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Wed Apr 2 1997


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  1. Peter Daniels, CD-ROM summary

Message 1: CD-ROM summary

Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 19:53:50 -0600
From: Peter Daniels <>
Subject: CD-ROM summary

In LINGUIST List 8.381 I inquired about bilingual dictionaries on
CD-ROM for Macintosh. Aside from the people who asked to share
whatever information I received, the following responses came (I've
condensed a couple of con- versations slightly.) Apparently there is
nothing available like the "Languages of the World" CD-ROM that was
distributed years ago.

From: (John Reighard)

Subject: CD Rom dictionaries


I remember seeing ads for CDRom dictionaries from Larousse, Robert and
Hachette, and I believe you can find the equivalent of Le Petit
Larousse and Le Petit Robert, as well as smaller and larger versions.
(I once used a disk version of what must have been a very small pocket
edition of the Larousse but it was so bad I threw it away.)

Unfortunately I can't locate those ads at the moment, but a fairly
large supplier I know of here is

 VPC Shopping
 5, rue Emile Augier
 38000 Grenoble
 tel: 04 76 86 68 38 (leave off the first zero when calling
from abroad)
 fax: 04 76 85 02 57

Another big French supplier:

 Computer Bench
 Apple Center
 13, R. A. Croizat
 94814 Villejuif Cedex
 tel: 01 49 58 11 00
 fax: 01 46 78 19 11

The editors of SVM Macintosh (fivrier 1997, page 47) mentioned the
following among their "coups de coeur":

 Larousse Multimidia Encyclopidique (Liris interactive)
 Atlas Hachette Multimidia (Hachette)
 Encyclopidie du corps humain (Liris interactive)
 Dictionnaire Visuel et Interactif (Havas Edition Electronique)

I know there is also a CDRom encyclopedia put out by Grolier, and the
Encyclopaedia Universalis is also out on CDRom, at about the same
price as the printed edition. The Universalis claims to offer ten
times more information than any other encyclopedia on CDRom, but I
heard somewhere that they didn't include the pictures!

There is also a service on the Minitel:

 3617 CDROM

which claims to hold large stocks of CDRoms. I haven't tried them so
I don't know what they're worth. I believe the French Minitel service
is available on the Web.

Of course there are also the dictionaries and synonym dictionaries
included in the French versions of editors like Word, Word Perfect,
Nisus, and so forth, but they are much more limited.

Hope this helps. Happy hunting!

John Reighard Address in France
Departement de linguistique (until 1 July 1997) :
 et de traduction 36, avenue Felix Viallet
Universite de Montreal 38000 Grenoble
CP 6128, Succ. Centre-ville France
Montreal, Quebec H3C 3J7 tel/fax : (0)4 76 85 42 92
tel : 514 343 5975
fax : 514 343 2284



From: James E Copeland <>
Subject: Re: 8.381, Qs: CD-ROM dictionary

Peter, Have you tried the web dictionaries. They're numerous and
simple to access - and free. Try

for a starter, otherwise search for dictionaries, French language,
etc. etc.

Jim Copeland.


From: (Norman Roberts)
Subject: re CD-ROM dictionaries

As a last resort you might try SOFT WINDOWS ver. 2 or 3. This program
puts MS-DOS in your Mac at the cost of 16+ megabytes of RAM and 30+
megabytes of hard disk space. But it works [most of the time].
Version 3 probably works better than Version 2 (which I'm currently
using). The Mac market is misperceived by many publishers and s lot
of good products simply aren't available to Mac users.

You'd need enough RAM for both Soft Windows and the Mac OS, probably
24 megabytes or more.

Check with your Educational Media Center (or whatever it's called).
These folks are usually very helpful.

There's no cheap solution for what you want to do. It's unlikely that
there is a MAC version of the dictionary you have. The only other
solution is a $700+ DOS/Windows card that you plug into one of the
slots. These put a DOS machine in your MAC, have their own memory,
and allow you to switch between platforms with ease.


From:	Philippe ALCOUFFE <>
Subject: CD ROM dictionnaries


We (Hachette Livre) do publish two reference CD ROMs that might be of
some help that are :

 Dictionnaire Hachette Mutimedia : a monolingual french "dictionnaire
encyclopedique" (a typically french notion) with sounds, video, maps,
animation and such - 490 FF

 Hachette Oxford : the infamous bilingual dictionary currently on PC, soon
to be on Mac. It can be called on for loourchased thru

 Software World
 920-A6 Houston Northcutt Blvd
 Mount Pleasant 
 SC 29 464 USA

 There is an internet site :

 an email :

 a toll free number : 

 888 338 9675

 a not toll free number : 

 803 884 0230

 the price is for ACADEMICS and STUDENTS : 70$ for the bilingual and
85$ for the monolingual
 It can be ordered thru phone with credit card and takes 24h to get

Enjoy ... and if you decide to go for it, tell me what you think of it

Ph Alcouffe


From:	Olivier Laurens <>
Subject: CD-ROM dictionaries

I just saw your question about CD-ROM dictionaries on the Linguist
list. Well, this might not be much, but you could try "le monde en
tique", a French bookshop that specializes in computing:

I haven't managed to find where the CD-ROM dictionnaries are hidden in
their index of products, but they should answer e-mail requests as
well (

Hope this helps

O. Laurens

Olivier Laurens Natural Language Lab 
Research Associate School of Computing Science
Tel: +1 (604) 291-3208 Simon Fraser University
Fax: +1 (604) 291-3045 Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 1S6
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