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Mon Mar 17 1997

TOC: Dhumbadji 3.1

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  1. Nick Nicholas, TOC: Dhumbadji 3.1

Message 1: TOC: Dhumbadji 3.1

Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 12:15:11 +1100
From: Nick Nicholas <>
Subject: TOC: Dhumbadji 3.1

The new issue of _Dhumbadji!: Journal for the History of Language_ is
now available. For subscription details, please write to, or consult our homepage at

Contents of _Dhumbadji!: Journal for the History of Language_
Volume 3, Number 1; January 1997

J. D. Bengtson: Vasco-Caucasic *H(w)anV 'mountain ~ forest'
V. Blazek: Basic Word Lists of Ancient Languages of the Near East
T. Scheer: Des Ablauts gemeiner Gegner: Laryngale
Conference Report: 29th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and 

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