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Thu Apr 10 1997

All: LINGUIST's Problem Solved

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  1. The LINGUIST List, LINGUIST's Problem Solved

Message 1: LINGUIST's Problem Solved

Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 17:37:48 -0400
From: The LINGUIST List <>
Subject: LINGUIST's Problem Solved

A little over a week ago, we notified the list that we were having a
problem with our mail. The listserv at Texas A&M was distributing
blank messages to some subscribers. We asked for patience, and
notified the list that we were looking for alternatives which would
allow us to distribute our mail reliably.

We received a remarkably generous response from the list, one which
made us realize yet again what wonderful support our subscribers give
us. Various subscribers offered to host the mailing-list at their
universities, to donate to an equipment fund, to help us with the
technical aspects of moving, to provide software, and to help us come
up with alternate strategies.

We sincerely thank the following people for these helpful responses:
Celso Alvarez-Caccamo, Deborah Coughlin, Christoph Eyrich, Atsushi
Fukada, Paul Klose, Stuart Luppescu, Sue Medeiros, Sergio Scalise,
Stephen Spackman, Carl Vogel, and Thomas Widmann. And we feel the
need to single out a few people for special appreciation: Lynn Eubank
for his efforts to find us a new home, Chilin Shih and Richard Sproat
for a remarkably generous offer of matching funds, and Mark Liberman
for the arrangements detailed below, which will put LINGUIST and
LINGUIST subscribers in a better position than ever before.

Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Mark Liberman and the
Linguistic Data Consortium, we will soon have our own machine and our
own Listserv. The LDC has offered not only to provide this machine
but also to maintain it for us at their site at the University of
Pennsylvania. LINGUIST will thus have, for the first time, the
ability to control its own mailings. We believe that we'll be able to
offer better service to our subscribers and to the discipline with
this new equipment. If so, we all will have Mark and the LDC to

The move will take place in 5 - 6 weeks. In the meantime, we have (we
hope!) solved the null message problem by moving temporarily to
another server.

We should perhaps explain that moving our Listserv will not effect the
editorial activities of LINGUIST at all. The main LINGUIST Web Site
will continue to be maintained at Eastern Michigan University; and
editing will continue at both Eastern Michigan U. and Texas A&M. At
some point, we hope to consolidate all our services at a single site.
Indeed we are currently proposing that a permanent Linguist Center be
established at an appropriate university. Until then, however, our
mail will be distributed from the U. of Pennsylvania.

Anthony, Helen & Daniel
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