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Mon Apr 21 1997

Confs: Discourse and syntax in Chinese

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  1. hpliu, Discourse and syntax in Chinese

Message 1: Discourse and syntax in Chinese

Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 11:50:24 +0800 (CST)
From: hpliu <>
Subject: Discourse and syntax in Chinese

The First Symposium on discourse and syntax in Chinese and Formosan Languages
 National Taiwan University, June 14-15, 1997

A two-day symposium will be held at National Taiwan University from June 
14-15, 1997 on the topic of "Discourse and syntax in Chinese and Formosan 
Languages". Thanks to generous funding from Taiwan's National Science 
Council, 12 scholars in the fields of discourse and syntax and language 
acquisition from Taiwan, Australia, Singapore and United States have been 
invited to present papers at this symposium. The symposium will bring 
together linguists who research Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, and 
Austronesian languages from the perspective of functional grammar. It is our 
hope that this and future symposia will stimulated further research in Chinese 
and Formosan languages within the functionalist paradigm.

We strongly encourage you to pre-register for the symposium, although on-site 
registration will be available. For further information about 
registration, see our symposium website:

Pre-registration deadline: May 20, 1997
For further information, please contact Ms. Meiling Liu, Graduate Institute of 
Linguistics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan 106.
Phone: 886-2-366 1381
Fax: 886-2-363 5358

Registration Form
The First Symposium on discourse and syntax in Chinese and Formosan Languages
National Taiwan University June 14-15, 1997

Please return this form together with payment in either New Taiwan dollars or 
US dollars (but no other currency) to 
Prof. Shuanfan Huang
Graduate Institute of Linguistic
National Taiwan University 
Taipei, Taiwan 106

Pre-registration deadline: May 20, 1997
Family Name:
Given Name:
Institutional Affiliation:
Mailing Address:

Registration Fees
Registration fees cover administrative expenses, conference auditorium, 
photocopying, morning and afternoon teas and snacks and the pre-conference 
proceedings volume. Reception and banquet are not covered by registration 

Check where appropriate:
________ Registration: NT$500.- or US$18.5
________ Reception (evening of June 14, 1997): NT$1000.- or US$37.-
________ Banquet (evening of June 15, 1997): NT$1000.- or US$37.-
________ Registration, Reception and Banquet: NT$2000.- or US$74.-
Total: NT$_______________________ or US$_____________________ 

 Preliminary Program
The First Symposium on discourse and syntax in Chinese and Formosan Languages
 National Taiwan University, June 14-15, 1997

Saturday, June 14, 1997
8:30am-9:00am	Registration
9:00am-9:30am	Opening Ceremony
9:30am-10:10am	Prof. Thompson, Sandy / Univ. of California, Santa 
	Emergent grammar and argument structure -- evidence 
	from conversation
10:10am-10:30am	Break
10:30am-11:10am	Prof. Biq, Yung-O / San Francisco State University
	Nominal intonation unit and speaker change in Mandarin 
11:10am-11:30noon	Discussion
11:30am-12:20am	Prof. Tao, Hongyin / National University of Singapore
	The production of NP coordination constructions: the gap 
	between syntax and discourse
12:00noon-2:00pm	Lunch
2:00pm-2:40pm	Prof. Chui, Kawai / National Chengchi Univeristy
	Grounding in Chinese conversation
2:40am-3:20am	Prof. Wang, Yufang / Providence University
	Dispreferred responses in Mandarin Chinese conversation
3:20pm-3:40pm	Break
3:40pm-4:00pm	Discussion
4:00pm-5:00pm	Panel discussion on conversation and grammar
6:00pm-7:30pm	Reception

Sunday, June 15, 1997
8:30am-9:10am	Prof. Cumming, Susanna / Univ. of California, Santa 
	The functional range of constituent order and voice 
	alternations in Western Austronesian
9:10am-9:50am	Prof. Himmelmann, Nikolaus / Australian Nat'l Univ. 
	(The lack of) zero anaphora in Philippine and Formosan 
9:50am-10:20am	Discussion
10:20am-10:40am	Break
10:40am-11:30am	Prof. Cheung, Hintat / National Taiwan University
	The role of De in Chinese children's narrative development
12:10noon-1:300pm	Lunch
1:30pm-2:10pm	Ms. Wang, Su-chen & Prof. Chiang, Wen-yu / National 
	Taiwan University
	Intonation units in Taiwanese: a comparison of the 
	perceptual and acoustic cues
2:10pm-2:50pm	Ms. Chang, Tammy
	Negatives in Taiwanese conversation
2:50pm-3:10pm	Break
3:10pm-3:50pm	Discussion
3:50pm-4:10pm	Prof. Su, I-wen / National Taiwan University
	Pragmatic pivot and discourse topicality in Seediq
4:10pm-4:50pm	Prof. Huang, Shuanfan / National Taiwan University
	The pragmatics of focus in Seediq
4:50pm-5:10pm	Break
5:10pm-6:00pm	Panel Discussion on Formosan Linguistics
7:00pm-8:30pm	Banquet
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