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Sat Feb 8 1997

Confs: Penn Colloquium, LSRL-27

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  1. Mimi Lipson, Reminder: Penn Linguistics Colloquium
  2. Linguistic Symposium, LSRL-27: Updated information

Message 1: Reminder: Penn Linguistics Colloquium

Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 11:38:16 -0500 (EST)
From: Mimi Lipson <>
Subject: Reminder: Penn Linguistics Colloquium

 Schedule for the 21st Penn Linguistics Colloquium
 February 22nd and 23rd, 1997

All talks will take place in Room 350 of Steinberg-Dietrich Hall, 
3620 Locust Walk, on the Penn Campus. 
Registration: $15 ($10 for students).

Saturday, the 22nd of February

Featural Cyclicity and (Anti-)Superiority
Norvin Richards, MIT

South Slavic Clitic Placement is Still Syntactic
Steven Franks, Indiana University/University of Connecticut 
9.50-10.00 Break

Permission Sentences in Dynamic Semantics
Javier Gutierrez-Rexach, UCLA

A Model-Theoretic Approach to A-not-A Questions in Chinese
Jianxin Wu, University of Maryland

10.50-11.00 Break

Syntax, semantics, and psycholinguistics
Subcategorization frames: On their semantics and their relationships to
verb meanings 
Edward T. Kako, University of Pennsylvania

Extraction, Gradedness, and Optimality
Frank Keller, University of Edinburgh

11.50-1.00 Lunch break

Talk by invited speaker Rolf Noyer, University of Pennsylvania

Disyllabic Requirement in Swahili Morphology
Jae-Ick Park, Indiana University

Explaining Kashaya Infixation
Eugene Buckley, University of Pennsylvania

2.20-2.35 Coffee break

On 'Subjective' and 'Objective' agreement in Hungarian
Huba Bartos, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Against Overt Particle Incorporation 
Jochen Zeller, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitaet Frankfurt

Polarity Checking in Spanish, French, and English	
Dee Cain and Renee J. O'Brien, Georgetown

3.40-4.05 Coffee break

Sociolinguistics of auxiliary selection
Present Tense Auxiliary and Copula Choice in Banarsi Bhojpuri
Susan Das, University of Pennsylvania

A Sociolinguistic Study of Verb Morphology in Montreal French: 
Reanalyzing the Alternation between _avoir_ and _etre_ 
Gillian Sankoff, University of Pennsylvania and Pierrette Thibault,
Universite de Montreal 

4.55-5.15 Coffee break

Talk by invited speaker Alec Marantz, MIT

8.00 Colloquium party (location TBA)

Sunday, the 23rd of February

Japanese sentence-final particles _yo_ and _ne_: An alternative to scalar
Yuriko Suzuki Kose, U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Pragmatics of Wh-Question Intonation in English
Christine Bartels, University of Oregon

'Spoken Chant' intonation in French
Zsuzsanna Fagyal, University of Paris III/University of Pennsylvania 

10.45-11.00 Coffee Break

Syntax and semantics of aspect
Aspectual Shifting in the Perfect and Progressive
Laura Wagner, University of Pennsylvania

The Representation of Present Perfect Types
Gerhard Brugger, UCLA/University of Vienna

Sui Generis Genericity
Hana Filip and Gregory Carlson, University of Rochester
 12.15-1.15	Lunch break 
Workshop-- Preparing data for multivariate analysis: New computer tools
 (bring a bag lunch)
David Boas, Tufts; Miriam Meyerhoff, University of Pennsylvania; Naomi
Nagy, University of New Hampshire 
Voah mei daett sei deitsh: Developments in the vowel system of Pennsylvania
David Bowie, University of Pennsylvania

Duration of Onset Consonants in Gay Male Stereotyped Speech
Sean Crist, University of Pennsylvania

Do I sound Asian to you?: Linguistic markers of Asian American Identity
David B. Hanna, University of Pennsylvania

2.30-2.45	Coffee break

The interaction of tone and stress in Latvian
Krisjanis Karins, University of Pennsylvania

Trisyllabic Shortening: A Synchronic and Diachronic Analysis
Paula Fikkert, University of Konstanz

William Labov, University of Pennsylvania

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Message 2: LSRL-27: Updated information

Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 11:34:54 -0800 (PST)
From: Linguistic Symposium <>
Subject: LSRL-27: Updated information

This message contains an updated program for LSRL-27 (27th Linguistic
Symposium on Romance Languages) and information regarding conference
registration, hotel accommodation, and travel to the University of
California, Irvine.

LSRL-27 - February 20-22, 1997 (Th-Fri-Sat) - Updated program
Emerald Bay, Student Center, UC Irvine

8:30 - Registration
9:15 - Welcome

SESSION 1 - Chair: Jim Huang, UCI
9:30 - Johan Rooryck (Leiden University / HIL)
	Unifying French interrogative and relative qui/que
10:00 - Caterina Donati (University of Florence)
	The status of head-movement: comparative clauses

10:30 - Break

SESSION 2 - Chair: Sanford Schane, UCSD
10:45 - Jean-Pierre Montreuil (University of Texas at Austin)
	Vestigial trochees in Oil dialects
11:15 - Haike Jacobs (University Nijmegen / Free University Amsterdam)
	Metrical Constituency, Latin stress and Optimality Theory
11:45 - Barbara E. Bullock (Penn State University)
	The metrical resolution of doubtful syllable quantity in Early Romance

12:15 - Lunch

SESSION 3 - Chair: Terri Griffith, UCI
2:00 - Michel DeGraff (MIT)
	Non-verbal predication and trace spell-outs
2:30 - Elena E. Benedicto (University of Massachusetts)
	Verb movement and its effects on determinerless plural subjects
3:00 - Thierry Etchegoyhen (University of Geneva) and
		George Tsoulas (University of York)
	Theticity, definite descriptions and the DR in French unaccusative
	impersonal constructions

3:30 - Break

SESSION 4 - Chair: Naoki Fukui, UCI
3:45 - Brigitte Kampers-Manhe (University of Groningen)
	'Je veux que parte Paul': a neglected construction
4:15 - Enrique Mallen (Texas A & M University)
	Negative lexicalization and full feature specification in Spanish
4:45 - Paula Kempchinsky (University of Iowa)
	Modal phrase, case checking and obviation in subjunctive clauses

5:15 - Break

SESSION 5 - Invited Speaker - Chair: Lisa Cheng, UCI
5:30 - 6:30 Viviane Deprez (Rutgers University)
	Asymmetric licencing in negative concord

7:30 - Reception (University Club)


SESSION 6A - Chair: Terence Parsons, UCI
9:00 - Alessandra Giorgi (University of Bergamo) and Fabio Pianesi (IRST)
	On the morphosyntax of temporal arguments
9:30 - Ana Arregui (HIL - Leiden University)
	Life time effects and the imperfect in Spanish

SESSION 6B - Chair: Jurgen Klausenburger, University of Washington
9:00 - Michele Loporcaro (Universitat Zurich)
	Syllable structure and sonority sequencing: Evidence from Emilian
9:30 - James P. Giangola (Sensory, Inc.)
	Constraint interaction and Brazilian Portuguese glide distribution

10:00 - Break

SESSION 7A - Chair: Barbara Vance, Indiana University
10:15 - Deborah L. Arteaga (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
	Toward a unification of DP-topic constructions
10:45 - Valerie Amary (Universite Paris III)
	French specific null object
11:15 - Laurie Zaring (Macalester College)
	Object shift in Old French

SESSION 7B - Chair: Donca Steriade, UCLA
10:15 - Richard D.. Janda (University of Chicago)
	An - parenthetically speaking - other argument argument against
	liaison as syllabification
10:45 - Eric J. Bakovic (Rutgers University)
	Spanish resyllabification and the breath group
11:15 - Jennifer S. Cole, Jose Ignacio Hualde and
		Khalil Iskarous (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
	Is Spanish spirantization a unitary process?: Some experimental

11:45 - Break

SESSION 8 - Invited Speaker - Chair: Moira Yip, UCI
12:00 - 1:00 Luigi Burzio (Johns Hopkins University)
	Vincitori e vinti: Participial morphology and Correspondence Theory

1:00 - Lunch / Business Meeting

SESSION 9A - Chair: Eduardo Raposo, UCSB
2:30 - James Harris (MIT)
	Enclitic -n in Spanish
3:00 - Carlo Cecchetto (Istituto S. Raffaele)
	The distribution of clitics in dislocation constructions
3:30 - Geraldine Legendre (Johns Hopkins University)
	Optimal clitics and verb movement in Romanian

SESSION 9B - Chair: John Moore, UCSD
2:30 - Manuel Espanol-Echevarria (UCLA / CUNY)
	Two aspects of the sentential syntax of N of a N DP's: Predicate
	raising and subject licensing
3:00 - Sarah Cummins (Universite Laval)
	Monosemy and directional movement in French
3:30 - Petra Sleeman and Els Verheugd (University of Amsterdam)
	Licensing DP-internal predication

4:00 - Break

SESSION 10A - Chair: Nina Hyams, UCLA
4:15 - John Grinstead (UCLA)
	Distributed Morphology in child Catalan
4:45 - Ana T. Perez-Leroux (The Pennsylvania State University)
	Inversion in Spanish: Insights from language acquisition
5:15 - Jeannette Schaeffer (MIT)
	On object-clitic placement in Italian child language

SESSION 10B - Chair: William Ashby, UCSB
4:15 - Robert E. Vann (Western Michigan University)
	Pragmatic transfer from less developed to more developed systems:
	Spanish deictic terms in Barcelona
4:45 - Danielle Turpin and Shana Poplack (University of Ottawa)
	Does the FUTUR have a future in Canadian French?
5:15 - Fabiola Varela-Garcia (Loyola University at Chicago)
	Where does concordance stop? Vowel raising and /-s/ in Andalusian

5:45 - Break

SESSION 11 - Invited Speaker - Chair: Armin Schwegler, UCI
6:00 - 7:00 Carmen Silva-Corvalan (USC)
	On borrowing as a mechanism of syntactic change

7:30 - Dinner (University Club)


SESSION 12 - Chair: Dominique Sportiche, UCLA
9:00 - Eduardo Raposo, UCSB
	Definite/Zero alternations in Portuguese (Toward a unification of
	topic constructions)
9:30 - L. M. Savoia and M. R. Manzini (Universita di Firenze)
	Parameters of non-finite V-movement

10:00 - Break

SESSION 13 - Chair: Maria Luisa Zubizarreta, USC
10:15 - Ricardo Etxepare (University of Maryland)
	Speech act modifiers and their syntax in Spanish
10:45 - Luis Silva-Villar (UCLA)
	Subject positions and the roles of CP
11:15 - Zeljko Boskovic (University of Connecticut)
	Sometimes in SpecCP, sometimes in-situ

11:45 - Break

SESSION 14 - Invited Speaker - Chair: Myriam Uribe-Etxebarria, UCI
12:00 - 1:00 Juan Uriagereka (University of Maryland)
	From being to having: Some reflections about ontology from the
	Kayne/Szabolsci syntax

- Gerhard Brugger (UCLA / University of Vienna): Present perfect types and the
theory of the expletive auxiliary.
- Jose Camacho (Carnegie-Mellon University): Do PP's agree?
- Ioana Chitoran (Cornell University): Quality-driven diphthongization in the
Romanian vowel system.

- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
LSRL-27 - February 20-22, 1997 (Th-Fri-Sat) - UC Irvine: Registration,
accommodation, and travel information

This portion of the message provides the following:

% Registration form (please return by regular mail)
% Conference dinner reservation form (please return by regular mail)
% Accommodation information
% Travel information

- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Enclose a check, payable to the UC Regents, for:

____ $30.00 Student rate

____ $40.00 Non-student rate

Send to:

LSRL-27 Organizing Committee
Department of Linguistics
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-5100

Last Name _____________________ First Name _____________________

e-mail address ________________________________________________

Institution: __________________________________________________

Department: ___________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

City/State/Zip Code: __________________________________________

Country: ______________________________________________________

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

The traditional LSRL dinner will be on Friday, February 21, at 7:30 p.m., at
the University Club.

Enclose a check, payable to the UC Regents, for:

____ $20.00 student rate

____ $25.00 non-student rate

Name __________________________________________

- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

We have reserved a block of rooms at the Atrium Hotel, 18700 MacArthur
Boulevard, Irvine, CA 92612-1478. The conference rate is $65.00 (+ tax)
(single to quadruple occupancy; continental breakfast included). To make
reservations, contact the Atrium Hotel directly by phone (714-833-2770
or 800-854-3012) or by fax (714-757-1228). Make sure you quote the Group
Code "LSRL" in order to receive the conference rate (the first official
hotel deadline for this guaranteed rate as well as its extension are now
past, but they might still show clemency).

The Atrium Hotel provides a courtesy shuttle between the Orange County
Airport and the hotel, as well as between the hotel and the UCI campus.

Limited crash space is available for graduate students. Contact Bethanie
Rammer ( or Shiobhan Ross-Humphries (

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Air Travel

If you are flying to the conference, be sure to make flight arrangements to
Orange County Airport (also known as John Wayne Airport). As mentioned above,
the Atrium Hotel provides a courtesy shuttle between Orange County Airport and
the hotel. Call them from the airport and they will come and pick you up
within minutes.

Driving to Irvine / UCI / Hotel

If you are driving, use the 405 freeway and once you reach Irvine, exit on
University Drive (this exit has University Drive going West and Jeffrey Road
going East; go West on University). Follow University until you reach Campus
Drive. If you are going to the Atrium Hotel, turn right on Campus and follow
the directions under (a). If you are going to UCI, turn left on Campus (see
directions under (b)).

(a) Having turned right on Campus to go to the Atrium Hotel, keep going on
Campus until you reach MacArthur Boulevard. Turn right on MacArthur; the
Atrium Hotel will be a short distance on the right-hand side (if you wish
to see the Pacific Ocean, turn left on MacArthur instead of right and keep
going until you reach PCH [Pacific Coast Highway], which parallels the coast.
Go left to head South toward Laguna Beach, San Diego, and Mexico; go right
to head North toward Newport Beach, Los Angeles, and Canada).

(b) Back at the corner of University Drive and Campus Drive (you are on
University Drive coming from the 405): To go to UCI, turn left on Campus,
right on Bridge Road, and left on Pereira Drive. The best place to park is
the parking structure on your left as you turn on Pereira Drive. Parking is
$4.00 a day. Parking permits can be purchased at the entrance to the parking
structure. The conference is scheduled to take place in the UCI Student
Center across the street from the parking structure.

The Linguistics Department

The Linguistics Department is located further down on the right side of
Pereira Drive, across the street from parking lot #1, in a brand-new
complex called the Social Science Plaza. The Departmental Office is on
the 5th floor of Building B of that complex (Phone: 714-824-7504).
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