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Thu Feb 6 1997

Sum: Lg courses on Internet

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  1. Claus Steiger, Language Courses on the Internet

Message 1: Language Courses on the Internet

Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 18:07:56 +0000
From: Claus Steiger <>
Subject: Language Courses on the Internet

Summary concerning my enquiry:
Subject: 7.1061, Qs: Survey: Language courses on the Internet

Through this Mailing List I posted at the end of July 1996 an enquiry 
concerning on-line language courses on the Internet. As promised, I 
want to start with the distribution of a summary, which will be updated 
in accordance with further incoming information from both language 
course providers and users ("on-line learners").

I would like to thank everybody who sent me useful comments and
especially to those providers of on-line courses, who were already so
kind as to answer my long questionnaire and also to those who will
provide me with more data concerning their courses in the near future.

Apologies for the big delay in providing you with this summary, but 
I have been very busy with my "daily" work. Since December 1996, the
activities concerning online-language courses have 
become the subject of a LEONARDO-project which we had applied for. 
Consequently, our research concerning online language courses is 
going to be expanded.

Up until October 1996, a total of eleven language course providers
filled in my questionnaire. As this amount can hardly be considered as
being statistically significant, I have installed a slightly updated
questionnaire at 
Please be so kind as to fill it in and to pass on this URL to anybody 
supplying on-line language courses, enabling us to realize an 
(almost) automatic analysis. 

If you are interested in the answers to the first series of
questionnaires, you can download a Winword file (35 KB) wherein you
will find the feedback of online course providers classified in table 
form (at 
Summaries of the main results are available at: 
(in English) and at
(in German)

All those language course suppliers who have declared and those who
will declare themselves ready to provide their Webpages with a link 
to an interactive questionnaire for their learners, please use the
following URL: 
If you link your Webpage to this questionnaire, please inform 
us about the course offered at your Webserver in order to enable us 
to classify the feedback of your learners.

Please do not hesitate to suggest any changes to my questionnaires!

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