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TOC: Toronto Working Papers in Linguistics

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  1. paivi koskinen, Toronto Working Papers in Linguistics

Message 1: Toronto Working Papers in Linguistics

Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 09:06:12 -0500 (EST)
From: paivi koskinen <>
Subject: Toronto Working Papers in Linguistics

Toronto Working Papers in Linguistics is happy to announce the
publication of vols. 15:1 and 15:2. To order, send cheque/money
order for CDN$14 + p/h ($4 Ontario/Quebec; $5 rest of Canada;
$6 U.S.; $8 overseas by surface, $16 by air) to:
TWPL, Dept of Linguistics, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario,
M5S 3H1, Canada. Please make cheques payable to LINGUISTICS
GRADUATE COURSE UNION. For further information, e-mail to:

*CONTENTS of volume 15:1*

DAVID BECK: Subjecthood, agency and topicality in Lushootseed
SARAH CUMMINS: Movement and direction in French and English
JULIE ANNE LEGATE: Non-verbal predication in Irish: a reanalysis
JULIE ANNE LEGATE & CAROLYN SMALLWOOD: Evidence for non-categorial
 strong features
PAIVI KOSKINEN: The structure of negation in young children's grammar
HIROMI MATSUMURA: On Japanese psych-verbs
NING ZHANG: Semantic structures of English locative prepositional phrases

*CONTENTS of volume 15:2*

ABDEL-KHALIG ALI: A prosodic account of syncope and epenthesis in
 Sudanese Colloquial Arabic
DAVID BECK: Some notes on phonological phrasing in Lushootseed
TRISHA CAUSLEY: Coronal underspecification and Optimality Theory
G. TUCKER CHILDS: Where have all the idiophones gone? The death of a
 word category in Zulu
JANET GRIJZENHOUT: Consonant weakening processes and Aperture Theory
KEREN RICE: Japanese NC clusters revisited: is postnasal voicing redundant?
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