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Confs: KY Foreign Lang Conference

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  1. Anna, KY Foreign Language Conference: Schedule
  2. Anna, KY Foreign Language Conference: Registration

Message 1: KY Foreign Language Conference: Schedule

Date: Tue, 18 Feb 97 13:22:46 EST
From: Anna <>
Subject: KY Foreign Language Conference: Schedule

Below is the preliminary schedule for the Linguistics sessions of the
50th Annual Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, which will be held
April 17-19, 1997 at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY.
Please note that two parallel sessions will be held for the first time
this year: one on General Linguistics, the second on Applied

For additional information, subscribe to the KFLC list by sending the
message SUB KFLC-L firstname lastname to: LISTSERVLSV.UKY.EDU, or
check out our web site:

*****50th Annual Kentucky Foreign Language Conference*****


Why not French? The Rise of a Wolof Lingua-Franca in Senegal
Elizabeth Winkler, Indiana University

Code-Switching and Code-Mixing among Kru Speakers of Liberia
Jerry Mwagbe, University of Kentucky

Markedness and Intrasentential Code-Switching in the Bilingual
Community of NYC
Marina Yueh-Ching Chen, China Junior College of Industrial and
Commercial Management

Coffee Break
Normative Standards Versus Linguistic Reality: Spanish Dialectology on
the Iberian Peninsula
Robert Hammond, Purdue University

A Revision of the Theory of Lexical Borrowing: The Case of 'Semantic
Reyes Fidalgo, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Stress Placement and Syllable Weight in Singapore English
Long Peng and Jean Ann, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

FRIDAY MORNING, LINGUISTICS II: Semantics and Pragmatics

Japanese Sentence-Final Particles yo and ne: An Alternative to Scalar
Yuriko Suzuki Kose, University of Illinois

Conversational Backgrounds as Topics
Virginia Brennan, Vanderbilt University

Pragmatics of Transitive/ Intransitive Sentences
Kazuyo Takeda, Michigan State University

Coffee Break

The Role of Aspect in the Temporal Interpretation of Spanish
Complement Clauses
Alicia Cipria, Georgia Southern University

"Nicht Brauchen"
John Kluempers, Zentrum fuer allgemeine Sprachwissenschaften and UCLA


A Nightmare in Scansion: Quantitative Metrics in Renaissance France
Barbara Bullock, Penn State University

Prosodic Marking in the Two-Word Stage
Elizabeth Purnell, Indiana University

Nasal Velarization and Effacement in Spanish
Kirk Widdison, Brigham Young Univ. and Illinois State Univ.

Morphological Structure and Syllabification in Spanish
Sonia Colina, Indiana University

Coffee Break

A Principles and Parameters Model of Hungarian Vowel Harmony
Nancy Ritter, University of Kentucky

Disyllabic Requirement in Swahili Morphology
Jae-Ick Park, Indiana University

Contrast between Diachronic and Synchronic Effects in Consonant-Tone
Mary Bradshaw, Ohio State University


Lexical versus Functional Categories: The Spanish Possessive
Linda McManness, Baylor University

Clitics: Agreement Morpheme or Lexical Head? Evidence from Language
Monica Sanchez, Brock University

Spanish Reflexives and (In)transitivity
J. Clancy Clements, Indiana University

Coffee Break

Word Structure and Language Variation
Michael LoPresti and Hideki Maki, Salem-Teikyo University

Attract F and Accusative Case Checking
Maarten de Wind, University of Amsterdam


An Analysis of Women's Post-Marital Surnaming Patterns
Frank Nuessel, University of Louisville

The Concept of Otherness in Discourse Analysis: Linguistic Features of
French Statements
Pierre Haillet, University of Toronto

Mode versus Modalities in French and Spanish Statements
Caroline Fouilloux, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and E. de Vicente,
Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Structure of Narrative and Joke in Japanese Conversation
Hiroshi Michinaka, Ball State University



THURSDAY AFTERNOON, LINGUISTICS VI: Teaching and Learning Strategies

Cross-Cultural Discourse Analysis for Critical Reading Development in
Advanced Foreign Language Classrooms

Chin-Sook Pak, Aquinas College, and Rebeca Acevedo, Loyola Marymount

The Construction of Academic Literacy in an Advanced Foreign Language
Literature Course: A Report on a Qualitative Reading Study
Margaret Gonglewski, George Washington University and Ann Penningroth,
Georgetown University

On a Textual Approach to Teaching English as a Foreign Language at
Russian Universities
Irena Smetyuk, Perm University, Russia, and University of Nebraska

Coffee Break

Chilean School Systems and Their Effect on EFL Proficiency
Gabriela Olivares, Purdue University

Schemata Theory and Selected Response Item Tests: From Theory to
Ebrahim Khodadaday, Michael Herriman, and Graham Douglas, University
of Western Australia

Foreign Language Readers' Inference-Making Ability
Jung-Tae Kim, Unviersity of Texas, Austin

Cross-Cultural Communication: Problems Overlooked in TESL
Zheng-Wen Wang, China


Gender, Academic Major, and Vocabulary Learning Strategies
Peter Yongqi Gu, Hong Kong Institute of Education

Computer-Mediated Foreign Language Communication: Motivational and
Affective Factors
Lydie Meunier, University of Tulsa

Grammar and TESL
Henry Hepburn, Hong Kong Institute of Education

Coffee Break

German Studies: A Paradigm of Change
Wolff von Schmidt, University of Utah

Exploring the Temporal Dimensions of SLA: Language Acquisition in
Short- Term Immersion Programs
Karen Woodman, University of Victoria

FRIDAY AFTERNOON, LINGUISTICS VIII: Aquisition of Morphology and Syntax

L2 Proficiency and Parameter Resetting
Naomi Bolotin, University of Kansas

Knowledge of Reflexive Binding in ESL Children
Christen Pearson, Indiana University

>From Pronominal Object-Drop to Variable Object-Drop: Is there L2
Parameter Resetting?
Liliana Sanchez, Carnegie Mellon University

Coffee Break

Aquisition of Pronouns and Anaphors in Deleted Verb Phrases
Yuka Iijima and Yoichi Miyamoto, Ohio University

Parameter Resetting and Clustering Effects: Some Aspects of Verb
Movement in Non-Native Spanish
Marcelino Marcos, Lakeland College

SATURDAY MORNING, LINGUISTICS IX: Cross-Cultural Issues in Pedagogy

Acquisition of the English Article System by French Bilinguals
Moses Kambou, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

English as a Third Language for a Bilingual Child
Ludmila Isurin, Louisiana State University

The Applicability of Second Language Acquisition Concepts in a
Diachronic Context
Doris Stohlberg, Universitaet Tuebingen

Coffee Break

Respectful, Experienced, Jocular, or Insulting: the Use and
Connotation of the Word "Old" in Chinese and English
Wei Jiang, Ball State University

Experimenting with Transitional English: Theoretical and Practical
John Lihani, University of Kentucky

SATURDAY AFTERNOON, LINGUISTICS X: Issues in Writing and Discourse

Textual Features in a Journalistic Review Genre
John Staczek, Georgetown University

'Your English Writing is poor?" What do you mean and how do you know?
Hui-Chun (Angie) Liu, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Writing Across Levels: Concerns, Findings, and Implications
Lara Lomicka and Kirsten Merriman, Penn State University

Coffee Break

Effective ESL Writers: The Influence of Language Logic Strategies
Karen Schuster Webb, University of Kentucky

Proposition Listing: A Study of English Expository Prose,
Asha Tickoo, Hong Kong Baptist University

Interpreting Expectations of a French Composition Course
Erin Joyce, Penn State University
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Message 2: KY Foreign Language Conference: Registration

Date: Tue, 18 Feb 97 13:44:05 EST
From: Anna <>
Subject: KY Foreign Language Conference: Registration


 50th Kentucky Foreign Language Conference
 April 17-20, 1997

Please complete this form, type or print clearly, mail or fax to:
KFLC-Office of Conferences and Institutes
University of Kentucky, 218-A Peterson Service Bldg.
Lexington, Ky. 40506-0005
Phone: (606) 257-3929 Fax: (606) 323-1053

First Name:________________Last Name:_____________________________

Address: _________________________________________


City:_______________ State: ________________Zip:________________

*Registration Fee: $50 if postmarked by April 1 $___________
 $55 if postmarked after April 1 $___________
 $10 if Graduate Student or Public School Teacher $___________
 Conference Luncheon* Friday: $12X____# tickets = $___________

 Conference Social Hour: I plan to attend ____I will not attend ____
 Conference Banquet*, Friday: $25 x___# tickets = $__________
 Saturday Luncheons: $12 x___# tickets = $__________
 Check the following Luncheon you wish to attend:
 French German Hispanic Luso-Brazilian

 *Available only through pre-registration

TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED.......................................$____________

* I will be staying at the __________________________________ Hotel, from

_______________to ______________________

* Please check if you would be interested in the following:
Transportation Services Child Care Services Horse Farm Tour

Vegetarian Entrees

* Please list any special needs here:

* Payment Information:

Check enclosed, made payable to: University of Kentucky

Visa/Mastercard: # __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ____ __ __

 Expiration date: __ __/__ __/__ __


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