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Fri Apr 18 1997

Jobs: NLP - Research Assistantships

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  1. Susan McRoy, Research Assistantships Available

Message 1: Research Assistantships Available

Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 17:44:30 -0500
From: Susan McRoy <>
Subject: Research Assistantships Available

Natural Language and Knowledge Representation Research Group
Decision Systems and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Research Assistantships Available:

Our National Science Foundation sponsored research project
focuses on integrating multiple knowledge sources for robust
human-machine communication. Our research group has been
investigating models of dialogue that can support robust and
flexible interaction between people and computer systems. We
are interested in building systems that can recognize user
intentions and respond to them and that can formulate and act on
intentions of their own. Specifically, we aim to address two
important research issues:

 1. To provide a uniform representation of the different kinds of
 information that influences people's understanding of an ongoing 
 dialog and that allow for the detection of potential problems, such 
 as misunderstanding, misconceptions, and digressions. For example, 
 we want to build a representation of the beliefs that have been 
 expressed or entailed by the participants during a dialog.

 2. To provide reasoning methods for integrating and employing this
 information to achieve the following tasks:
 -- Interpreting utterances and identifying problems as 
 they arise;
 -- Invoking a planner to produce relevant utterances and 
 -- Deciding when and how to take control of the dialog, allowing 
 that either the system or the user could be in control.
 For example, we want to provide methods for recognizing when 
 communication is breaking down and for addressing the problem.

Evaluation of the research will employ two intelligent tutoring
systems that are under development. We aim to deploy these
systems with end-users in the Milwaukee area.

These positions require a M.S. or B.S. in Computer Science. It
is anticipated that the research associated with these positions
will lead to doctoral dissertations. (The master's program in CS
also includes a thesis.)

The starting date for these RA positions is anticipated to be
fall 1997. Duration is contingent upon appropriate progress in
both research and academic requirements.

To apply for an RA, you should submit a copy of your academic
transcript, a resume, a 1-2 page statement of interest, the
phone number and email address of 2-3 people willing to serve as
references, and copies of relevant publications. This
information should be directed to the address below.

For admission to UWM, a separate application to the graduate
school will be required. UWM has "rolling" admissions. To
receive notification about an RA in time to apply for admission
to UWM starting fall 1997, RA applications should be received by
June 1, 1997. (Applications received after that date will be
considered in time for either the fall 1997 or spring 1998
semester.) To obtain an application, phone graduate admissions
at (414) 229-4982.

Questions about these positions should be directed to the
following address.

 Professor Susan McRoy
 Computer Science, University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee
 3200 North Cramer Street
 Milwaukee, 53211
 Phone: (414) 229-6695
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