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Confs: Chicago Linguistic Society, RIAO'97

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  1. Kora Singer, Chicago Linguistic Society 33 conference schedule
  2. Abdellatif Saoudi, RIAO'97: Computer-Assisted Searching on the Internet

Message 1: Chicago Linguistic Society 33 conference schedule

Date: Mon, 7 Apr 97 15:41:50 CDT
From: Kora Singer <>
Subject: Chicago Linguistic Society 33 conference schedule



 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< CLS 33 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

 April 17 - 19

 University of Chicago
 Judd Hall
 5835 S. Kimbark Avenue
 Chicago, Illinois

 Registration begins April 17, 8:30 a.m.


For more information please contact Chicago Linguistic Society:

Phone: (773) 702-8529
Web site:

Persons with disabilities who believe they may need assistance, please
contact CLS in advance.

 **** CLS 33 Schedule ****

Please note that the Panel Sessions run parallel to the Main Session.
Speakers with a * preceding their names are invited speakers. The
schedule may be subject to change.

 **Thursday, April 17, 1997**

Main Session Panel on Linguistic Ideologies

9:00 Mika Kizu, McGill U Jason Pontius, U of Chicago
 Sluicing in Wh-in-situ Language Codification and
 Languages the Perception of Otherness

9:30 Gunsoo Lee, U of Missouri- Mary R Bachvarova, U of
 St. Louis Chicago
 Referentiality as a Non-Binary Literary Use of Dialect and
 Notion Language in Indic,Ancient Greek,
 Hittite and Sumerian

10:00 Takashi Toyoshima, Cornell U Wataru Koyama, U of Chicago
 'Long' Head Movement or Wrong Dishonorable Honorifics:
 'Head Movement' Changes in Japanese Verbal
 Honorifics and the Linguistic
 and Cultural Ideologies of
 "Standard Average European"
 Speech Communities

10:30 Eun Cho, Cornell U David E. Tavarez, U of Chicago
 The Dual Nature of Contrastive Naming the Holy Trinity:
 Topic and LF Movement Linguistic Ideology and
 Prescriptive Reference in
 Classical Nahuatl

11:00 Simin Karimi, U of Arizona H. Paul Manning, U of Chicago
 Persian Complex Predicates and LF The Geology of Railway Embank-
 Incorporation ments: Oxford Welsh and the
 'Abnormal Sentence'.

11:30 B. Need & E. Schiller, U of Chic. Edward A. Miner, U of Illinois,
 & Linguistics Unlimited		 Urbana-Champaign
 Ellipsis in Autolexical Theory Kiswahili 'Illiteracy' and
					 the AK-47 in the Ugandan
					 Political Imaginary

12:00 - 1:00 LUNCH BREAK

1:00 Jennifer DeSimone, U of Cal, S.D. Emily C. McEwan, U of Chicago
 Alternations in Korean Causatives From 'the Rude Speech of a
 Barbarous People' to
 'Scotland's Celtic Legacy':
 Ideologies of Revival
 and Revitalization in
 Gaelic-English Contact

1:30 M. Broman Olsen & P. Resnik, U Jennifer Dailey-O'Cain, U of Mich
 of Maryland 'No Way! We Speak Standard
 Implicit Object Constructions in German!'
 the (In)Transitivity Continuum

2:00 Hana Filip, U of Rochester Gregory D. Anderson, U of Chic.
 Constraint Based Approach to On the Evolution of
 Aspect Shift and Coercion Ethnolinguistic Identity in

2:30 - 3:00 COFFEE BREAK

3:00 ------- *Victor Friedman, U of Chicago
 One Grammar, Three Lexicons:
 Ideological Overtones and Under-
 pinnings in the Balkan Sprachbund

4:00 Grant Goodall, U of Texas, DISCUSSION
 El Paso
 Theta-Alignment and the

4:30 Victor Sanchez-Valencia, U
 of Groningen
 Scalar Quantitative
 Implicatures and Monotonicity

5:00 - 7:00 DINNER BREAK

7:00 Costas Canakis, Princeton U Jon F. Pressman, U of Iowa
 Pragmatics vs. Cognitive Grammaticalization of Honorifics
 Semantics in Antillean French Creole

7:30 Kazue Watanabe, SUNY Buffalo Susan Duncan, U of Chicago
 Focus, Presupposition Function, Clues from Speech-Accompanying
 and Underspecified Meaning Gesture to a Process of
 Grammaticalization Under Way

8:00 *Larry Horn, Yale U -----
 All John's Children Are As Bald
 As the King of France:
 Existential Import and the
 Geometry of Opposition

 **Friday, April 18, 1997**

 Main Session Panel on Universal Grammar,
 Parameters and Typology

9:00 Paul Hagstrom, MIT Craig Kopris, SUNY Buffalo
 Contextual Metrical The Grammatical Relations
 Invisibility and Weak Vowels Hierarchy In Split Intransitive

9:30 I-Ping Wan, SUNY Buffalo Kumiko Murasugi, Carleton U & U
 The Status of Prenuclear Glides of Ottawa
 in Mandarin Chinese: Evidence Is There an Ergative Parameter?
 from Speech Errors

10:00 Maria M. Carreira, Cal. State U P. E. Hook, B. Modi, O. N. Koul,
 The Spanish Plural Marker: It U of Mich, M.S. U of Baroda,
 Takes Two (Moras) Central Inst. of Indian Lgs
 Fluid Ergativity in Gujarati and
 the Notion of Suspension

10:30 C. Golston & W. Kehrein, CSU K. Lambrecht & M. Polinsky, U
 Fresno & Philipps U Marburg Texas, Austin & USC/UCSD
 (Germany) Inversion, Subject
 Mazatec Syllable Structure Incorporation, and Theticity

11:00 ----- *Susan Steele, U of Arizona
 The Future of Typology

12:00 - 1:00 LUNCH BREAK

1:00 Marie-Helene Cote, MIT -----
 Phonetic Saliency and Consonant
 Cluster Simplification

1:30 Hui-chuan (Jennifer) Huang, Maria Polinsky, USC/UCSD
 U of Minnesota SO/OS Languages
 Assimilation as the Result of
 Sequence Constraint Violation:
 The Case of Warlpiri

2:00 Sung-A Kim & Scott Myers, Mark Honegger, U of Illinois,
 U of Texas, Austin Urbana-Champ.
 Positional Effect on Tonal A Unified Account of Word Order
 Alternation in Chichewa: for Configurational and Non-
 Phonological Rule vs. Phonetic Configurational Languages

2:30 - 3:00 COFFEE BREAK

3:00 ----- *Edith Moravcsik, U of
 Principles and Parameters of the
 Metalanguage of Linguistic

4:00 Mieko Banno, U of Cal, Santa B. Lust, S. Flynn, S. Epstein,
 Barbara Cornell/MIT, MIT, Harvard
 Prosodic Units in Japanese L2 Solves the Paradox of UG in
 Discourse: Acoustic Analysis Acquisition
 of Intonational Structure &

4:30 ----- Benjamin Shaer, U of Stuttgart
 Universal Grammar and the
 Parametrization of Temporal

5:00 - 7:00 DINNER BREAK

7:00 ----- *Matthew Dryer, SUNY Buffalo
 Why Statistical Universals are
 Better Than Absolute Universals

8:00 B. Saravanan, SUNY Stony Brook DISCUSSION
 Information Content of Morpho-
 logical Operations in Tamil

8:30 Ida Toivonen, Stanford U
 The Possessive Suffixes in

 **Saturday, April 19, 1997**

 Main Session Panel on The Perception of
 Speech and Other Acoustic Signals

8:45 Panel Welcome

9:00 ----- *Robert Fox, Jeanne Gokcen, & Sheri
 Wagner, Ohio State U, Lucent
 Technologies, Ohio State U
 Neurological Evidence for a Speech

10:00 A. Seidl & A. Dimitriadis, U H. Nusbaum, A. Francis, & T. Luks,
 of Pennsylvania U of Chicago
 The Discourse Function of Speech Perception: A Special
 Object Marking in Swahili Mechanism or a Specialized
 Cognitive Process?

10:30 Alexandre Kimenyi, Cal State U Terrence M. Nearey, U of Alberta
 Ditransitive Verbs in Modularity and Tractability in
 Kinyarwanda: The Semantics of Speech Perception
 Double Object Verbs and the
 Dative Shift Revisited

11:00 E. Anagnostopoulou & A. K. Landahl & E. Hamp, U of Chic.
 Alexiadou U of Tilburg & ZAS Gravity without Levity
 Dative Morphology in Double
 Object Constructions

11:30 Almerindo Ojeda, U of Cal-Davis Ho-hsien Pan, Natl. Chiao Tung U
 How to Define Number Categories: The Salience of Nasal Cues to
 A Lesson from Semitic Perception of Taiwanese Voiced
 Stops and Nasals

12:00 - 1:00 LUNCH BREAK

1:00 ----- *Peter MacNeilage, U Texas,
 The Relation Between Speech
 Perception and Production in
 Phylogeny and Ontogeny

2:00 Ilana Mushin, SUNY Buffalo A.J. Lotto, K.R. Kluender, L.L
 Maintaining an Epistemological Holt, U of Wisconsin
 Stance: Direct Speech and Animal Models of Speech
 Evidentiality in Macedonian Perception Phenomena

2:30 COFFEE BREAK Dan Margoliash, U of Chicago
 Linkages Between Production
 Perception in Animals: The
 Motor Theory of Birdsong
 Perception Revisited

3:00 Holger Diessel, SUNY Buffalo BREAK
 The Diachronic Reanalysis of
 Demonstratives in Cross-
 linguistic Perspective

3:30 Cheng Luo, Brock U R. Hemphill, Y. Hirata, K.
 Iconicity or Economy? Polysemy Landahl, J. Lowenstein, A.
 between Demonstratives, Dainora, U of chicago
 Copulas and Contrastive Focus Questioning the Continuum: The
 Markers Use of V[r/l] [d/g]V Evidence
 in Gestural theories of Speech

4:00 Eve Ng, SUNY Buffalo Douglas H. Whalen, Haskins Labs
 A Role and Reference Grammar What Duplex Perception Tells Us
 Analysis of Mandarin de About Speech Perception

4:30 Haj Ross, U of North Texas Mark Randolph, Motorala Corporation
 THERE, there On the Role of Phonetic
					Knowledge in Automatic Speech

5:00 - 7:00 DINNER BREAK DISCUSSION (5:00-6:00)
 DINNER (6:00-7:00)

7:00 Hisami Suzuki, Microsoft and F.C. van der Leek, U of Amsterdam
 U of Chicago The Logic of HIT and STRIKE: A
 A Corpus-Based,Computational Difference in Event Semantics
 Approach to Information
 Content of Japanese

7:30 Felicia A. Lee, UCLA T. Fretheim, W. van Dommelen, K.
 The Predicative Structure of Borthen, U of Trondheim, Norway
 Clefts: Evidence from Zapotec Linguistic Constraints on Relevance
 in Reference Resolution

8:00 *Brian Joseph, Ohio State U -----
 On the Linguistics of
 Marginality: The Centrality
 of the Periphery

9:00 PARTY

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Message 2: RIAO'97: Computer-Assisted Searching on the Internet

Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 18:03:59 -0300
From: Abdellatif Saoudi <>
Subject: RIAO'97: Computer-Assisted Searching on the Internet

(Apologies if you receive this call more than once)

 Call For Participation

 Computer-Assisted Searching on the Internet
 June 25-27, 1997
 McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada [note: RIAO in CAPS]

 Brief Description :
- -------------------

 Every three years the Centre de Hautes Etudes Internationales
d'Information Documentaire (CID) of Paris, France, along with various
international affiliates, organizes an RIAO conference (RIAO is the
French acronym for Computer-Assisted Information Retrieval). RIAO97
will be the fifth conference in the series. RIAO85 was held in
Grenoble, France; RIAO88 at MIT; RIAO91 in Barcelona; and RIAO94 at
Rockefeller University in New York.

 RIAO conferences have the special feature of incorporating
both scientific papers and innovative product demonstrations. Both
the product demonstrations and the scientific papers (which are often
accompanied by prototype system demonstrations) are subject to a
rigorous selection process. The mix of scientific expertise and
state-of-the-art industrial development lends itself to a critical
examination of both aspects, stimulating both new product development,
ecnouraging sponsorship of start-ups, as well as initiating lines of
further, critical research investigations.

RIAO97 focuses on new problems in information retrieval, filtering,
and dissemination resulting from the recent profusion and extensions
of networks. In particular, RIAO97 brings together search specialists
and web-based media specialists to consider how searching can best be
accomplished in the context of the proliferation of web sites, content
formats, browsing modalities, amount of data accessible, and number of
user accesses.


 June 25, 1997

 Dr B. Robaire
 Vice Principal, Research
 McGill University, Canada

9:15-9:30 a.m RIAO97' Introduction
 J. Thuiller
 Professor at the College de France
 President of the C.I.D.

9:30-10:00 a.m Invited Speaker
 GILS Projet
 N. Brodie
 National Library of Ottawa, Canada
Chairman: L. Devroye, McGill University

10:00-10:25 a.m "The Do-I-Care Agent: Effective Social Discovery and
 Filtering on the Web"
 M.S. Ackerman, B. Starr, M. Pazzani
 University of California, USA

10:25-10:50 a.m "Mining Information In Order To Extract Hidden And
 Strategical Information"
 T.Dkaki, B. Dousset, J. Mothe
 Universite P. Sabatier, Toulouse, France

10:50-11:20 a.m Break and Demonstrations
Chairman: S. Tohme, ENST France

11:20-11:45 a.m "Design Issues for World Wide Web Navigation Visualisation
 A. Cockburn, S. Jones
 University of Canterbury, University of Waikato, New Zealand

11:45-12:10 a.m "Footprints: History-Rich Web Browsing"
 A. Wexelblat, P. Maes
 Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

12:10-12:35 p.m "Using terminological base for Term-based information
 J-Y Nie, Universite de Montreal, Canada

12:35-2:05 p.m LUNCH
Chairman: G. Grefenstette, Rank Xerox Research Centre

2:05-2:30 p.m "Development of a Document Summarization System for
 Effective Information Services"
 D. H. Jang, S. H. Myaeng
 Chungnam National University, Taejon, Korea

2:30-2:55 p.m "Automatic summarization on the Web? RAFI: A system for
 summarizing using indicating fragments"
 A. Lehmam, Universite de Nancy II, France

2:55-3:20 p.m "Towards Sophisticated Wrapping of Web-based Information
 B. Chidlovskii, U. M. Borghoff, P.Y. Chevalier
 Rank Xerox Research Centre, France

3:20-3:45 p.m "Annotating the World Wide Web using Natural Language"
 B. Katz, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, USA

3:45-4:15 p.m Break and Demonstrations
Chairman: R. Cencioni, European Community

4:15-4:40 p.m "IRENA: Information Retrieval Engine based on Natural
 Language Analysis"
 A.T. Arampatzis ,T. Tsoris, C.H.A. Koster.
 Patras, Greece and Netherlands

4:40-5:05 p.m "The Effect of Syntactic Phrase Indexing on Retrieval
 Performance for Dutch Texts"
 R. Pohlmann , W. Kraaij
 Utrecht University, TNO-TPD, Netherlands

5:05-5:30 p.m "Using Simulated Annealing to Understand Natural Language
 S.A. Laribi, G. Desrocques, A. Laribi, J.C. Bassano
 Universite d'Orleans, France. Geneva Univeristy, Switzerland

5:30-5:55 p.m "An Analysis of Statistical and Syntactic Phrases"
 M. Mitra, C. Buckley, A. Singhal, C. Cardie
 Cornell University, USA
 June 26, 1997
Chairman: C. Fluhr, Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique. France

9:00-9:25 a.m "Multi-Language Text Indexing for Internet Retrieval"
 M.Wechsler, P. Sheridan, P. Schauble
 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland

9:25-9:50 a.m "Adaptative Filtering of Multilingual Document Streams"
 D.W. Oard, University of Maryland, USA

9:50-10:15 a.m "A domain Specific Lexicon Acquisition Tool for
 Cross-Language Information Retrieval"
 D. Hiemstra, F. de Jong, W. Kraaij
 CTIT, Twente University, Netherlands

10:15-10:45 a.m Break and Demonstrations

Chairman: R. Marcus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

10:45-11:10 a.m "EAGLE: An Extensible Architecture for General Linguistic
 B. Baldwin , C. Doran, J.C. Reynar

11:10-11:35 a.m "Information Retrieval On The Word Wide Web using a Decision
 Making System"
 F. Corvaisier, A. Mille, J.M. Pinon, INSA, Lyon, France

11:35-12:00 a.m "A Multiagent Architecture for Information Retrieval on the
 World-Wide Web"
 V.N. Gudivada, S.P. Tolety
 Wayne State University, University of Missouri. USA

12:00-1:30 p.m LUNCH

Chairman: C. Jacquemin, Universite de Nantes. France

1:30-2:45 p.m Panel
 TREC in Many Languages
 * TREC-5: English
 D. Harman
 National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA
 * TREC-5: Spanish and Chinese
 A. Smeaton
 Dublin City University, Ireland
 *The Amaryllis Project
 C. Fluhr
 Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique (CEA), France

2:45-3:10 p.m "Integrated text categorisation and information extraction
 using pattern matching and linguistic processing"
 W. J. Black, L. Gilardoni, F. Rinaldi, R Dressel
 UMIST, UK. Quinary Spa, Italy

3:10-3:35 p.m "On-Line Resource Discovery using Natural Language"
 O.R. Zaine , A. Fall, S. Rochefort, V. Dahl, P. Tarau
 Simon Fraser University, Canada

3:35-4:00 p.m "Coupling information retrieval and information extraction:
 A new text technology for gathering information from the web"
 R. Gaizauskas, A.M. Robertson
 University of Sheffield, UK

4:00-4:30 p.m Break and Demonstrations
Chairman: D.J. Harman, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA.

4:30-4:55 p.m "Summarizing Similarities and differences Among Related
 I. Mani , E. Bloedorn
 The MITRE Corporation, USA

4:55-5:20 p.m "Relevance Ranking for One to Three Term Queries"
 C.L.A. Clarke , G.V. Cormack, E.A. Tudhope
 University of Toronto. Canada

5:20-5:45 p.m "Space Optimizations for Total Ranking"
 D.R. Cutting, J.O. Pedersen
 Excite Inc., USA

5:45-6:10 p.m "A Similarity-Based Agent for Internet Searching"
 T.G. Rose, P. J. Wyard, Canon, UK
 June 27, 1997
Chairman: U. Heid, Stuttgart University, Germany

9:00-9:25 a.m "ARACHNID: Adaptive Retrieval Agents Choosing
 Heuristic Neighborhoods for Information Discovery"
 F. Menczer , R.K. Belew
 University of California, USA

9:25-9:50 a.m "Cobra: A new approach to IR System design"
 T. Mills, K. Moody, K. Rodden
 University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. UK

9:50-10:15 a.m "Interactive Image Retrieval by Means of Abductive Inference"
 A. Muller, A. Everts
 GMD. Germany

10:15-10:45 a.m Break and Demonstrations
Chairman: J.C. Bassano, Universite d'Orleans France.

10:45-11:10 a.m "Query modification based on relevance backpropagation"
 M. Boughanem, C. Soule-Dupuy
 MSI, Universite de Limoges, France

11:10-11:35 a.m "Query ReFormulation on the Internet: Empirical Data and the
 Hyperindex Search Engine"
 P.D. Bruza , S. Dennis
 Queensland University of Technology, Australia

11:35-12:00 a.m SQLET: Short Query Linguistic Expansion Techniques:
 Palliating One or Two-word Queries by Providing Intermediate
 Structure to WWW Pages
 G. Grefenstette
 Rank Xerox Research Centre, Grenoble, France

12:00-1:30 p.m LUNCH
Chairman: V. Semenova, ANALIT, Moscow

1:30-1:55 p.m "Probabilistic Learning for Information Filtering"
 G. Amati , F. Crestani, F. Ubaldini, S. de Nardis
 Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, Universita di Padova, Universita di
 Roma, Italy

1:55-2:20 p.m "Using Syntactic Information in Document Filtering: A
 Comparative Study of Part-of-speech Tagging and Supertagging"
 R. Chandrasekar , B. Srinivas
 University of Pennsylvania, USA

2:20-2:45 p.m "Querying Hierarchical Text and Acyclic Hypertext with
 Generalized Context-Free Grammars"
 Y. Marcoux, M. Sevigny
 Universite de Montreal, Canada

2:45-3:15 p.m Break and Demonstrations
Chairman: J.P. Haton, Universite Henri-Poincare, Nancy I, France

3:15-3:40 p.m "A probabilistic model of Passage Categorization"
 M. Iwayama, T. Tokunaga
 Advanced Research Laboratory, Japan

3:40-4:05 p.m "Knowledge Discovery From Natural Language Texts"
 U. Hahn, K. Schnattinger
 Freiburg University, Germany

4:05-4:30 p.m "Extraction of Index Words from Manuals"
 H. Nakagawa
 Yokohama National University, Japan

Chairman: J. Perriere, C.I.D. France

4:30-4:55 p.m "Limits of Using Data"
 Maitre Feral-Schuhl
 Ordre Des Avocats du Barreau de Paris, France.

4:55-5:20 p.m "Data Security"
 Maitre G. Arendt
 President of Computer Commission of the International
 Union of Lawyers, Luxemburg

5:20-5:45 p.m "Security Concerns On The Intranet"
 Maitre Landry
 Montreal, Canada.
 Union Internationale des Avocats.

5:45-6:15 p.m Conclusions

Cooperation program between France and Quebec
Linguistic and knowledge engineering

 Special Session
 Cooperation program between France and Quebec
 Linguistic and knowledge engineering

 Thursday 26th June 1997
 Presentation languages: French and English

Chairman: Stephane Chaudiron, Program Coordinator for France (Ministry for
Education and Research, DISTNB)

9.00 a.m: Presentation of the program, Antoine Mynard, Attache pour
 la Science et la Technologie
9.15 a.m: Tools for Lexicographers: Applications of Explanatory
 and Combinatorial Lexicography, Alain Polguere (Department of
 linguistics and translation - University of Montreal), Gilles
 Serasset (GETA-CLIPS,IMAG, University Joseph Fourier - Grenoble I)
9.45 a.m: Automatic Processing Of Synonymy, Gaston Gross (Laboratoire
 de linguistique et informatique-UMR 195, University Paris 13),
 Andre Clas (GRESLET, University of Montreal).
10.15 a.m: The Semantics of Spatial Expressions and the Voronoi Model, Agnes
 Gryl(LIMSI, University of Paris Sud), Geoffrey Edwards (Centre de
 Recherche en geomatique, University Laval).
10.45 a.m: Emergentist Classifiers and Computationnally Enhanced Cognition:
 Applications to Text Analysis and Diagnosis, Vincent Rialle
 (Laboratoire TIMC, IMAG, University Joseph Fourier), Jean-Guy
 Meunier (Laboratoire d'analyse cognitive de l'information, University
 of Quebec in Montreal).

10.45 a.m - 11.00 a.m Coffee break

Chairman: Claude Fleury, program coordinator for Quebec,
 Ministere des relations internationales du Quebec
11.00 a.m: Connecting "What to say?" and "How to say it?" Components
 in a Text Generation System, Laurence Danlos (TALANA, University
 Paris 7) et Guy Lapalme (DIRO, University of Montreal).

11.30 a.m: Recycling the Results of Robust Parsers to Identify Term Variants,
 Benoit Habert (ENS Fontenay), Suzanne Bertrand-Gastaldy (University
 of Montreal), Adeline Nazarenko (LIPN), Fernande Dupuis (UQAM),
 Elie Naulleau (ENS Fontenay et DER/EDF), Monique Lemieux (UQAM).

12.00 p.m: The Integration of French Language Processing and Users Features
 in an Information Retrieval System, Jean-Pierre Chevallet
 (CLIPS-IMAG, University Joseph Fourier) Jian-Yun Nie (University
 of Montreal).

12.30 p.m: Text retrieval and filtering using conceptual-based clustering
 metho", Jacques Guizol (Laboratoire d'informatique de Marseille,
 University of Mediterranee) Ruben Gonzalez Rubio (University
 of Sherbrooke).

Registration via the WWW at
or by e-mail:
or by fax at the CID: (33) 01 48 78 49 61 or (33) 01 45 26 84 45
or by surface mail:
 CID, 36 bis rue Ballu, 75009 Paris, France
 CID, c/o Constantin and co., 575 Madison Ave, 25th Floor, NY, NY
 10022, USA
 Registration Fees
(before June 1, 1997): US$ 475 or CA$ 650 or 415 ECUS
(from June 1, 1997): US$ 530 or CA$ 725 or 460 ECUS

Students (presenting valid Student ID):
(before June 1, 1997): US$ 315 or CA$ 435 or 275 ECUS
(from June 1, 1997): US$ 390 or CA$ 530 or 340 ECUS

Registration fees can be made by bank transfer:

in US dollars:
 CID/CASIS No: 02 050 25 061 2
 Banque Societe Generale, Agence Montmartre,
 89 rue de Clichy, 75009 Paris, France
 CASIS No: 15 39 90 34
 City Bank,
 460 Park Avenue and 57th Street, NY, NY 10022 USA

in Canadian dollars:
 CID No: 035 500 65 48 1
 Banque Societe Generale, Agence Montmartre,
 89 rue de Clichy, 75009 Paris, France

in ECUs:
 CID No: 055 500 65 48 1
 Banque Societe Generale, Agence Montmartre,
 89 rue de Clichy, 75009 Paris, France

For Credit Card payments, only VISA Card can be accepted in writing or
by faxing request to C.I.D. 36 bis rue Ballu, 75009 Paris, France,
fax (33) 01 48 78 49 61 or (33) 01 45 26 84 45.

Registration includes access to all presentations and sessions,
including the Working Group,Thursday morning, June 26th, and a copy of
the proceedings. On-Site Registration will take place on Tuesday June
24 from 5 pm, and on Wednesday June 25, from 8 am on.

Telephones accepting credit cards are available throughout the University.
Lunches can be taken at the University Cafeteria, 3840 McTavish Street.
Lunch tickets will be available at the Registration Desk for $10 (Canadian)
per ticket.

McGill University is located in the center of Montreal and numerous
other restaurants are available nearby.
An optional visit and dinner will be organized for RIAO'97 participants
June 26th at 7 p.m.

Reductions in air fare will be possible for flights leaving from
France. Contact the CID before June 1, 1997.
A block of rooms have been reserved at several hotels in Montreal
at a special rate for RIAO97 participants.
When you make your reservation, please indicate that you are a participant
of RIAO97 Conference. In most cases, rooms will only be held at a special
rate until one month before the conference.

For more information:
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