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Thu Mar 13 1997

FYI: Cookbook, Summer school, PhD student

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  1. Deborah D K Ruuskanen, Re: The COOKBOOK
  2. LOT (Annette Nijstad), ***! LOT Summer School 1997 !***
  3. Antoinette Renouf, PhD student

Message 1: Re: The COOKBOOK

Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 20:36:05 +0200 (EET)
From: Deborah D K Ruuskanen <>
Subject: Re: The COOKBOOK

Remember the Linguist Cookbook? Well, with the Easter Break coming up
in the predominantly Christian countries, there may be time for many of
you to find a recipie for me. I fear you were put off by the grandiose
template, so that is OUT. Just send me a recipie, in any format, in any
language. I've upgraded my system so it will take just about anything -
except don't send appended word-files, save them in text-only format, or
better yet COPY and PASTE into your email msg. 
Why am I asking? Well, fellow linguists, I got less than fourty
recipies (36, to be exact) and you can't hardly make a cookBOOK out of
36 recipies. THANKS very much to those people. I understand there are
some eight THOUSAND of you lurking out there - couldn't we come up with
at least a hundred recipies, to make the cookbook a reality?
Culinary Cheers, Kela
Deborah D. Kela Ruuskanen \ You cannot teach a Man anything,
Leankuja 1, FIN-01420 Vantaa \ you can only help him find it \ within himself. Galileo
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Message 2: ***! LOT Summer School 1997 !***

Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 10:27:15 +0100
From: LOT (Annette Nijstad) <>
Subject: ***! LOT Summer School 1997 !***

========== First Announcement ============


The Netherlands Graduate School of
Linguistics (LOT) hereby announces that
the LOT Summer School 1997 will be held
at the

 University of Amsterdam
 The Netherlands
 June 16 - 27

 => Preliminary Program: <=

Week 1:

Rens Bod & Remko Scha (U. of Amsterdam)
	Data-oriented Language Processing

Marcel den Dikken (Free U. of Amsterdam)
	Predicates and their Movements

Vincent van Heuven (U. of Leyden)
	Laboratory Phonology with Emphasis on Stress
	and accent

Silvia Kouwenberg (U. of The West Indies)
	Creole Linguistics: The State of the Art

Jean Lowenstamm (U. of Paris)
	Government Phonology

Alice ter Meulen (U. of Stanford)
	Meaning and Grammar

Tim Stowell (U. of California)
	Clausal Architecture and Functional Categories

Juergen Weissenborn ( U. of Potsdam)
	Language Acquisition

Ronnie Wilbur (U. of Perdue)
	Sign Language Structure: Functional and Formal

Week 2:

Rene Appel (et al.) (U. of Amsterdam)
	Lexicon in Second Language Acquisition

Juergen Broschart (U. of Koeln)
	The Structure of Tongan

Frans van Eemeren (et al.) (U. of Amsterdam)
	Analyzing Argumentative Discourse

Marinel Gerritsen	 (U. of Nijmegen)

Kees Hengeveld (U. of Amsterdam)
	Language Typology

Sieb Nooteboom (U. of Utrecht)
	Sound Continuity and Speech Perception: between
	Auditory Decay and Prosodic Function

Deadline for enrollments: May 1st 1997

Course descriptions (as soon as they are available)
and further details can be found on web page

A booklet with more information will be sent to you on request.

For further information:
	Phone: +31-30-2536006
	Fax: +31-30-2536000

- ------------------------------------------------------------

Landelijke Onderzoekschool Taalwetenschap
Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics

 Trans 10
 3512 JK Utrecht
 Phone: +31 30 2536006
 Fax: +31 30 2536000
- ------------------------------------------------------------
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Message 3: PhD student

Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 11:06:29 GMT
From: Antoinette Renouf <>
Subject: PhD student

Research and Development Unit for English Studies
University of Liverpool

Dear Teaching Colleagues

In July, we are embarking on a three-year, EPSRC-funded research
project which concerns the classification of rare words in the
lexicon. More precisely, we will record the items occurring for the
first time, in the lower frequency ranges only, across successive
years of electronic journalistic text. The aim is to develop a system
of automated classification, accounting qualitatively and
quantitatively for the features found in huge amounts of text, and to
be able to extrapolate from this to predict the structure of the
future lexicon. The system is intended to be of benefit to NLP
researchers and to all in academia and industry who need to fine-tune
textually-derived or textually-applied knowledge bases.

Among other things, this will clearly involve a close study of the
morphology at this productive level of the lexicon. We would like to
add to the human resources and expertise already available to the
project by recruiting a PhD student, again hopefully to be funded by
EPSRC, who has a good undergraduate or other grounding in morphology
(or computational morphology) and who would be interested in the

Have you an outstanding undergraduate finalist (UK-based, with UK or
EU nationality) who fits this category, and whom you would be ready to

The ideal starting date would be July 1st, but we could cope with an
element of delay if necessary.

Thank you for your attention
Antoinette Renouf

- ---------------
Antoinette Renouf
Research and Development Unit for English Studies
University of Liverpool
19 Abercromby Square
L69 7ZG

tel sec unit: +44 (0)151 794 2289
tel: +44 (0)151 794 2286
fax: +44 (0)151 794 2298

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