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Fri Apr 11 1997

FYI: Lg policy, Semiotics, Communication

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  1. James W. Crawford, New Web Site on Language Policy
  2. Simpkins Scott Keith, WWW semiotics course
  3. salman, Linguist Communication

Message 1: New Web Site on Language Policy

Date: 09 Apr 97 17:14:57 EDT
From: James W. Crawford <73261.1120CompuServe.COM>
Subject: New Web Site on Language Policy


		James Crawford's Language Policy Web Site

Are you interested in the policy debates over English Only laws,
bilingual education, English Plus, language rights, endangered
languages, and related issues? If so, point your Web browser to

The site includes:
	-- An archive of English Only Updates, occasional reports from 
	Washington on language legislation and litigation
	-- Pending language bills, including official English measures 
	now under consideration in Congress and 13 state legislatures
	-- Texts of official English and official bilingualism laws now 
	on the books in 22 states
	-- Highlights of the House debate on "Language of Government"
	legislation in the 104th Congress
	-- Excerpts from court decisions on education and language rights 
	-- Overview of key issues (and myths) in U.S. language policy
	-- Contents and sample chapters from books by James Crawford:
	*Hold Your Tongue*, *Language Loyalties*, and *Bilingual Education*
	-- Recent papers, speeches, and articles by James Crawford
	-- Email forum on language policy issues (under construction)
	-- Links to other Internet resources on language issues

Comments, criticisms, and suggestions welcome -- for either design or
content. This is a new site. So a few glitches remain to be resolved.
Some areas are still under construction. Your ideas would be

Also welcome:
	-- news on language legislation, litigation, or related activity 
	in states or localities
	-- addresses of related sites to include on the Links page
	-- reciprocal links to the Language Policy Web Site

I look forward to your visit. If you like what you see, please spread 
the word. 

NOTE: The CompuServe web server has been acting up lately. If you have 
trouble connecting, please keep trying.

James Crawford
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Message 2: WWW semiotics course

Date: Thu, 10 Apr 1997 19:59:46 -0500 (CDT)
From: Simpkins Scott Keith <>
Subject: WWW semiotics course

 The fourth lecture in my course on the World Wide Web called
"Critical Semiotics" is now online. The course, sponsored by the
Cyber Semiotic Institute, is embedded in the web site of the _Semiotic
Review of Books_ (located at
Please see the description of the fourth lecture below.


LECTURE FOUR: The "Problem" of Controlling the Decoder.


Umberto Eco's _The Role of the Reader: Explorations in the Semiotics
of Texts._


 I'd appreciate it if you would bring this lecture to the attention
of those who also might be interested and I encourage you
to send me your feedback about it at:

Scott Simpkins
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Message 3: Linguist Communication

Date: Sat, 5 Apr 1997 13:20:54 +0600
From: salman <>
Subject: Linguist Communication

I am a Bangladeshi national teaching English Language at a University
in Dhaka. My Bachelors and Masters are in Linguistics. I would like to
communicate with linguists worldwide. I intend to build a rapport
with the linguists and exchange views. Linguistics as a discipline is
far behind in this part of the world. Keeping this problem in mind we
have formed a research organization, namely, Centre for Linguistic
Thought, of which, I am the Director. Our organization welcomes
suggestions from linguists over the globe. Where ever you are, if this
message reaches you, please contact me at the following address:


A. Salman Al-Azami 

P.S. Please circulate this message
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