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Thu Apr 10 1997

Sum: Two-word stage in language acquisition

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  1. Christophe Parisse, Summary: Two-word stage in language acquisition

Message 1: Summary: Two-word stage in language acquisition

Date: Wed, 09 Apr 1997 09:35:52 +0200
From: Christophe Parisse <>
Subject: Summary: Two-word stage in language acquisition

Here the summary of the different answers I got from my query.
I would like to thank :

Patricia Kilroe <>
Sari Kunnari <>
David Powers <>
Valery D. Solovyev <>
Frank Wijnen <>

It looks like there are no that many works and references on the
subject and that it is still a very open subject and of course
it pleases me very much. Here are the references I got:

- Amy Pierce's (1989) "On the emergence of syntax: A
 crosslinguistic study"

- Deprez and Pierce (1993) in Linguistic Inquiry
- Astrid Ferdinand (1996) `The development of functional
 categories. The acquisition of the subject in French'

- Papers on the optional or root infinitive hypothesis (Wexler
 1994, in Lightfoot & Hornstein, `Verb movement'; Rizzi 1994 in
 Hoekstra & Schwartz), cf. issues 19 & 20 of the Proceedings of
 the annual Boston child language development conferences, and
 `Papers on language processing and acquisition' (MIT working
 papers in linguistics #26); and also J. Meisel (ed.)., `The
 acquisition of verb placement' (Dordrecht: Kluwer, 1992).

- Marc-Ariel Friedemann (1993/1994) The Underlying Position of
 External Arguments in French: A Study in Adult and Child

- Luigi Rizzi (1993/1994) 'Some Notes on Linguistic Theory and
 Language Development: The Case of Root Infinitives'

- Heike Behrens' (1993) `Temporal reference in German child

- Liesbeth Schlichtings' (1996) `Discovering syntax'

- Ingram, D. 1989. First Language Acquisition. Cambridge
 University Press.

- Phonological Development: Models, Research,
 Implications. 1992. Edited by Ferguson, Menn &
 Stoel-Gammon. Timonium, Maryland: York Press.

- The Handbook of Child Language. 1995. Edited by Fletcher &
 MacWhinney. Oxford: Blackwell.

- Language Development (1997) by Erika Hoff-Ginsberg,
 Brooks/Cole Publishing

Thanks to everyone for your help

Christophe Parisse.
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