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Wed Feb 26 1997

Calls: Cognitive Science, Text summarization

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  1. Richard Heath, Fourth Australasian Cognitive Science Conference
  2. Dragomir R. Radev, ACL/EACL Workshop on Intelligent Scalable Text Summarization

Message 1: Fourth Australasian Cognitive Science Conference

Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 10:15:26 +1100 (EST)
From: Richard Heath <>
Subject: Fourth Australasian Cognitive Science Conference

Please distribute this message widely witin the Cognitive Science community.

 First Call for Papers

 Fourth Conference of the Australasian Cognitive Science Society

 September 26-28, 1997
 University of Newcastle NSW

You are cordially invited to attend the Fourth Biennial Conference of the
Australasian Cognitive Science Society which will be held at the University
of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia from 26th - 28th September
1997. This conference involves multidisciplinary participation from a broad
spectrum of researchers interested in cognitive processes and artificial
intelligence from a variety of cognate disciplines, such as Psychology,
Philosophy, Computer Science, Neuroscience, Engineering and Human
Factors. The Conference emphasises the common interest among these
disciplines towards advancing our knowledge of brain/mind function.

The Conference will be held in the David Maddison Building of the Faculty
of Medicine situated in downtown Newcastle, within five minutes walking
distance from shops, restaurants and of course the lovely harbour and
surfing beaches, for which Newcastle is famous. Newcastle is situated some
165 km (100 miles) north of Sydney, to which it is connected by freeway
(about 2 hours drive), frequent train service and commuter air services.
Several modern hotels/motels are located within easy walking distance from
the Conference venue and delegates should consider extending their stay by
visiting the nearby Hunter Valley vineyards and the picturesque tourist areas
at Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens.

The conference will consist of Invited speakers, including Professor
Michael Arbib from the University of Southern California and Professor
William Bechtel from Washington University in St Louis, applied
symposia, oral presentations and poster sessions. Delegates can submit either
a poster Abstract, or a longer submission for oral presentation. The latter
should consist of a completed paper ready for publication in the Conference
Proceedings. This paper must not exceed six pages in length, including
references and figures and must be submitted in electronic form using any
one of the popular word processing packages. The submission should be
single spaced and contain just one column per page. Latex/Tex files should
be converted to postscript and submitted in that form.

Submitted papers should contain:
(i) Title
(ii) Author(s) and affiliation/address
(iii) email address
(iv) a short abstract containing no more than 150 words
(v) no more than six pages of single-spaced single-column text
(vi) tables and figures embedded within the text, not submitted separately.

Each paper will be peer reviewed by two reviewers from different fields of
Cognitive Science, in order to ensure high quality and originality as
well as multidisciplinary relevance. Authors should avoid unnecessary
jargon that will reduce the paper's value to researchers from other
fields of Cognitive Science.

All accepted papers and poster abstracts will be published on a CD-ROM
which will be included in the package of information provided upon
arrival. Authors can also include software, demonstrations and other
hypermedia materials to support their paper. These material will be
stored on the CD-ROM if sufficient space is available. Authors can select
the font and page size that suits their writing style. The preferred font
is Times-Roman 12pt.

It is important that papers requiring revision be received by the Conference
Technical Committee before the deadline for production of the CD-ROM.
Hypermedia supplementary files should also be submitted by this deadline.
Papers not resubmitted in time will only have their abstract published and
will revert to poster presentations.

Authors should submit their papers and/or poster abstracts in electronic
form by email to:

Associate Professor Richard Heath


no later than 16th May 1997.

Following review, all resubmitted papers will be due no later than 15th
August, 1997.

Further inquiries about the conference, including suggestions for Symposia
and other aspects of the Conference organisation, should be directed to
Professor Heath.

Registration Fees (in Australian dollars, A$ = 0.77US$), which include
morning and afternoon teas and the Conference CDROM, are:

$155 (before 31st July 1997)
$70 Students (before 31st July 1997)

$175 (after 31st July 1997)
$80 students (after 31st July 1997)

The Conference Dinner will be held at the newly renovated and historic
Customs House restaurant and will be held on Friday 26th September, 1997.
The cost is $60 per person for Entree, Main course, Dessert and drinks. If
you have any special dietary requests please indicate these on the
Registration Form.

Cheques/Money Orders payable to Cognitive Science Conference 1997 in
Australian dollars should be sent to:

Dr Andrew Heathcote
Fourth Conference of the Australasian Cognitive Science Society
Department of Psychology
University of Newcastle
University Drive

The Conference will be preceded by a full day Symposium on Dynamical
Models of Mind, Their Nature, Relations to Computational and Other
Models, and Future, to be held on 25th September 1997. This issue is
currently 'hot' and with widespread ramifications. Whether the Symposium
proceeds separately, or is simply incorporated into the conference meetings
proper, will depend on the interest expressed. It is intended that the
Symposium consist of invited speakers combined with general discussion of
the issues.

Expressions of interest can take the form of offers of papers (accepted
papers, necessarily very limited, will appear in the Conference Proceedings,
as above), offers of posters for a poster session, and offers to attend
(simplicitur). Further information can be obtained from Professor Hooker on

The Conference Organising Committee are:

Associate Professor Richard Heath (Psychology)
Professor Cliff Hooker (Philosophy)
Dr Andrew Heathcote (Psychology)
Dr Brett Hayes (Psychology)
Associate Professor Graham Wrightson (Computer Science)
Dr Bruce Penfold (Electrical Engineering)
Dr Peter Pfister (Aviation/Psychology)


Fourth Conference of the Australasian Cognitive Science Society

Name: .....................................................................

Title(Dr etc): ...........................................

Preferred Name for Badge: ................................................

Mailing Address:

Telephone Number:

Fax Number:

Email address:

 Please note that all correspondence, wherever possible, will be via email.

Cognitive Science Conference Registration (including Society Membership
valid until 1999 and a mcopy of the Conference Proceedings on CD-ROM)
$155 (before 31st July 1997) ............................
$70 Students (before 31st July 1997) ............................

$175 (after 31st July 1997) ............................
$80 students (after 31st July 1997) ............................

(Students should be include a note on their University's letterhead
 indicating their status, in order to obtain the special Student rate)

Dinner ......... persons  $60 = ....................

 Dynamical Models of Mind Workshop

I would be interested in attending the above Workshop on 25th September
1997 with Registration costs as follows:


$50 (before 31st July 1997) .......................
$30 Students (before 31st July 1997) .......................

$60 (after 31st July 1997) .......................
$35 students (after 31st July 1997) .......................

If YES, indicate whether you would wish to present a Paper or Poster and
send an abstract of 150 words for the Poster or a paper using the same
format as for the Cognitive Science Conference.

Paper ........... Poster ..............

TOTAL ....................

Please send a cheque for the above TOTAL amount payable to:

Dr Andrew Heathcote
Fourth Conference of the Australasian Cognitive Science Society
Department of Psychology
University of Newcastle,
University Drive

If you are an overseas delegate, please send a bank cheque drawn on an
Australian Bank for the above TOTAL amount in Australian dollars.

Do you have any special dietary requirementsfor the Conference Dinner?
Yes No

If YES, please indicate what these are:

Accommodation Requirements (Please rank in order of preference):

Noahs on the Beach
 Standard $94.50 Single/Double $10 extra person ..............
 Ocean View $112.50 Single/Double ..............

Radisson Hotel
 $119 with breakfast Single ..............
 $129 " " Twin/Double ..............

 $95 up to $145 for a suite ..............

Other hotels and motels are available away from the beach area at reduced
rates, approx $50 - $80
We will also endeavour to cater for students and others on limited budgets,
if you can let us know your requirements in the space below.

Please return this form by email to

A World-Wide-Web page is under construction and a more detailed
description of the Conference and Workshop will be presented there.
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Message 2: ACL/EACL Workshop on Intelligent Scalable Text Summarization

Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 16:49:46 -0500 (EST)
From: Dragomir R. Radev <>
Subject: ACL/EACL Workshop on Intelligent Scalable Text Summarization

 		 ACL'97/EACL'97 Workshop on
		 (at ACL'97/EACL'97 Joint Conference)
			 Madrid, Spain
 July 11, 1997


With the explosion in the quantity of on-line information in recent
years, demand for text summarization technology appears to be
growing. Commercial companies are increasingly starting to offer text
summarization capabilities, often bundled with information retrieval
tools. These recent developments offer opportunities as well as
substantial challenges for research in text summarization. In general,
such developments create a practical need for summarization systems
which scale up when applied to large volumes of unrestricted text.

At ACL'97/EACL'97, a particular challenge is to identify the niches
where natural language processing (NLP) can make an impact. For
example, there are applications which require characterizing the
content of large text collections to support data mining functions,
but NLP has not been used much in such applications. Traditionally,
shallower techniques have been leveraged to achieve the desired levels
of scalability and domain-independence, but recent advances in robust
information extraction as well as approaches integrating statistical
and symbolic techniques open up possibilities for more powerful yet
scalable summarization techniques.

With the renewed interest in text summarization, another challenge is
to develop criteria to help evaluate different methodologies, in order
to better advise investors and the interested public on technology
choices. While there have been focused workshops in the past on text
summarization, they have pre-dated the tremendous expansion of on-line
information access fueled by the recent growth of the World Wide
Web. This workshop would bring together researchers interested in
advancing the scientific frontiers of text summarization to meet these
new practical challenges and opportunities.

Submissions are invited on original research in all aspects of text
summarization, including, but not limited to:

* Statistical, linguistic, and knowledge-based techniques in
intelligent summarization
* Multimodal summarization strategies
* Exploiting advances in information extraction in summarization
* Text generation for scalable summarization
* Classification criteria for summarization systems
* Evaluation methods and metrics
* Summarization in operational contexts: requirements, architectures,
lessons learned
* Tailoring summaries to particular users, tasks, and contexts
* Theoretical foundations, including cognitive models
* Combining scalability with abstraction in summarization
* Summarization across multiple documents/sources
* Multilingual summarization

Criteria for selection will include clarity, originality, relevance,
and significance of results. Attendees at the workshop MUST register
for the main ACL/EACL conference.


Udo Hahn University of Freiburg
Julian Kupiec Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
Inderjeet Mani The MITRE Corporation (co-chair) 
Mark Maybury The MITRE Corporation (co-chair) 
Kathy McKeown Columbia University
Boyan Onyshkevych US Department of Defense
Dragomir Radev Columbia University 
Lisa Rau SRA International
Kazuo Tanaka NTT Human Interface Laboratories


Acceptance Notification: April 28, 1997

Interested participants should submit a previously unpublished paper
addressing a specific text summarization issue or reporting novel
methods and results. Authors should indicate whether the paper is
being submitted elsewhere. As the papers will be reviewed anonymously,
please do not include author names in the body of the paper; instead
provide a separate title page with title, author names and email
addresses. The paper length (excluding separate title page) should be
no longer than 8 pages. For email submissions, please submit
postscript. (If the postscript doesn't print properly here, you may
eventually have to submit a hardcopy, so please budget enough time for
that.) For hardcopy submissions, please submit FIVE copies of the

Please send submissions to:

Inderjeet Mani
The MITRE Corporation, W640
1820 Dolley Madison Blvd
McLean, VA 22102-3481, USA
Phone: 1-703-883-6149
Fax: 1-703-883-1279
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