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Mon Feb 24 1997

All: LINGUIST Dissertation Abstracts

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Message 1: LINGUIST Registry of Dissertation Abstracts

Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 12:55:49 -0500
Subject: LINGUIST Registry of Dissertation Abstracts

Dear Subscribers,

We would like to ask your help in instituting a new service:
	a LINGUIST dissertation registry and search facility. 

We intend to store dissertation abstracts at the LINGUIST WWW site
and to index these by:

	- keyword
	- subdiscipline
	- author
	- title
	- granting institution
	- year of completion 

We will keep abstracts of both completed and "in progress"
dissertations; and we will strive to assemble a truly international
list. Thus, once the service is fully operational, you should be able
to use it to quickly answer questions like:

	What dissertations have recently been written on Icelandic?
	What dissertations are currently being written in phonology?
	What dissertations are being written in Taiwan?
	What dissertations were written in Taiwan on Icelandic phonology
		in 1993? 

>From the LINGUIST site, you will also be able to access the URL of the 
dissertation (if available) and contact the author via email.

However, to provide a useful service we need your help in collecting
dissertation abstracts. So: 

	Would you please register your dissertation? It need not be
	particularly recent, as long as you remember your abstract.
	And, if you don't remember your abstract, will you please ask your
	graduate students to enter THEIRS?

In fact, we hope you will publicize this service widely among the
graduate students you know. In so doing, you will be helping us
assemble a usable record, at the same time as you help them introduce
their work to the linguistics community.

You can register a dissertation at any of the following URL's:

Or you can visit the LINGUIST homepage at any of these 3 sites, go to
"New Resources" at the bottom of the page, and point your browser at
"Adding a dissertation abstract."

The form you will find there, and the supporting cgi programs, were
written by Ljuba Veselinova, an Associate Editor and current LINGUIST
fellowship holder <>. Ljuba, like the rest
of the LINGUIST crew, welcomes your comments and suggestions.

-Helen, Anthony, Daniel
LINGUIST Moderators

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