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Wed Feb 26 1997

Calls: Sociolinguistics, ICCS-97 extension

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  1. Ling Slav, 6th International Sociolinguistic Conference
  2. Tue, 25 Feb 1997 10:37:00 +0900, CogSci-Seoul

Message 1: 6th International Sociolinguistic Conference

Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 14:11:08 -0500 (EST)
From: Ling Slav <>
Subject: 6th International Sociolinguistic Conference

 First circular and call for parpers
 Dear Colleague:
 The 6th International Sociolinguistic Conference "Language and Contemporary
 Reality" will be held from September 26 to 30, 1997 in the historical town
 of Preslav (nesr the town of Shumen). Co-organising of the conference will
 be in the Constantin Preslavski University of Shumen.
 On the behalf of the Organising Committee we have the honour to invite you
 to participate in the Conference with a paper. The presentation should not
 exceed 15 min. The working languages are Bulgarian, English and Russian.
 Travel expences, accomodation and food are covered by the participants. The
 conference fee is USD 30 (for non-members of INSOLICO)or USD 10 (members).
 We are trying to reise funds from the Open Society Fund in Sofia to cover
 the expences of participants from Eastern Europe.
 Please, send us a completed registration form and a one-page abstract of
 your participation not later than March 1, 1997.
 Organising committee
 Chairman: Prof. Dr. Sc. Michael Videnov
 Secretary: Ass. Rrof. Dr. Angel G. Angelov
 Preslav, September 26-30, 1997
 Contact address:.......
 Accompaning person(s)
 Hotel reservation: Single room A category - 30 USD per night
 B category - 10 USD per night
 Double room A category - 15 USD per night
 B category - 12 USD per night
 Date:............... Signature:.......................
 Please send this registration form, together with your abstract, and a copy
 of your receipt for the paid perticipation fee to:
 Prof. M.Videnov
 Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridski"
 Dept. of Slavic Philology
 15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blv.
 1504 Sofia
 Phone: (359 2) 59 02 98
 Fax: (359 2) 46 35 89

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Message 2: CogSci-Seoul

Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 10:37:00 +0900
From: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 10:37:00 +0900 <>
Subject: CogSci-Seoul

 The original deadline for submitting abstracts for ICCS 97,
First International Conference on Cognitive Science in Seoul,
was Feb 25, 1997. The organizing committee have decided to extend
this deadline. Abstracts are now due on

 March 31, 1997

and they should reach us by this date. We will notify the authors of 
the acceptance of abstracts by April 25. For those who have sumbitted 
abstracts in time for the first deadline (Feb 25), we are cosidering 
giving some priority in the reviewing process.

 Revised call for papers will follow: 

 ************* "Extended" CALL FOR PAPERS *************

 First International Conference on Cognitive Science
 Seoul, Korea
 August 15-16, 1997

 Sponsored by 
 The Korean Society for Cognitive Science

The First International Conference on Cognitive Science Program
Committee invites abstracts for papers presenting research on
mind and cognition in the core areas of Cognitive Science such as
Psychology, Linguistics, Philosophy, Neuroscience, and Artificial
Intelligence, as well as pioneering interdisciplinary fields such
as Cognitive Anthropology, Computer Human Interaction, Computer
Vision, Connectionism, Imagery, Language Acquisition and
Development, Learning, Memory, Natural Language Processing,
Psycholinguistics, and Neurolinguistics. Dedre Gentner, Gregory Ward,
Ken Forbus, Charles Ling, and Erich Harth will be invited for 
plenary talks.

The conference will be held at the Convention Center of Seoul
National University. For reservation, contact the local arrangements
person below.

Abstracts for novel research papers are invited on any topic
related to mind and cognition. Abstracts should consist of four
(4) anonymous copies accompanied by an original with author's
name, affiliation and address (please add e-mail address and fax
if you have one). Please identify an appropriate major discipline
for the work submitted. Abstracts should be no more than three
pages long including bibliography and submitted in hardcopy to 
the address below by February 25, 1997. Please do not e-mail 
or fax your submissions.

Final versions of papers will be required only after authors are
notified of acceptance. All papers accepted for oral presentation
will be allotted 15 minutes for presentation followed by a 5-
minute discussion. Poster sessions will also be considered.
Accepted papers will be published in a proceedings.

Beom-mo Kang
Dept of Linguistics
Korea University
Seoul 136-701, Korea

"Extended" TIMETABLE
Abstract submissions due: March 31, 1997 (originally Feb 25)
Notification of acceptance: April 25, 1997
Final papers due: June 30, 1997

Jin Hyung Kim (AI, KAIST)
Shun Ishizaki (NLP, Keio U)

Dedre Gentner (Psychology, Northwestern U)
Giyoo Hatano (Psychology, Keio U)
Hung-yul So (Philosophy, Ewha Womans U)
Myung-Han Zoh (Psychology, Seoul National U) 
Kiyong Lee (Linguistics, Korea U)
Yung Taek Kim (AI, Seoul National U)
Cho-Sik Lee (Philosophy, Korea U)

Myung Won Kim, CHAIR (AI, Soongsil U)
Jung-O Kim (Psychology, Seoul National U)
Yoo-Hun Suh (Neuroscience, Seoul National U)
Kang-Hyuk Lee (NLP, KORDIC)
Seung Soo Park (AI, Ewha Womans U)
Young-joo Kim (Linguistics, Hong-Ik U)
Seungho Nam (Linguistics, Seoul National U)

Chungmin Lee, CHAIR (Linguistics, Seoul National U)
Koiti Hasida (AI, Electrotechnical Laboratory)
Yurinori Takubo (Linguistics, Kyushu U)
Charles Ling (AI, The U of Western Ontario)
Melissa Bowerman (Language Acquisition, Max Planck Institute)
Beom-mo Kang (Linguistics, Korea U)
Chan-Sup Chung (Psychology, Yonsei U)
Key-Sun Choi (AI, KAIST)
Jae C. Choe (Biology, Seoul National U)
Jongho Ha (Philosophy, Korea U)

Inquiries regarding abstract submission should be addressed to: 
Beom-mo Kang by e-mail: 
 by fax: +82-2-926-8385
 by regular mail (see above)

Inquiries regarding organization matters should be addressed to:
Myung Won Kim, Dept of Computer Science, Soongsil University, 
 Seoul 156-743, Korea
 fax: +82-2-822-3622

Inquiries regarding local arrangements should be addressed to:
Jung-O Kim, Dept of Psychology, Seoul National University,
 Seoul 151-742, Korea


 We invite you to visit our web site (in preparation) at
 to find additional information on the conference.

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