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Mon Apr 21 1997

FYI: Spectrogram-reading, Vowel Disorders

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  1. Karen Ward, Spectrogram-reading web site
  2.>, Vowel Disorders

Message 1: Spectrogram-reading web site

Date: Mon, 21 Apr 97 09:23 PDT
From: Karen Ward <>
Subject: Spectrogram-reading web site

	The Center for Spoken Language Understanding at Oregon Graduate
	Institute announces the first release of a web site devoted to
	spectrogram reading, including (1) an overview of background
	material needed to understand what a spectrogram is, (2) spectral
	cues for American English phonemes, (3) the display of single word
	spectrograms from clean speech as well as telephone speech, and
	(4) the ability to record your own speech via telephone and to
	view the resulting spectrograms.

	We would very much appreciate your feedback, in particular on the
	clarity and educational content of the web material; suggestions 
	for future enhancements to the site are also welcome. The primary
	author and best contact for comments concerning this page is
	Tim Carmell (

	The URL for the new spectrogram reading web site is:

Karen Ward (
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology
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Message 2: Vowel Disorders

Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 16:17:17 GMT
From:> <>
Subject: Vowel Disorders

As part of preparation for an edited collection of studies on Vowel 
Disorders, I am keen to contact anyone who has done/is doing research on 
disordered vowel systems of languages other than English, for 
recruitment as potential contributors. 

While such work may well cover normal acquisition as well, the book 
concentrates on disordered vowel systems, so potential authors must have 
covered this aspect as well.

Please contact me by e-mail in the first instance with a brief summary 
of your work, and a note as to your position and institution. I'd be 
grateful, also, to receive names/e-mails of colleagues doing such work 
who might not otherwise read this message.

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Martin J. Ball, Ph.D., 
Professor of Phonetics & Linguistics
School of Behavioural and Communication Sciences
University of Ulster at Jordanstown
Newtownabbey, Co Antrim, BT37 0QB
Northern Ireland

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