiliation: __________________________________________




Telephone: ____________________ E-mail: _______________

Fax (if available): _____________________

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

(4) Manner of the payment 
The payment should be by a personal US bank check or an international
money order/bank draft payable to "NCJTA".

(5) Accommodation
The following hotels are close to the conference site. Days Inn San
Francisco (415) 665-9000 rate: $80- Great Highway Motor Inn (415)
731-5309 rate: $84- Ocean Park Motel (415) (415) 566-7020 rate:
$69.54- Oceanview Motel (415) 661-2300 rate: $65+Tax-
Roberts-at-the-Beach-Motel (415) 564-2610 rate: $66.12-

More information about the above hotels, other hotels, transportations
and parking is available on the conference website at: ~japanese/Special/Special.html

SFSU is located beside Lake Mercede in the southwest end of San
Francisco, six miles from downtown and two miles from the Pacific
Ocean. You can get to the campus from downtown by BART and Muni.

(6) Correspondence to: 

Yukiko Sasaki Alam 
Program Chair, Mishima Conference
Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94132

Fax: (415) 841 1826
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