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Calls: Lg Logic and Computation, ESPecialist

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Message 1: CALL: Language, Logic, and Computation

Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 06:43:45 GMT
From: Ralf =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Gro=DFerhode?= <>
Subject: CALL: Language, Logic, and Computation

I forward this in the name of Nino Amirize, who is not (yet) on the




 Tbilisi, Georgia
 September 16-21, 1997

The Georgian Centre for Language and Speech, based at Tbilisi
State University will host the SECOND TBILISI SYMPOSIUM on Language,
Logic and Computation as a means to foster the communication between
researchers in Georgia and the international research community.

The Symposium will welcome papers on current research in all aspects
of Logic, Language and Computation, including but not limited to:

Natural language semantics/pragmatics
Natural Language Processing
Logic in AI and natural language
Natural language and logic programming
Automated reasoning
Natural language and databases
Information retrievel from text
Natural language and Internet

 Ju. Apresjan (Moscow), J. McCawley (Chicago),
 Yu. Ershov (Novosibirsk), P. Gardenfors (Lund),
 J. Gippert (Frankfurt a/M), D. de Jongh (Amsterdam),
 R. Kowalski (London), A. Voronkov (Uppsala).

 Co-chairs: R. Cooper (Gothenburg), T. Gamkrelidze (Tbilisi).

 A. Anisimov (Kiev), J. Antidze (Tbilisi),
 G. Erbach (Saarbrucken), J. Ginzburg (Yerusalem),
 S. Jablonski (Moscow), N. Leontjeva (Moscow),
 I. Melchuk (Montreal), M. Ratsa (Kishinev).
 E. Vallduvi (Barcelona).


Abstracts not exceeding 3 pages should be submitted electronically
ready to print (ASCII or LATEX files) and must include full postal and
e-mail addresses and fax/phone numbers of the author and a
specification of the research area. Abstracts should be submitted to
the following e-mail address:

The publication of Proceedings is supposed.


Submission deadline: 15 June, 1997
Notification of acceptance: 30 July, 1997.

More information is available from <> and via

 http: //


I. van Loon (chair, Amsterdam), H. Melin (Stockholm),
M. Butskhrikidze (Budapest),

T. Khurodze (chair), N. Amiridze, J. Antidze, R. Asatiani,
N. Chanishvili, G. Chikoidze, L. Chkhaidze, K. Pkhakadze,
N. Javashvili, T. Kutsia, Kh. Rukhaia, G. Sharashidze,
E. Soselia, M. Tadashvili, E.Tavadze.

Participants fees - 180 ECU (not obligatory for researchers from C&EE
including NIS).

Tbilisi - capital of Georgia - has more than 1 million habitants. It
is situated some 100-150 km to the South of main Caucasus ridge, in
the beautiful valley of river Mtkvari, surrounded by the green slopes
of the Caucasus spurs. The city has a long (1500 year) history and
naturally abounds in historical and cultural memorials. Georgia is
famous for its high quality wines, exquisite kitchen and cordial

The main site of the Symposium, Tbilisi State University, is the chief
centre of education in the country, and counts several outstanding
scholars in science, art and politics among its graduates during the
last century.

Information on registration and accommodation will appear in the
future announcements.

For more information contact:

George Chikoidze
Dept. of Language Modelling
Inst. of Control Systems
Georgian Academy of Sciences
34, K. Gamsakhurdia
380060 Tbilisi
Phone: +9 9532 382136


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Ralf Grosserhode
Afrikanistik 2
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Message 2: To publish in the ESPecialist

Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 18:10:37 GMT
From: The ESPecialist <>
Subject: To publish in the ESPecialist

Published by the Center of Resources, Research and Information in
Applied Linguistics and Instrumental Language Teaching - CEPRIL - of
the Catholic University of S=E3o Paulo - PUCSP, the ESPecialist is an
international journal aimed at active researchers and teachers
involved in the areas of first and foreign languages.

Theoretical and applied approaches to the teaching and learning of
first and foreign languages in specific contexts, whether academic or
professional; Theoretical and applied approaches to the formation of
teachers and coordinators of language programs; Theoretical and
applied descriptions of verbal communication in specific contexts,
whether academic or professional (discourse analysis, classroom
interaction, contrastive analysis, genre analysis, corpus linguistics,
etc.); Systematized accounts of teaching experience.

To publish in the ESPecialist:
send your paper in English, Portuguese, French or Spanish 
(maximum 20 pages)
by mail to:
Rua Monte Alegre, 984
CEP 05014-001 S=E3o Paulo, SP or
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