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Sat Feb 15 1997

Calls: Hist. lx & computers, Germanic lx, CTS

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  1. Fco. Javier Martnez Garca, Confs: Hist. comparative ling. & Computers
  2. Richard Wiese, conference phonology&morphology, Germanic
  3. kai, second call CTS

Message 1: Confs: Hist. comparative ling. & Computers

Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 02:15:15 +0100
From: Fco. Javier Martnez Garca <>
Subject: Confs: Hist. comparative ling. & Computers

6. Internationale Arbeitstagung f|r Computereinsatz
in der Historischen Vergleichenden Sprachwissenschaft
 Frankfurt a.M., 21.24. Oktober 1997

Sehr geehrte Collegae,

nach den erfolgreichen Veranstaltungen in Bamberg, Prag,
Dresden, Wien und Bernardin wird die nunmehr sechste 
Internationale Arbeitstagung f|r Computereinsatz in der 
Historischen Vergleichenden Sprachwissenschaft in
Frankfurt a.M. stattfinden, und zwar zwischen dem 21. 
und dem 24. Oktober 1997.

Als thematische Schwerpunkte der Tagung seien benannt:

I. Zehn Jahre TITUS-Datenbank: Die Vollendung naht (?)
II. Computer und Fachdidaktik: Erstellung und Verbreitung 
 von Lehrmaterialien
III. Text, Grafik und Audio-Video: Elektronische Verkn|pfung
IV. Sonstiges / Verschiedenes

Ruf f|r Papiere: 
Wir mvchten alle Interessenten bitten, uns mvglichst bald,
spdtestens aber bis 1. September, einen Titel f|r ein Referat 
zu benennen (Redezeit 20 Minuten + 10 Minuten Diskussion).

Anbei finden Sie ein Formblatt f|r die Anmeldung. Senden Sie bitte
ausgef|llt bis spdtestens 1. August an das Tagungsseketariat.

Eine Teilnamegeb|hr von ca. 30, DM wird bei Tagungsbeginn eingehoben.

Angemeldete Teilnehmer erhalten ein weiteres Rundschreiben mit
detaillierten Angaben zum Ablauf der Tagung.

 Mit freundlichen Gr|_en


- --------------
ANMELDUNG: 6. Internationale Arbeitstagung f|r Computereinsatz
 in der Historischen Vergleichenden Sprachwissenschaft
 Frankfurt a.M., 21.24. Oktober 1997


Ich werde einen Vortrag halten, dessen Titel ich bis zum 1. September


- ----------------------------

Tagungssekretariat & Kontaktadresse:
 Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft 
 GeorgVoigtStr. 6 
 Postfach 11 19 32
 D60054 Frankfurt.
Tel.: +49697982 3139 
Fax: +49697982 2873 
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Message 2: conference phonology&morphology, Germanic

Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 12:03:25 +0100
From: Richard Wiese <wieseMailer.Uni-Marburg.DE>
Subject: conference phonology&morphology, Germanic

 **** CALL FOR PAPERS ********

 International workshop on:


 August 27-29, 1997



 Richard Wiese (
 Wolfgang Kehrein (

Invited Speakers:

GEERT BOOIJ, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam: Prosodic output conditions
versus prosodic input conditions in Germanic morphology
PAUL KIPARSKY, Stanford University: t.b.a.

Topic(s) and abstract submission:

The conference will focus on phonological and morphological aspects of
the Germanic languages from theoretically-oriented points of
view. Papers can deal with any topic therein, comparative perspectives
are particularly welcome. Potential contributors are invited to
submit abstracts with author's name, affiliation, address and e-mail
address. Abstracts can be in English or German and should not be more
than two pages long. Speakers whose abstracts have been selected
will receive partial funding for their travelling costs. At present,
we plan to pay DM 200 for contributors from Germany, DM 300 for
contributors from Europe, and DM 600 for overseas-contributors. The
deadline for receipt of abstracts is APRIL 12, 1997. Please send your
abstract by regular mail or fax, not by e-mail. You will be notified
about the acceptance by April 31, 1997, when a second announcement
will be made.

Please send abstracts to:

Prof. Dr. Richard Wiese
Philipps-Universit=E4t Marburg
Institut f=FCr Germanistische Sprachwissenschaft
Wilhelm-R=F6pke-Stra=DFe 6A
D-35032 Marburg
Fax: (0)6421-28-4558

Brief information on Marburg:

Marburg is a beautiful old university town, an hour north of Frankfurt
in the heart of Hessia (linguistic fieldwork possible). The
Philipps-Universitaet with its rich tradition (reaching back to the
student days of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm as far as linguistics is
concerned) is situated close to the town centre. For a first
impression of Marburg, we refer you to: (pictures from Marburg and
environment, texts only in German)

Information on hotel or guest house accomodation will be issued with
the second call. 
Please address specific questions on abstract
submission and organization to the organizers.
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Message 3: second call CTS

Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 19:33:05 +0000
From: kai <>
Subject: second call CTS

 for the Workshop on
			Friday, July 11, 1997
		in conjunction with 35th Annual Meeting
 	of the Association for Computational Linguistics
		 (ACL'97/EACL'97 Joint Conference)
		 July 7-11, 1997
		 Madrid, Spain

Information about the workshop can also be retrieved from:

- -------------------
- -------------------

Concept-to-Speech (CTS) generation, i.e., the production of synthetic
speech on the basis of pragmatic, semantic, and discourse knowledge
offers a challenging and relatively new field of research in
intelligent user interfaces.
The questions raised in such an environment range from pragmatics,
semantics, and (morpho-)syntax to phonology and phonetics. The
modelling of prosody (at symbolic and acoustic level) serves as one of
the open questions within this paradigm.
Obviously, the development of a CTS system is very
demanding. Successful work within the framework of CTS relies on the
ability to integrate efforts from a number of disciplines, such as
Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science,
and Signal Processing. The workshop will provide a forum to bring
together researchers from the fields of natural language generation
and speech synthesis. The aim of the workshop is to stimulate
interchange of innovative ideas and results of diverse aspects of CTS
generation in order to bridge the gap between these fields.
Among the challenging aspects of a CTS system, we propose to address
issues of the following list in the first place:

* How can systems for natural language generation be adapted in order to
 utilize new realization options to the generation process that are
 offered in the CTS framework?

* How can issues in the time-course of the interleaved process for generation
 and synthesis (when-to-say) be dealt with? Which requirements on speech
 synthesis are to be fulfilled in an incremental approach to spoken
 language production?

* Due to its inherent integrational property, being influenced by a whole
 number of representational levels, modelling of prosody will be one of
 the major topics of the workshop.

* How can approaches in the Text-to-Speech tradition to synthesis
 show their adaptability to Concept-to-Speech?

We invite contributions that provide solutions to any of the topics
indicated above or that present innovative applications addressing
the abovementioned issues.

- ----------------
- ----------------

Robert BANNERT Univ. of Umea, Sweden
John BATEMAN, GMD Darmstadt, Germany
Mary BECKMAN, Ohio State Univ., USA
Carlos GUSSENHOVEN, Univ. of Nijmegen, The Neetherlands
Bjorn GRANSTROeM, KTH Stockholm, Sweden
Elisabeth MAIER, DFKI Saarbruecken, Germany
Scott PREVOST, MIT Boston, USA
Mark STEEDMAN, Univ. of Pennsylvania, USA

- -------------
- -------------

The workshop will be a full-day event that provides a forum for individual
presentations as well as group discussions. In the presentation part,
authors of accepted papers will describe their results and positions
(about 30 minutes each). A plenary discussion of about one hour length
will take place.

- ------------------------
- ------------------------

Authors should submit a full length paper not exceeding 3200 words
(exclusive of references). Due to tight time constraints, initial
submissions and reviewing will be handled exclusively electronically.
Joint submissions with the `Interactive Spoken Dialog Systems' ACL/EACL
workshop are allowed. If there are sufficient joint submissions a
joint session may be scheduled. Please indicate on the title page
that your abstract is a joint submission. Submissions must use the
ACL submission style (aclsub.sty) retrievable from the ACL LISTSERV
server via anonymous ftp:

	Name: anonymous
	Password: <your email address>
	cd acl-l/ACL97
	get aclsub.sty

Submissions have to be mailed as a single LaTeX file or a single
postscript file. Mails should be sent to
and formatted as follows:

 Subject: CTS 97 Submission
 --text follows this line--
 title: <title of submission>
 authors: <authors as they appear on the title page>
 word count:
 email: <email address of author to whom correspondence should be directed>
 <Body of submission>

- -------------
- -------------

March 1, 1997 Deadline for submission of papers
April 1, 1997 Notification of acceptance
April 21, 1997 Deadline for final version of papers
- ------------
- ------------

As this workshop takes place in conjunction with the ACL/EACL-97 conference,
participants of the workshop are obliged to register for the main conference
as well.
Conference registration details can be obtained via WWW from the
ACL/EACL-97 home page

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- ------------------


 Austrian Research Inst. for AI German Research Center for AI
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