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Sat Apr 5 1997

Jobs: Post-doc, Lang engineering, French Ling

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  1. h32140, Research fellowship
  2. Khalid Choukri, ELRA Sales & Marketing position
  3. Colette_Sauro, Assistant professor--French linguistics

Message 1: Research fellowship

Date: Thu, 3 Apr 1997 00:19:04 +0900
From: h32140 <>
Subject: Research fellowship

Research Fellowships in Linguistics

The Graduate School of Language Sciences at Kanda University of
International Studies (KUIS) has recently launched a linguistics
project that involves research in theoretical linguistics and related
areas such as psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, and computational
linguistics. This project is supported by a Grant-in-Aid for COE (=
Center of Excellence) Research of the Japanese Ministry of
Education. KUIS hosts two post-doctoral positions for this project,
and invites applications for these positions.

Location: Graduate School of Language Sciences, Kanda University of
International Studies, Makuhari, Chiba, Japan (45 minutes from the
center of Tokyo) .

Application Deadlines:

May 8, 1977 for the term of September 1997 to August 1998.

Period: For one year.

Qualification: Ph.D. obtained by the time of appointment (strictly
required); or Ph.D. received within the past four years. Junior
faculty members are eligible if they can take a leave from their
institution for the term of the grant.

(NOTE: These positions are supported by the Japan Society for the
Promotion of Science (JSPS), and the awards are finalized on their
approval. JSPS requires the grantees to be under 35 years of age when
the term starts.)

Specialization: Any area of theoretical linguistics (e.g., Syntax,
Semantics, Morphology, Phonology) or related areas (e.g.,
Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics, Computational linguistics).

Nationality: non-Japanese.

Roles and Duties: The purpose of our project is to develop our
linguistics research not only in theory construction but also in
theory application and verification. We are especially interested in
collaboration with psycholinguistics (language acquisition in
particular), neurolinguistics, and computational linguistics. The
grantees are expected to take part in our project by, for example,
presenting their work in seminars and colloquia and attending our
project meetings. There will be ample time to further develop their
own research and/or to revise their dissertation for publication.

Stipend: 270,000 yen (approximately 2,500 dollars) a month (over 3
million yen (approximately 30 thousand dollars) a year) for living;
plus 200,000 yen (a little less than 2,000 dollars) for settling
in. In addition, up to 800,000 yen (7,500 dollars) for research
purposes will be supplied by the Ministry of Education if an
application is filed and accepted.

(NOTE: Housing will be supplied by KUIS as described below. Though the
living costs in Japan (the Tokyo area in particular) are high, 3
million yen a year will be enough for a decent life because housing is
taken care of.)

Other privileges: A furnished apartment within a short distance of the
university; an office room; a round trip air ticket to and from Tokyo;
internet access; free use of a personal computer and other research
facilities including the university library.

Send a letter of application, CV (nationality and date of birth must be
included), major publications, and two letters of recommendation to:

 Akira Watanabe
 Linguistics Project, COE
 Kanda University of International Studies
 1-4-1 Wakaba, Mihama-ku
 Chiba 261

For more information, send e-mail to: Akira Watanabe at
 < >

or fax to +81-43-273-2358.
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Message 2: ELRA Sales & Marketing position

Date: Fri, 4 Apr 1997 20:52:38 -0500 (EST)
From: Khalid Choukri <>
Subject: ELRA Sales & Marketing position

I do apologise if you receive this more than once.
Please distribute to whom it may interest/concern

 European Language Resources Association

 European Language distribution Agency

 Sales & Marketing position

The European Language distribution Agency (ELDA) commissioned by the
 European Language Resources Association (ELRA) invites applications for
 the position of a Sales and Marketing assistant.

ELRA was established in February 1995, with the support of the European
 Commission, to promote the development and exploitation of Language
 Resources (LR). Language Resources include all data necessary for language
 engineering, such as monolingual and multilingual lexica, text corpora,
 speech databases and terminology. The role of the non-profit Association is
 to promote the production of LR and to collect and to validate them and,
 foremost, make them available to users. It will also gather information on
 market needs.

The Association has members drawn from every country in the European Union
 and expects to attract subscribers from throughout the world. At present,
 ELRA is financed from membership fees and grants; in the future the
 Association will derive income from the sale of licences to users world
 wide. After an initial start-up period of four years, it is planned that
 the Association will be financially independent and self-supporting.

ELDA has immediate opportunities for a Marketing assistant position. He/She
 will help manage the activities of the Association , contributing to the
 work of the small support team, and implementing the commercial strategy of

This yields excellent opportunities for young, creative, and motivated
 candidates wishing to participate actively in establishing/building the
 European Union Language Engineering field.


Under the supervision of the CEO, the Marketing assistant responsibilities
 will cover:

* Actively marketing LRs, i.e. advertising and demonstrating LRs,
 negotiating sales,

* Monitoring Market requirements and developing Market strategies,

* Keeping track of sales figures and business projections,

* Interaction with the relevant players (i.e.: producers, owners and users
 of LR who may be in the industrial, commercial or academic world; and
 governmental and non-governmental agencies) for commercial/marketing


The successful candidate will have:

--Excellent track record in Sales and Marketing

--good record in Language Engineering or related fields

--Extensive commercial and/or marketing experience in marketing language
 resources, software or other forms of intellectual property is desired.

--Citizenship of, or residency papers for an EU country

--Ability to work in at least two European languages is essential
 (including English)

Terms and conditions of employment will be subject to negotiation but will
 be commensurate with the responsibilities of the post, and will include
 performance-based incentives.

The position is based in Paris and ELRA is prepared to pay for Relocation.

This is a one year appointment in the first instance, with the strong 
 likelihood of a further 2 years of employment or permanent position.

Further information is available about the position and the Association from
 the CEO.


Applicants should send a cover letter addressing the points listed above,
 together with a current Curriculum Vitae, to:

ELRA - Distribution Agency (ELDA)
Dr. Khalid CHOUKRI
87, Avenue d'Italie, F-75013, PARIS,
Tel: +33 1 45 86 53 00
Fax: +33 1 45 86 44 88

For more information about the association:
Web: (English version)
Web: (French version)

(Emails and faxes are accepted but with follow up by post).

Closing date for applications: April, 25, 1997.

Tel. +33 1 45 86 53 00
Fax. +33 1 45 86 44 88
87, Avenue D'ITALIE, 75013 PARIS
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Message 3: Assistant professor--French linguistics

Date: Thu, 3 Apr 1997 16:06:11 -0800 (PST)
From: Colette_Sauro <>
Subject: Assistant professor--French linguistics

 (September 1, 1997 to April 30, 1998)

There is one Limited Term position at the rank of Assistant Professor
to be filled in the Department of French, Simon Fraser University.

In accordance with Canadian Immigration requirements, this
advertisement is directed to Canadian citizens and permanent
residents. Simon Fraser University is committed to the principle of
equity in employment and offers equal employment opportunities to
qualified applicants.

This position is subject to budgetary approval.

 1. Ph.D.or near Ph.D. in French linguistics (phonology).
 2. Total fluency in oral and written French and English.

Specific teaching duties will include introductory and advanced
undergraduate courses
 Fall 1997(September-December 97):
LINGUISTICS I (3 hrs/week)
 French 413-4 MODERN FRENCH : PHONOLOGY (4 hrs/week)
 Spring 1998: (January-April 98)
hrs/week) (Same course as in Fall 97)
 French 407-4 HISTORY OF FRENCH : PHONOLOGY (4 hrs/week).

Salary: $32,457 for the above-mentioned period.

Applications, together with C.V. and the names and addresses of referees
should be sent to:
 Dr. Jacqueline Viswanathan, Chair
 Department of French
 Simon Fraser University
 Burnaby, B.C., V5A 1S6
 Fax: (604) 291-5932.

Deadline: MAY 20, 1997.

Colette Sauro
Dept. of French
(604) 291-4559
fax (604)291-5932
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