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Confs: Machine translat., Langues et Grammaire

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  1. Charlene Shepard, TMI-97
  2. sdlcol, Conference: Langues et Grammaire 3

Message 1: TMI-97

Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 12:26:47 -0700 (MST)
From: Charlene Shepard <>
Subject: TMI-97


7th International Conference on Theoretical and Methodological Issues
		 in Machine Translation (TMI-97) 
 July 23-25, 1997
 Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

 The seventh conference in the now well-established TMI series will take
 place in July 1997 in the historic city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The
 date will mark (roughly) the 50th anniversary of Warren Weaver's first
 ideas about MT, in a letter to Norbert Wiener and a meeting with Andrew
 Booth: events which launched modern MT research.

TMI-97 has three major themes:

 -- 'Old' papers (published before 1965), showing how they are still
 somewhat relevant to MT today...

 -- Reflections on current trends in MT, especially
 the move towards hybrid solutions involving both established and
 novel techniques; focusing on particular problems and
 trends rather than overall descriptions of existing systems
 (focus on theoretical and methodological rather than
 implementational issues)...

 -- How MT is being integrated with new technologies and media, for
 example delivery via the Internet, speech translation, MT as part
 of document collection processing, MT and summarization,
 information retrieval and extraction, multimodality and
 multimedia, etc.

TMI-97 Officers:

 General Chair: Sergei Nirenburg, Computing Research Lab, NMSU, USA
 Program Committee Chair: Harold Somers, UMIST, Manchester, UK
 Publicity and Local Arrangements: Charlene Shepard and James Hamilton,
 Computing Research Lab, NMSU, USA

Program Committee:

 Christian Boitet (Universit=E9 de Grenoble)
 Lynn Carlson (US Department of Defense)
 Ido Dagan (Bar Ilan University, Israel)
 John Hutchins (University of East Anglia, UK)
 Victor Raskin (Purdue University, USA)
 Virginia Teller (CUNY, USA)
 Walther von Hahn (Universitat Hamburg, Germany)
 Dekai Wu (HKUST, Hong Kong)

Fees and Schedules

 In progress. Please watch our web page for future announcements.

Conference Site

 The conference meetings will be held on the campus of St. John's College
 in Santa Fe.


 Fort Marcy Hotel Suites have been selected as the primary conference
 accommodations. The hotel is low-rise and consists of 1-, 2- and
 3-bedroom air-conditioned suites, with one or two bathrooms, fully
 equipped kitchens, living rooms equipped with TVs, video and CD players.

 All the suites also feature fireplaces, though in July you will probably
 not need them. We were able to negotiate favorable rates for the
 participants of TMI-97. Final arrangements, which should be completed in
 the near future, will be published on the conference web page.

 Student level accommodations will also be available in the dormitories
 at St. John's College.


Please visit the conference web site at for
further details and conference information updates.


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Message 2: Conference: Langues et Grammaire 3

Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 12:48:55 +0200 (MET DST)
From: sdlcol <>
Subject: Conference: Langues et Grammaire 3

Le colloque "Langues et Grammaire 3" aura lieu a l'Universite Paris-8,
France les 5, 6, 7 juin, 1997. Il comprendra une session generale, et deux
sessions speciales:
 1. Ergativite
 2. Peut-on vraiment se passer de derivations en phonologie?

Le programme complet n'etant pas encore defini, nous vous faisons parvenir
la liste des communications choisies pour le colloque, sous reserve de
confirmation des orateurs. L'orateur invite: Kenneth Hale.

Pour toute information supplementaire veuillez vous adresser a nous par
email. Merci pour votre interet,

 Le Comite d'Organisation

Dear colleague,

The colloquium "Langues et Grammaire 3" will be held in the University
Paris-8, France on June 5-6-7, 1997. It will consist of a general session
and two special ones:
 1. Ergativity
 2. Can we really do without derivations in phonology?
The complete program hasn't yet been compiled, but the list of
presentations, subject to the speakers' confirmation, is as follows. The
invited speaker: Kenneth Hale.

 Organisation Committee

La liste des communications / The list of presentations

Artemis Alexiadou (ZAS, Berlin) et Elena Anagnostopoulou (Univ.of
Tilburg) On bare output conditions.

Manuela Ambar (Univ. de Lisboa) Toward a Minimalist Syntax of Tense.

Patricia Cabredo Hofherr (Ut=E9 Paris7) Expletives and the German passive

Hamida Demirdache (Univ.of British Columbia) et Miriam Uribe-Etxebarria
(Univ.of California at Irvine) The syntactic primitives of temporal 

Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin et Brenda Laca (UP7 - Ut=E9 de Strasbourg) La
g=E9n=E9ricit=E9 entre la r=E9ference a l'esp=E8ce et la quantification 

Thierry Etchegoyhen (Ut=E9 de Gen=E8ve) Against wh-Movement in relative 

Brigitte Kampers-Manhe (Univ. de Groningue) Je veux que parte Paul : une
construction n=E9glig=E9e.

Alain Kihm (CNRS-LACITO) Wolof DP structure: evidence for the merger vs
fusion contrast.

Paul Law (ZAS Berlin) Germany On THERE as subject in passive and reduced
relative clauses.

Felicia A.Lee (UCLA) Cleft constructions in Zapotec: evidence for
pronominal predicates.

Ora Matushansky (Ut=E9 de Paris 8) Partial pro-drop in Hebrew an Russian.

Juv=E9nal Ndayiragije (Univ. of Western Ontario) Equidistance, Greed, Merge
and the Multiple-Spec Hypothesis.

Jairo Nunes (Univ.Estadual de Campinas) Sideward Movement.

Francisco Ordonez (CUNY Graduate Center) and Arhonto Terzi (T.E.I Patras)
Clitic Order in the Syntax.

Philippe Schlenker (MIT) Visibility conditions in German adjectival

Georges Tsoulas et David Adger (Univ. of York) The syntax and semantics
of Merge.

Marie-Therese Vinet ( Sherbrooke, Canada) Tu-pas, aspect and tense.

Akira Watanabe (Kanda University) Eliminating the EPP feature.

Susi Wurmbrand (MIT) Deconstructing restructuring.

Phonologie: D=E9rivation / Phonology: derivation

Nick Clements (CNRS URA1027 Institut Phon=E9tique) Are Phonological Systems

Margaret Cobb (SOAS) Complexity in Natal (Brazilian) Portuguese Harmony.

H.Jacobs (Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen) Changement linguistique:
Optimalit=E9, d=E9rivation et marquage.

Honore Kamany Move-a =E0 l'Int=E9rieur des Syllabes.

Shigeko Shinohara (ILPGA Ut=E9 Paris 3) Default Accentuation and Foot
Structure in Japanese: an OT analysis of Adaptation of French Words.

Phonologie: Session Parall=E8le / Phonology: parallel session.

Marie-Helene Cote (MIT) Phonetic Saliency and Consonant Cluster

Esther Herrera-Zendejas (CELL, el Colegio de Mexico) The Case of Fake
Palatals in Mixe Phonology.

Elsa Gomez-Imbert (CNRS UNR 0197 CELIA) Nasality in Barasana.

Long Peng (Hongkong Polytechnic University) Evidence for [-nasal] Spreading.

Ergativit=E9 / Ergativity.

Rusudan Asatiani (Institut d'Etudes Orientales, Acad=E9mie des Sciences de
G=E9orgie) The semantics of ergativity.

Jonathan David Bobaljik (Harvard Univ.) Pseudo-ergativity in
Chukotko-Kamchatkan agreement systems.

Anne Daladier (CNRS URA 1028) Phenomenes d'ergativite et de voix dans les
nominalisations en francais.

Annie Montaut (INALCO) S=E9mantique de la relation argument-pr=E9dicat dans
les constructions ergative et passive en hindi.

Kumiko Murasugi (Carleton University - Ottawa University) The Ergative
Case: structural, lexical or oblique?

Linguists of the world, unite!!!
Or don't.
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