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Sat Mar 29 1997

Sum: Garo

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  1. Paulina Jaenecke, Garo

Message 1: Garo

Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 10:40:09 +0100 (MET)
From: Paulina Jaenecke <>
Subject: Garo

Last week I posted the following question regarding Garo:

A friend, who doesn't have access to the internet, is interested in
studying the Garo language, spoken by tibeto-burmese people in
Bangladesh. Is there anyone out there doing research on Garo? Are
there any recent books or articles published on Garo? Any information
will be helpful and I'll be happy to post a summary on her behalf.

Thank you to those who responded:
Seok-Chae Rhee
Chilin Shih
Jakob Dempsey
Anne Hvenekilde
Edward H. Bendix
Valerie Baggaley
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Most materials on Garo were written by Robbins Burling, who is
currently in India. Here are the references (I just put them down the
way they came in):

>Robbins Burling has written the only existing
>grammar of Garo (not counting a very old one based on the categories of
>English) and also a small booklet for people who want to learn the
>language, but the
>booklet has only been distributed in photo copy and is not published. The
>grammar is based on the Garo used in North East India (West Garo Hills) but
>the booklet is written on the basis of his work with Garo in Bangladesh
>(the Modupur area).
- ------
>R. Burling. 1961.
>"A Garo Grammar"
>Indian Linguistic Monograph Series 2.
>Linguistics Society of India.
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1) Hindi-Garo Dictionary (ed. by Braj Biharai Kumar), publ. by Nagaland
Bhasha Parishad, Kohima 1974.
2) A Garo Grammar (Indian Linguistics, Monogr. Ser. #2), by Robbins
Burling. Ling. Soc. of India, Poona, 1961.
3) "Garo spelling and Garo phonology" by Burling, in v.6.1 of LTBA
(Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area) 1981.
4) "Noun compounding in Garo" by Burling (sorry I can't find where this
came from)
- ------
Burling, Robbins. 1959. Language development of a Garo and English speaking
child. Word.15. pp45 - 68
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Playfield also wrote a Garo grammar in 1909
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Plus there is some stuff from the 19th century, plus a number of
unpublished items (including a LARGE dictionary) which somebody has
somewhere, but not me. 
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There is also a a web site with Garo information, on the Ethnologue Database 
at the SIL: (It has recently been moved to that site)
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Thank you for your kind help and if anybody has any comments, please
contact me

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