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Sun Feb 16 1997

Confs: DGfS-Jahrestagung 1997, NACCL9

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  1. Barbara Stiebels, Conference: DGfS-Jahrestagung 1997 in Duesseldorf
  2. Hua LIN, NACCL9 Preliminary Program

Message 1: Conference: DGfS-Jahrestagung 1997 in Duesseldorf

Date: Thu, 13 Feb 97 14:30:57 +0200
From: Barbara Stiebels <>
Subject: Conference: DGfS-Jahrestagung 1997 in Duesseldorf

Die 19. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft fuer Sprachwissenschaft
(DGfS) findet dieses Jahr vom 26.-28. Februar 1997 in Duesseldorf an der
Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet statt.

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dienstag, 25. 02. 1997
 ab 19.00 Uhr: Warming-Up
Mittwoch, 26. 02. 1997
 10.00 - 12.30: Eroeffnungsvortraege:
 Lawrence W. Barsalou (University of Chicago):
 Frames, situations, and the perceptual simulation
 Dieter Wunderlich (Universitaet Duesseldorf):
 Das Lexikon in der Grammatik
 12.30 - 14.30: Mittagspause
 14.30 - 19.00: Arbeitsgruppensitzungen (Pause 16.30 - 17.00)
 20.00: Gesellige Abendveranstaltung
Donnerstag, 27. 02. 1997
 9.00 - 12.30: Arbeitsgruppensitzungen (Pause 11.00 - 11.30)
 12.30 - 14.00: Mittagspause
 14.00: DGFS-Mitgliederversammlung
 19.00: Empfang der Stadt
Freitag, 28. 02. 1997
 9.00 - 11.00: Plenarvortraege
 Ray Jackendoff (Brandeis University):
 The architecture of the language faculty
 Christiane Fellbaum (Princeton University):
 Linguistic, psycholinguistic, and computational
 aspects of a relational model of the lexicon
 11.00 - 11.30: Pause
 11.30 - 12.30: Arbeitsgruppensitzungen
 12.30 - 14.30: Mittagspause
 14.30 - 18.00: Arbeitsgruppensitzungen (Pause 16.30 - 17.00)

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
AG 1 Sprache und Zeit (Eckardt)
AG 2 Die Interaktion grammatischer Teilbereiche (Buering/Hartmann)
AG 3 DP-Modifikation: Adjektiv, (reduzierter) Relativsatz, Genitiv
AG 4 Lexikalische Ambiguitaet und semantische Unterspezifikation
AG 5 Prototypentheorie/methodik und Lexikon: Rezeption - Kritik
 - Anwendungsbereiche (Mangasser)
AG 6 Prosodische Beschraenkungen der Lexikonerweiterung (Neef/Vater)
AG 7 Das Lexikon in der Feldforschung (Lenk)
AG 8 Lexikalische Semantik fuer die Computerlinguistik
AG 9 Produktive Prozesse im Lexikon (Luedeling/Chur)
AG 10 Das Lexikon im Spracherwerb (Meibauer/Rothweiler)
AG 11 Prinzipien lexikalischen Wandels (Keller)
AG 12 Lexikon und Kontext (Rossdeutscher)

- -------------------------------------------------------------
ab dem 26.2. im Tagungsbuero in der Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet,
Geb. 23.21, Raum 00.46.2, von 9-18 Uhr

DGfS-Mitglieder mit Einkommen: DM 30,-
DGfS-Mitglieder ohne Einkommen: DM 10,-
Nicht-Mitglieder mit Einkommen: DM 60,-
Nicht-Mitglieder ohne Einkommen: DM 20,-

Erwerb der Mitgliedschaft in der DGfS ist noch zu Tagungsbeginn moeglich.

Fuer weitere Informationen:
Sekretariat des Seminars fuer Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft,
Tel. 0211/81-12554

- Flughafen: mit der S-Bahn S7 zum Hauptbahnhof, von dort mit Strassenbahn
 707 bis Endhaltestelle Universitaet-Ost
- Hauptbahnhof: s.o.
- Auto: A46, Ausfahrt Universitaet
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Message 2: NACCL9 Preliminary Program

Date: Thu, 13 Feb 97 18:11:39 PST
Subject: NACCL9 Preliminary Program


1. If you wish to receive the Preliminary Program in its original form
with Chinese characters shown, you may send an email to Pat at to ask for it.
2. Author names in Chinese are transcribed in pinyin
unless we know it spelt otherwise.
3. Translations of other Chinese names are for your reference (cankao) only.

Thursday, May 1:
7:00pm-10:00pm Registration & Reception (Haro Room, Commons Block)

Friday, May 2:
7:30am-12:00noon Registration (Senate Chambers, University Centre)
8:30am-10:00am Opening ceremonies & Keynote Speech

Pulleyblank, Edwin University of British Columbia, Canada
Must We Discard the Rhyme Dictionaries and the Rhyme Tables to Make Progress in
Chinese Historical Linguistics, or Are They Still the Essential Foundation?

10:30am-12:00 noon

Session A
Cheng, Chin-chuan University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
 In Search of Cognitive Basis of Common Chinese Characters
Tsao, Fengfu National Tsing Hua University
 Haplology and Grammatical Analysis in Mandarin Chinese
Audrey Li University of Southern California

Session B
You, Rujie Fudan University
 In Chinese
Cao, Zhiyun Beijing Language and Culture university
 In Chinese
Chan, Marjorie Ohio State University
 Gender-Marked Speech and the Chinese Language: A Preliminary Report

Session C
Wang, Yu-Fang Providence University
 Conditionals in Conversation: A Corpus-Based Study from Chinese
Biq, Yung-O San Francisco State University
 Meaning Negotiation in Conversation: A Comparison of Monolingual and
 Bilingual Data
Liu, Hsiu-min National Taiwan University
 Verbal Fillers as Pause Markers in Spoken Chinese Narrative

Session D
Li, Hongjian Beijing Da Baike Quanshu Chubanshe
 In Chinese
Lau, Wai-Ling HK U of Science and Technology
 Language Variation: A Study of Qian Zhongshu's Wei Cheng
Chu, Chengzhi The Ohio State University
 On the Difference of Grammar Between Hong Lou Meng's Language and
 Modern Mandarin Chinese

Session E
Shi, Xiangdong Tianjin University
 In Chinese
Liu, Lunxin Nanchang University
 In Chinese
Li, Shuihai Wuxi Education College
 In Chinese

12:00-1:30pm Lunch on own

Session A
Li, Yafei University of Wisconsin-Madison
 Two Heads Together is No Better Than One
Gil, David University of Delaware
 Modification and Nominalization in Chinese Noun-Phrases
Zhang, Ning University of Toronto
 Notes on Head Position Parameters

Session B
Zhou, Minglang University of Colorado-Boulder
 How to Come(lai) and Go(qu) in Chinese
Zhang, Zhengsheng San Diego State University
 The Perfective and Perfect Meanings of the Verbal -LE
Liu, Xianmin Harvard University
 Le-an aspectual marker for change

Session C
Ying, H. G. University of Arizona
 Adult L2 Learners' Knowledge of Reconstruction in Chinese: An
 Experimental Study
Chan, Shukim & City University of Hong Kong
Leung, Cheung-Shing University of Hong Kong
 The Expression of Connectivity in Child Cantonese
Leung, Cheung-Shing & University of Hong Kong
Chan, Shukim City University of Hong Kong
 The Interaction of Form and Function in the Development of Cantonese

Session D
Wu, Baotang Yantai University
 In Chinese
Hsu, Kylie University of California-Los Angeles
 The Conjunctive Use of SHUO in Spoken Discourse: The Case of a Political
Wu, Rueyjiuan, Regina University of California-Los Angeles
 The Contribution of Prosody and Sequential Position to the Important
 Function of Mandarin Discourse Particles

Session E.
Zhang, Weidong Shenzhen University
 In Chinese
Wang, Youwei Anhui Broadcast-TV University
 In Chinese
Wang, Shuoquan Hebei Social Science Academy
 In Chinese

3:00-3:30 Break

Session A
Zou, Ke California State University
 Alienable and Inalienable Objects in the Chinese BEI-Construction
ILJIC, Robert ??
 Aspect, Existence, Recurrence, and Discontinuity
Li, Fang & Wu, Xiuzhi Zoe University of Southern California
 Da-Le GE Luohualiushui: a Nominalizer and Else

Session B
Shen, Jiong Beijing University
 In Chinese
Liao, Rongrong University of California-Los Angeles
 Effect of Catathesis in Mandarin
Zhou, Hong University of Toronto
 High Vowel Asymmetries and the Markedness in Some Chinese Languages

Session C
Sheng, Yuqi Shandong University
 In Chinese
Shih, Chilin &Richard Sproat Bell Laboratories
 Mandarin Text-to-Speech Synthesis
Zu,Yiqing Chinese Institute of Social Sciences
 Sentences Design for Speech Recognition Database

Session D
Wang, Ning Beijing Normal University
 In Chinese
Guan, Xihua Sichuan University
 In Chinese
Feng, Shengli University of Kansas
 Prosodically Motivated VV Compound in Classical Chinese

Session E
Hu, Wenze Harvard University
Wu, Sue-mei The Ohio State University
 A Cognition-Based Functional Account of Variations in the Use of
Classifiers in
Wang, Yuhuan Shandong University
Li, Wendan University of Alberta
 Presentation of Nouns and Distribution of Attention
Wu, Sue-mei The Ohio State University
 The Role of Size and Shape in Three-Dimensional Classifiers in Mandarin

6:30: Banquet

Saturday, May 3
7:30am-12:00noon Registration (Clearihue Building)

Session A
Eom, Iksang Kangwon National University, Korea
 R-Suffixation and Syllabic Structure in Mandarin Chinese
Ma, Lili University of Victoria
 Mandarin Diminutive Formation: An Optimality Analysis
Fang, Songxi Zhejiang Zhoushan Normal School
 In Chinese

Session B
Sybesma, Rint Leiden University, Holland
 The Deictic Function of TP and Sentence-le in Mandarin Chinese
Ng, Eve State University of New York-Buffalo
 A Role and Reference Grammar Analysis of DE Sentences
Simpson, Andrew University of California-Los Angeles
 On the Syntax and Interpretation of Potential DE in E. Asian

Session C
Bryant, Daniel University of Victoria
 An Alternative Approach to the Syntax of Classical Chinese Poetic
Xing, Zhiqun Janet University of Vermont
 Causative Constructions in Mandarin Chinese
Liu, Lin Xiandai Wenxue Guan
 In Chinese

Session D
Chief, Lian-Cheng National Chengchi University
 Anaphoric Relations in Mandarin Reflexive Verbs
Li, Huiju, Grace University of Southern California
 Null Object and Sloppy Identity in Chinese
Mok, Sui-Sang University of California-San Diego
 Verb Movement in a Cantonese Non-Coordinative Comparative

Session E
Tian, Zhongxia Heilongjiang Administration Institute
 In Chinese
Wang, Xinghan Henan Institute of Economics
 In Chinese
Shu, Hualong & Xiao, Shuqin Guangxi People's College
 In Chinese

10:00am-10:30am Break 10:30am-12:00 noon

Session A
Yang, Suying Hong Kong Baptist University
 Aspectual Prototypes of Chinese Verbs
Chang, Yu-Ling University of Hawaii
 Beyond Constituent Structure: Semantic Structure Representations
Wang. Haidan University of Hawaii
 Prototypes, Examples, and Images

Session B
Wu, Jianxin University of Maryland-College Park
 A Model-theoretic Approach to A-not-A Questions in Chinese
Hua, Dongfan City University of Hong Kong
 Remarks on Existential WH Indefinites in Chinese
Shi, Dingxu Hong Kong Polytechnic University
 The Question from NP+Q

Session C
Zhang, Jie University of California-Los Angeles
 A Typology of RU Tones in Chinese Dialects
Hsu, Chai-Shune & Jun, Sun-Ah University of California-Los Angeles
 Is Tone Sandhi Group Part of the Prosodic Hierarchy in Taiwanese?
San, Duanmu University of Michigan
 On Foot and Tone

Session D
Li, Xiaoguang University of California-Irvine
 A Comparative Study of Distributivity in English and Chinese
Chen, Chaoran National Chengchi University
Huang, Churen Academia Sinica
Ahrens, Kathreen National Taiwan University
 In Chinese
Hsieh, Miao-Ling University of California-San Diego
 Negation in Chinese and Functional Projections

Session E
Long, Yiteng Guizhou Normal University
 In Chinese
Jiang, Xiwen Guizhou University
 In Chinese
Zhang, Hongming University of Wisconsin-Madison
 Regarding the Property of the Entering Tone in Zhong-Yuan-Yin-Yun

12:00-1:30 Lunch on own


Session A

Chen, C.-Y. Doris & Shen, S. -J. Henry National Taiwan Normal University
 A Minimalist Approach to the KAM Constructions in Taiwanese
Liu, Luther Chen-Sheng University of California-Irvine
 Light Verb and Accusative-ing Gerund in Taiwanese
He, Baozhang Harvard University
 The Core Meaning of ZAI and the Aspect System of Modern Chinese

Session B
Lin, Yen-Hwei Michigan State University
 Assimilation in Mandarin and Feature Class Theory
Stonham, John University of Hong Kong
 Cantonese 'Ge3' and Phonological Theory
Soh, Hooi Ling Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 The Syntax of Phonological Phrasing in Shanghai and Hokkien

Session C
Huang, Shuanfan National Taiwan University
 A discourse Basis for Chinese Syntax
Dede, Keith University of Washington
 A Quotative Particle in the Xining Dialect
Takashima, K. University of British Columbia
 Focus and Explanation in the Copulative-Type Sentences in a
 Genuine Classical Chinese Text

Session D
Wu, Xiuzhi Zoe University of Southern California
 Don't Tout "Topics"
Chuang, Li-Ling University of Maryland-College Park
 Multiple Feature Checking and Multiple Specs
Ting, Jen National Pingtung Inst. of Commerce
 Subject or Topic: On the So-Called Middle Voice in Mandarin Chinese

Session E
Lin, Lunlun Guangdong Shantou University
 In Chinese
Xu, Gaoyu Hangzhou University
 In Chinese
Zhao, Tingchen Shandong Heze Normal College
 In Chinese


Session A
Paris, Marie Claude Paris 7 University
Tsai, Mei-chih Academia Sinica
 Nominalization and Argument Marking in Mandarin Chinese
Wu, Ching-Huei Teresa McGill University
 On a Preverbal NP Construction: BA-Construction in Mandarin Chinese
Wang, Wenbin McGill University
 On the DUI-Construction in Chinese

Session B
Sun, Liangming Shandong University
 In Chinese
Fu, Michelle M. University of Manitoba
 A View of Clause Linkage in Mandarin Serial Verb Constructions
Chan, Alice Yin Wa City University of Hong Kong
 Temporal Sequence and Chinese Serial Verb Construction

Session C
Chang, Yu-Ying University of Michigan
 A Linguistic Analysis of Chinese Word Play
Wan, I-Ping State University of New York-Buffalo
 External Evidence for the Status of Prenuclear Glides in Mandarin Chinese
Yang, Wei University of Victoria
 Speech Errors and Chinese Syllable Structure

Session D
Lin, Liantong Social Science Academy
 In Chinese
Lin, Qianzhe National Chengchi University
Wei, Wenzhen Academia Sinica
Huang, Churen Academia Sinica
 In Chinese
Pao, Yinyin University of Kansas
 Verb Classes and Event Components in English and Mandarin Chinese

Session E
Larsen, Uffe Bergeton University of Southern California
 Adverbial and Adnominal uses of "ZIJI"
Li, Wei Simon Fraser University
 Chart Parsing Chinese Character Strings
Xue, Ping Simon Fraser University
McFetrige, Paul Simon Fraser University
 The Structure of Chinese NP

1:30pm-5:00pm Poster Session
Ansaldo, Umberto Hong Kong University
 Relative Clauses and Grammatical Flexibility in Chinese Languages
Chang, Chih-Ping University of Southern California
 Inflectional and Derivational Verb Reduplications in Mandarin
Chen, Shu-Ching Susan National Taiwan University
 Discourse Complexity Across Spoken and Written Registers: A Case Study of
 Relative Clauses in Taiwan Mandarin
Crosland, Jeff University of Washington
 Lexical Diffusion in Syntax: Residue of the Old Comparative
 Pattern in Xiamen
Hogen, John Silk Road Services, Victoria
 An Enhanced Chinese Language Acquisition Approach
Hwang, Jya-Lin University of Hawaiis
 The Comparative Studies of Mandarin Gei 'give', Taiwanese HO 'give'
 and Hakka PUN 'give'
Jin, Ying University of British Columbia
 Pedagogical Grammar of Mandarin as a Second Language
Keung, Mi Li Merry HK U of Science and Technology
 In Chinese
Lee, Chingkwei Adrenne Chung-Hsing University
 "ZU-Compounds Save": On the Uses and abuses of ZU-Compounds
 in Modern Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan
Li, Tianming Dept. of Asian Studies, UBC
 Some Grammatical Problems in Chinese Language Teaching
Li, Wendan University of Alberta
 Topic-Comment Structures and Word Order in Mandarin Chinese
Su, Yi-ching University of Maryland-College Park
 Sentence Comprehension in Argumentism: Implications from a
 Chinese Patient
Tang, Jasmine State University of NY-Geneseo
 A Comparison of the Phonetic System and the Pinyin System:
 Seeking a Better Way to Teach Chinese
Tang, Sze-Wing University of California, Irvine
 Parsimony of Language: Evidence from Small Clauses
Wu, X., Helen University of Toronto
 Society and Language from the Perspective of GUANDAO and other terms
Yu, Chien-cheng National Taiwan University
 On Chinese Derived Nominals: Interface Between Semantics and Morphology

Sunday, May 4

Session A
Lu, Bingfu University of Southern California
 Word Order Variation in " ta shuo-le wo san-tian huaihua"
Su, Suyalatu Social Science Institute of Inner Mongolia
 In Chinese
Liu, Xinmin Ningxia University
 In Chinese

Session B
Hayden, Jeffrey J. University of Hawaii-Manoa
 A Gestalt and its Images
Guo, Liangfu Shangwu Press
 In Chinese
Yu, Ning University of Arizona
 Cognitive Semantics and the State-as-Location Metaphor

Session C
Yang, Xiaohong Hubei University
 In Chinese
Wei, Jennnifer M. Soochow University
 How to Solicit Votes with Words: A Case Study of the 1996 Presidential
 Campaign in Taiwan
Luo, Xiaosuo Yunnan Normal University
 In Chinese

Session D
Li, Wenzhi U.S. Department of State
 "The Grapheme Combination Method": An Introduction to a More Efficient
Way to
 Teach/Learn Chinese Characters
Hwang, Kaiyu, Miyamoto, Tadao & Kess, Joseph F. University of Victoria
 An Overview and Critique of the Chinese Word Recognition Models
Miyamoto, Tadao & Kess, Joseph F. University of Victoria
 Psycholinguistic Dimensions of the Mental Lexicon in Chinese vs.

Session E
Wen, Ying Chinese Publishers of Social Sciences
 In Chinese
Li, Guoying Beijing Normal University
 In Chinese
Feng, Liangzhen Shanxi University
 In Chinese

10:00-10:30 Break

10:30am-12:00 noon Closing Ceremonies & Keynote speech (Senate Chambers)

Jiang, Lansheng Chinese Academy of Social
 In Chinese

12:00pm noon End of Conference

1:30: Tour of Victoria downtown on tour-bus (Optional)
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