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Mon Feb 24 1997

Calls: Ling Colloquium, Multimedia Reference

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  1. Ingo Warnke, Calls: 32nd Colloquium of Linguistics
  2. Elisabeth Andre, ACL/EACL97: Workshop on Reference in Multimedia

Message 1: Calls: 32nd Colloquium of Linguistics

Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997 09:36:02 +0100
From: Ingo Warnke <>
Subject: Calls: 32nd Colloquium of Linguistics

- ----
			32nd Colloquium of Linguistics
			All Fields of Linguistics
			September 17-19, 1997
			University of Kassel

			Call for Papers

We cordially invite you to participate in the 32nd Colloquium of
Linguistics, which will take place at the University of Kassel from
Wednesday, September 17 to Friday, September 19, 1997. Continuing the
tradition of the colloquium there will be no restrictions regarding
the choice of topics. The papers should be given in German, English,
or French, and should not exceed 20 minutes. Combined with an ensuing
discussion of about 10 minutes one lecture unit as a whole will cover
30 minutes. If the number of papers offered is beyond the scope of the
colloquium, the programme committee reserves the right to choose the
best papers on the basis of the abstracts.

Conference Fee

The conference fee is DM 65,00 (after April 15: DM 80,00). The sum
includes the registration fee and will, among other things, cover
pre-conference materials, tea and coffee, and the reception on
Wednesday evening. It will not, however, cover lunches and

Social Programme

We are very happy to be in the position to offer you as a supporting
act a guided tour of the international art exhibition documenta X,
which is the most famous exhibition of contemporary art. On Thursday,
September 18, 1997 there will be the opportunity to visit documenta
X in a guided group (German or English). The admission charge for this
will be DM 30,00 per person.

Lecture in the plenum

A lecture in the plenum will be given by Prof. Dr. Peter Rolf
Lutzeier, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK.

Application deadline

Please send the application form to the conference organiser by 15th
April 1997.

Application Forms

Application forms are available from the organiser of the 32nd Linguistic

32. Linguistisches Kolloquium
Prof. Dr. Hans Otto Spillmann
Dr. Ingo Warnke
Universit=E4t Gesamthochschule Kassel
Fachbereich Germanistik
Georg-Forster-Str. 3
D-34109 Kassel
Phone : +49 561 8043326
Fax: +49 561 8042812
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Message 2: ACL/EACL97: Workshop on Reference in Multimedia

Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997 11:01:45 +0100
From: Elisabeth Andre <>
Subject: ACL/EACL97: Workshop on Reference in Multimedia





	 Organized by the ACL Special Interest Group
		 on Multimedia Language Processing

		 Madrid, Spain, July 7-11, 1997
		 (in conjunction with ACL-97/EACL-97)


A growing number of research projects has started to investigate the
use of referring expressions in multimedia systems. On the one hand,
the use of multiple media has led to new problems, such as a proper
treatment of cross-media references. For example, text may refer to
parts of an illustration. On the other hand, it has turned out that
many concepts already known from natural language processing, such as
cohesion, take on an extended meaning in multimedia discourse. For
example, a proper treatment of referring expressions in a multimedia
discourse requires an explicit representation of the syntax and
semantics of the graphical discourse. As theories of NL reference
become more sophisticated, it is quite natural to investigate whether
these theories also encompass other media, such as graphics and
pointing gestures.

Several research projects have already started to transfer theories to
the broader context of multimedia discourse. Examples of models that
have been used for multimedia applications are Grosz and Sidner's
theory of discourse structure, the centering model developed by Joshi
and colleagues and Appelt's and Kronfeld's model of
referring. However, there are researchers who doubt that linguistic
phenomena, such as anaphora, also exist in multimedia dialogue. The
reason they give is that there are no graphical devices for
distinguishing between a reference-specifying and a
predication-specifying part since objects and their properties are
hardly separable once depicted.

The workshop will be centered around questions, such as "To what
extent can linguistic models be applied to multimedia references?",
"Which linguistic phenomena can also be observed in multimedia
discourse?" and "Is a cross-modality theory of reference
possible?". Topics of interest include, but are by no means restricted
to the following:

- computational models for the analysis/generation of referring expressions
 in a multimedia discourse
- coordination/synchronization of multiple media, such as speech and
 pointing gestures
- deixis in multimedia environments
- cohesion and coherence in multimedia discourse
- representation of multimedia discourse
- encoding theories for text and graphics
- formal models of multimedia referring
- referring expressions in augmented/virtual realities
- empirical studies


Thomas Rist (Primary Contact), DFKI, Germany (
Elisabeth Andre, DFKI, Germany (
Laurent Romary, CRIN-CNRS & INRIA Lorraine, (


Elisabeth Andre, DFKI GmbH, Germany
Doug Appelt, SRI International, USA
Jean Caelen, University of Grenoble, France
Robert Dale, Microsoft Research Institute, Australia
John Lee, University of Edinburgh, UK
Luis Pineda, IEE, Mexico
Thomas Rist, DFKI GmbH, Germany
Laurent Romary, CRIN, France
Massimo Zancanaro, IRST, Italy
Bonnie Webber, University of Pennsylvania, USA


We solicit the submission of full papers (5 - 12 pages) or short
project descriptions (2 - 4 pages).

Electronic submissions in postscript format are strongly encouraged
and should be emailed to Hard copy (*four* copies
of the paper) should be mailed to Thomas Rist (address below).


Workshop attendance will be limited to maximally 40 people, persons
without a submission should contact the organizers as soon as
possible. According to the ACL/EACL workshop guidelines, all workshop
participants must register for the ACL/EACL main conference.


17th March 1997: Deadline for receipt of submissions
4th April 1997: Authors informed of acceptance/rejection
24th April 1997: Final versions due for proceedings
11th/12th July 1997: 1-Day Workshop


Thomas Rist
Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3
D-66123 Saarbruecken
Phone: +49 681 302 5266
Fax: +49 681 302 5341
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