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Mon Feb 10 1997

FYI: Mentoring project, Endangered Lg Fund

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  1. Monica Macaulay, Mentoring project
  2. whalen, Request for Proposals, ELF

Message 1: Mentoring project

Date: Sun, 9 Feb 1997 03:51:32 -0600
From: Monica Macaulay <>
Subject: Mentoring project


 (Women In Linguistics Mentoring Alliance)

 A Project of the
 Committee on the Status of Women in Linguistics

 Linguistic Society of America

The goal of this project is to provide women in Linguistics (including
graduate students, faculty, women outside of academia, and
undergraduates applying to graduate school in linguistics) with
mentors to help them with general survival skills and advice. We pair
junior women with relatively more senior women at different
institutions, creating ongoing mentoring relationships.

All women in Linguistics are eligible. Membership in this group is
self-defined, but possible criteria include being a student or having
a degree in Linguistics (or a related field like Linguistic
Anthropology, French Linguistics, Psycholinguistics), membership in
the LSA and/or other professional Linguistics organizations, and so
on. Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible.

For a copy of the WILMA brochure and/or questionnaire, contact:
 Monica Macaulay,

 snail mail address:
 WILMA Project Director
 Department of Linguistics
 University of Wisconsin
 1168 Van Hise Hall
 1220 Linden Drive
 Madison, WI 53706

(Please specify whether you want the materials sent electronically or

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Message 2: Request for Proposals, ELF

Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 13:49:11 -0500
From: whalen <>
Subject: Request for Proposals, ELF

 Dear Listers,
 Here is the Request for Proposals from the Endangered Language Fund.
Please feel free to submit applications of your own, but also, if you
would forward this to people not on the list, I would be grateful.
In this, our start-up year, the time-frame is more compressed that we
would like. Next year will be easier.
 Doug Whalen DhW

 Request for Proposals, Endangered Language Fund

 The Endangered Language Fund provides grants for language
maintenance and linguistic field work. The work most likely to be
funded is that which serves the native community and the field of
linguistics immediately. Work which has immediate applicability to
one group and more distant application to the other will also be
considered. Publishing subventions are a low priority, although they
will be considered. The language involved must be in danger of
disappearing within a generation or two. Endangerment is a continuum,
and the location on the continuum is one factor in our funding
 Eligible expenses include travel, tapes, films, consultant
fees, etc. Grants are normally for one year periods, though
supplements may be applied for. We expect grants in this initial
round to be less than $2,000 in size.


 There is no form, but the following information should be printed
(on one side only) and four copies sent to:
 Endangered Language Fund, Inc.
 Department of Linguistics
 Yale University
 New Haven, CT 06520

Applications must be mailed in. No e-mail or fax applications will be

If you have any questions, please write to the same address or email to:


 Please provide the following information for the primary
researcher (and other researchers, if any): Name, address, telephone
numbers, email address (if any), Social Security number (if
U.S. citizen), place and date of birth, present position, education,
and native language. State previous experience and/or publications
that are relevant.
 Beginning on a separate page, please provide a description of
the project. This should normally take less than two pages, single
spaced. Be detailed about the type of material that is to be
collected and/or produced, and the value it will have to the native
community (including relatives and descendants who do not speak the
language) and to linguistic science. Give a brief description of the
state of endangerment of the language in question.
 On a separate page, prepare an itemized budget that lists
expected costs for the project. Estimates are acceptable, but they
must be realistic. List other sources of support you are currently
receiving or expect to receive and other applications that relate to
the current one.
 Two letters of support are recommended, but not required.


 Applications must be received by MAY 1st, 1997. Decisions will
be delivered by the end of May, 1997.


 Before receiving any funds, university-based applicants must
show that they have met with their university's human subjects'
committee requirements. Tribal- or other-based applicants must
provide equivalent assurance that proper protocols are being used.
 If a grant is made and accepted, the recipient is required
to provide the Endangered Language Fund with a short formal report of
the project and to provide the Fund with copies of all publications
resulting from materials obtained with the assistance of the grant.
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