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Books: McGill Working Papers in Linguistics

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  1. C. Grindrod, McGill Working Papers in Linguistics

Message 1: McGill Working Papers in Linguistics

Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 22:33:10 -0500 (EST)
From: C. Grindrod <>
Subject: McGill Working Papers in Linguistics

The following is a list of the available back issues of the McGill
Working Papers in Linguistics.


L. White. Overgeneralization of the English dative alternation by children.
E. Guilfoyle. The acquisition of tense and the emergence of lexical
subjects in child grammars of English.
S. Patnaik. Some syllable-based phenomena in Oriya: A non-linear approach.
J.-F. Prunet & C. Tellier. Interaction des niveaux en phonologie:
L'abr=E8gement vocalique en Pulaar.
I.B.G. Mackenzie & I.A. Mel'cuk. English constructions of the type
'French-built widgets'.
L. Cohen, C. Liao & A.R. Libert. Language use among Turkish-Canadians in
M. French. Markedness and the acquisition of pied-piping and preposition
I. Mazurkewich, F. Fister-Stoga, D. Mawle, M. Somers & S. Thibaudeau. 
A new look at language attitudes in Montreal.


A. Bailin & A. Grafstein. Configurationality and the theta-criterion.
D. Rodier. A historical analysis of modals from Old English to Modern
J.-F. Prunet. Nasalization and word-syntax.
A.L. Baruzzi. Effects of degree of education on the comprehension of
syntactic structures in normals and aphasics.
T. Maniakas. Some sociolinguistic features of Modern Greek as spoken in
A.-M. Grignon. On the structure of the Japanese rime.
M. Picard. On relative chronology and natural sound change.


L. White. Island effects in second language acquisition.
C. Tellier. On the tone pattern of Sino-Japanese compounds.
D. Rodier. Compensatory lengthening versus gemination in Ancient Greek.
E. Guilfoyle. Modals, prepositions and inherent case marking in Irish.
Z. Laubitz. Children's use of conjunctions as a textual marker.
M. Gopnik. A featureless grammar: A case study.
L. DeFreitas. Phonological principles and the theory of syllable structure.


A.R. Libert. Government, adjacency and the assignment of nominative and
accusative case in Turkish.
J.-C. Beaumont & A. Mkoun. Cas d'emprunt syntaxique en Arabe Marocain.
J.-A. Gendron. Examining argument structures in order to explain agrammatic
G. Lamontagne & L. Travis. The case filter and the ECP.
M. Nait M'barek. March=E9 linguistique et rapports diglottiques: Le cas
 du Maroc.
C. Paradis. Morphological and phonological investigations in Fula: Class


C. Tellier. Predicative quantifiers.
G. Jarema, E. Kehayia & J. Waite. Comprehension and production in two 
Greek agrammatic aphasics.
J. DuPlessis, D. Solin, L. Travis & L. White. UG or not UG, that is the
question: A reply to Clahsen and Muysken.
M.J. Davis. Base-generation of NP-structure.
A. Munn. Coordinate structure and X-bar theory.
S. Mendelsohn. Identical consonants across word boundaries in English.


E.M. Styan. Two 'be's' or not two 'be's'.
M. Machobane. The Sesotho passive constructions.
J.-C. Beaumont. L'emprunt en Arabe Marocain: Facteurs sociolinguistiques
D. Lipscomb. A reanalysis of Quechua and Inuktitut complex verb formation.
L. Travis. Parameters of phrase structure.
C. Paradis. On phonological constraints.


C. Paradis. Towards a theory of constraint violations.
M. Picard. Natural sound change and the case of Armenian 'Erk'.
H.J. Hung. Affixation and argument structure in Malay.
A.R. Libert. Going from the allative towards a theory of multiple
S. Rosenthall. Syllabification and representation in Sinhalese phonology.
L. White. Implications of learnability theory for second language teaching
and learning.
M. Campana. Mood and Binding in Palauan.


S. Allen. Noun incorporation in Eskimo: Postpositions and case marking.
M. Baker. How complex words get their properties.
J. Bonneau. The status of laryngeal consonants in Mohawk.
M. Campana. Towards a configurational analysis of Amerindian languages:
Evidence from Ojibwa.
A.R. Libert. A note on a problem of case marking in Miwok.
D. Mellow. On triggers: A parameter-setting approach to the Cree
acquisition of a free word order language.
G.L. Piggott. The parameters of nasalization.


J. Anward. Verb-verb agreement in Swedish.
M. Baker. Against reanalysis of heads.
P. Coopmans & M. Everaert. On the nature of complex causative idioms.
H. Czepluch. Case patterns in German: Some implications for the theory of
abstract case.
A. Holmberg. The head of S in Scandinavian and English.
K. Johnson. Verb raising and 'have'.
J. Maling. Variations on a theme: Existential sentences in Swedish and
M. Noonan. Superiority effects: How do antecedent government, lexical
government and V2 interact.
C. Platzack. The emergence of a word order difference in Scandinavian
subordinate clauses.
H. van Riemsdijk. Against adjunction to the head.
L. Ruyter. Bare infinitivals, INFL and pseudo-progressives in Dutch.
L. Travis. The syntax of adverbs.
A. Vainikka. Two comparative constructions.


M. Campana. The Chamorro morpheme ma-.
E. Guilfoyle, H. Hung & L. Travis. Spec of IP and Spec of VP: Two subjects
in Malayo-Polynesian languages.
H.J. Hung. [ATR] harmony in Yapese.
A. Maclachlan. The morphosyntax of Tagalog verbs: The inflectional system
and its interaction with derivational morphology.
J. Waite. Tough- and pretty-movement in Maori.


C. Alphonce. Issues in the characterization of agrammatism in terms of
linguistic theory.
J.-C. Beaumont. Le g=E9nitif en Allemand: Etude pilote et interpr=E9tation
J. Bonneau. Logical form and an analysis of the matching effect in free
S. Franks & N. Hornstein. Governed PRO.
C. Paradis & J.-F. Prunet. The coronal vs. Velar placelessness 


S. Bennett. Anaphora in Serbo-Croatian.
A. Juffs. Reciprocals in Chinese.
G.L. Piggott. Empty onsets: Evidence for the skeleton in prosodic
M. Zushi. Comprehension disturbances in Japanese aphasics.


A.-M. Brousseau. Repr=E9sentations s=E9mantiques et projections 
syntaxiques des instrumentaux en Fon.
E. Cowper. Inner tense in English: Perfect and progressives.
C. Lefebvre. Double objects in Fon.
A. Libert. On the (non-) existence of lexical case.
A. Rochette. Selectional restrictions and event structure.


J. Bonneau & M. Zushi. Quantifier climbing, clitic climbing and
restructuring in Romance.
G.L. Piggott. The visibility and invisibility of epenthetic syllables.
J. Voskuil. Verbal affixation in Tagalog (and Malay).


C. Brown. The feature geometry of lateral approximants and lateral
J.S. Matthews. Phonological theory and segmental deficits in aphasia.
J. Pater. Syllable weight and stress in English: Optionality and
G.L. Piggott. Satisfying the minimal word.
D. Rodier. The template for intensive reduplication in Afar.
S. Rose. Inflectional affix order in Ethio-Semitic and phonological form.


S. Allen & M. Crago. The acquisition of passives and unaccusatives in
M. Hirakawa. Null subjects vs. null objects in an early grammar of
C. Brown & J. Matthews. Acquisition of segmental structure.
S. Bennett & L. Progovac. Evidence of transfer and UG in second language
acquisition of reflexive binding.
J. Bruhn-Garavito. L2 acquisition of verb complementation and Binding
Principle B.
N. Grondin & L. White. Functional categories in child L2 acquisition of
A. Juffs. Knowledge of semantics-syntax correspondences in second language
C. Brown. The role of L1 grammar in the L2 acquisition of segmental
J. Pater. Theory and methodology in the study of metrical parameter


M. Gopnik. The Family.
L. Polka. Categorical perception of voice onset time in language-impaired
and unimpaired adults.
H. Goad & M. Gopnik. Perception of word final consonants in FLI.
G.L. Piggott & M. Kessler Robb. Prosodic organization in FLI: Evidence 
from stress.
H. Goad & C. Rebellati. Pluralization in FLI.
B. Gillon & M. Gopnik. Grammatical numbers in subjects with FLI.
J. Dalalakis. English adjectival comparatives and FLI.
M. Gopnik. Impairments of syntactic tense in a familial language disorder.
M. Ullman & M. Gopnik. Past tense production: Regular, irregular and
nonsense verbs.
L. Hadzipetros, M. Crago & M. Gopnik. Processing verb tense in FLI.
E. Kehayia. Whole word access or decomposition in FLI: A psycholinguistic
M. Gopnik. The articulatory hypothesis: Production of final alveolars in
monomorphemic words.
M. Gopnik. The auditory perception/processing hypothesis revisited.
M. Paradis & M. Gopnik. Compensatory strategies in FLI.
S. Fukuda & S. Fukuda. FLI in Japanese: A linguistic investigation.
S. Fukuda & S. Fukuda. To voice or not to voice: The operation of Rendaku
in the Japanese developmentally language-impaired.
S. Fukuda. The representation of Japanese complex verbs in the lexicon:
Evidence from Japanese dysphasics.
M. Crago & S. Allen. Morphemes gone askew: Linguistic impairment in
J. Dalalakis. FLI in Greek.

VOLUME 11(1,2)

D. Chen. Chinese psych verbs: An analysis without NP-movement.
T. Kawasaki. Voicing and coda constraints.
C. Paradis & D. LaCharit=E9. Saving and cost in loanword adaptation:
Predictions of the TCRS-Phonological model.
R. Slabakova. Bulgarian psych verbs: A case for distributed morphology.
H. Tanaka. Right-dislocation in Japanese.

VOLUME 12(1)

D. Chen. The L2 acquisition of the Chinese reflexive ziji.
V.D. Dwidedi. Modality and discourse processing.
B.S. Gillon. Donkey anaphora and a puzzle due to C.S. Peirce.
G.L. Piggott. Reconfiguring harmony.
P. Pr=E9vost. The second language acquisition of the split CP structure.
L. White, M. Hirakawa & T. Kawasaki. Second language acquisition of long
distance reflexives: Effects and non-effects of input manipulation.


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