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Thu Apr 10 1997

FYI: Central European Summer School

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  1. michal starke, Summer School at Olomouc

Message 1: Summer School at Olomouc

Date: Wed, 09 Apr 1997 14:46:49 +0200
From: michal starke <>
Subject: Summer School at Olomouc

Dear Linguists and Colleagues,

we kindly ask you to help us disseminate the information about
the 4th (free) Central European linguistic summer school. You
will find all the relevant information in the annoucment below.

Also: the most complete and up-to-date information about the school
will always be found at

Central European Summer School in Generative Grammar
 Olomouc - Czech Republic
 28 July - 15 August 1997

A generative grammar summer school which is:

 high level (teachers from leading research centres)
 intensive (3 weeks of interactive learning and research)
 very inexpensive (no fees at all, very low local living costs)
 charming (small peaceful medieval city)

The summer school offers intensive discussions of generative
linguistics. It will feature syntax, phonology,
psycho-linguistics and semantics; in each case debating the
results of the latest research, current issues and open
problems. This will take the form of:

 about 20 advanced seminars focussing on current research issues.
 a core set of introductory overviews for each subdomain

The school is open to scholars from all over Europe - East and
West alike: it is cheap enough for everybody to attend, and it
also includes discussion of Germanic, Romance and Slavic
languages. Care has been taken to make it particularly suited to
eastern participants. Classes will be taught in English.

Application: deadline 15 May 1997 (see below for application



David ADGER (York)
 The Semantics of Functional Categories (2 weeks)
Daniel BUERING (Cologne)
 Introduction to Semantics: Determiners
 The Semantics of Determiners
Marcel Den DIKKEN (Amsterdam)
 Introduction to Principles and Parameters Theory (2 weeks)
T.A. HALL (Berlin)
 Topics in Contemporary Phonology
Iliyana KRAPOVA (Plovdiv)
 The Syntax of Infinitival and
 Subjunctive Complementation (2 weeks)
Peter LUDLOW (New York)
 Philosophical Issues in Generative Linguistics
 Tense and Time
Lea NASH (Paris)
 Phrase Structure - from GB to Minimalism (2 weeks)
Marc Van OOSTENDORP (Tilburg)
 Stress Systems (2 weeks)
Christopher PINON (Berlin)
 Approaches to Aspect (2 weeks)
Tobias SCHEER (Paris)
 Apophony: a Theory of Regular Context-free
 Vocalic Alternations (2 weeks)
Maaike SCHOORLEMMER (Utrecht)
 Argument Structure and Aspect
 DP Structure and Argument Structure of DPs
Irina SEKERINA (New York)
 Introduction to Psycholinguistics (2 weeks)
Ur SHLONSKY (Geneva)
 Between Subjects and Non-Verbal Predicates
Michal STARKE (Geneva)
 Chains & Coreference (2 weeks)


COSTS. There are no fees. The school is entirely free.
University Residences are available 3$/night (99 Czech Koruni).
Cheap meals are easily available in Olomouc.

(This school is entirely free and offers grants, thanks to (i)
donations, (ii) it is entirely self-organised by volunteering
linguists. You can contribute to this organisation through a
registration/donation. )

GRANTS. Students from eastern european countries can apply for grants:
 'Living grants' covering accommodation
 'Travel grants' for travelling to and from the summer school
(the two types of grant are not exclusive.) Recipients of grants will have
no expenses for the summer school (except for their food).


APPLICATION: deadline 15 May 1997.
To apply, just send:
 family name; first name
 email address
 regular address
To STARKEUNI2A.UNIGE.CH or by regular mail to :
 Michal Starke
 Dept. of Linguistics
 Univ. of Geneva
 1221 GE 4
If you are from an eastern country and wish to receive a grant, add to the
 which grant you apply for (travel and/or living costs) ?
 for travel grants: how much will your ticket cost (in US$) ?
 a brief description of your previous linguistics studies
 a brief description of your motivation for the summer school and
expected gains
 are you interested in introductory or adavanced classes?


PRACTICAL INFORMATION. All relevant information (where is
Olomouc, how do I get there, etc.) will be sent end may. The
latest and most complete news are available on the web at :
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