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Tue Apr 22 1997

Confs: Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics

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  1. Snyder, Final Program, FASL6 (Slavic Linguistics)

Message 1: Final Program, FASL6 (Slavic Linguistics)

Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 22:02:46 -0400
From: Snyder <>
Subject: Final Program, FASL6 (Slavic Linguistics)

Please note: The conference committee for Formal Approaches to
Slavic Linguistics VI has added a *poster session* that will take place
during the registration period, from 1:30 to 2:45 on Friday, 9 May.
The final version of the program follows.


Poster session in Public Lounge, Thomas J. Dodd Research Center.
All other sessions in Konover Auditorium, Thomas J. Dodd Research Center.
1:30 Registration opens
Poster session
		Barbara Citko, SUNY at Stony Brook
 		'A Minimalist Account of Multiple Wh Movement in Slavic'
		Mariana Lambova, Temple University/Plovdiv University
 		'Participle Auxiliary Orders in Bulgarian and the
		PF Component of Grammar'
		Gilbert Rappaport, University of Texas at Austin
		'Clitics and Features: Movement and Minimality'
		Danijela Stojanovic, University of Ottawa
 		'Theta-role Assignment in On-Line Processing of a
		Free Word Order Language'
2:45 Opening remarks: Zeljko Boskovic, University of Connecticut
Session I	Chair: Diane Lillo-Martin, University of Connecticut
2:50-3:30 	Svetlana McCoy, Boston University
		'Individual Level Predicates and Pronoun Doubling
		in Colloquial Russian'
3:30-4:10	John F. Bailyn, SUNY at Stony Brook
		'Object Shift in Russian and Surface Word Order'
4:10-4:25	break
Session II	Chair: Sue Brown, Bucknell University
4:25-5:05	Nike Victoria Agman, Yale University
		'Nasal Assimilation in Polish: the Case of Nasal Vowels'
5:05-5:45	Jonathan Barnes, University of California at Berkeley
		'The Bulgarian Liquid Metathesis and Syllabification
		in Optimality Theory'
5:45-6:00 	break
Session III	Chair: Leonard H. Babby, Princeton University
6:00-7:00	Invited talk: Christina Y. Bethin, SUNY at Stony Brook
Session IV	Chair: Natasha Kondrashova, Cornell University
8:45-9:25	Sergey Avrutin and Maria Babyonyshev, Yale University and MIT
		'Two Modes of Discourse Representation and the Two Types of
		Root Infinitive Constructions that Instantiate Them in Russian'
9:25-10:05	Roumyana Izvorski, University of Pennsylvania
		'On the Nature of Wh-Infinitival Complements of Possessive
		and Existential Predicates'
10:05-10:45	Barbara H. Partee and Vladimir B. Borschev, University of
		Massachusetts and VINITI, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
		'Formal and Lexical Semantics and the Genitive in
		Negated Existential Sentences'	
10:45-11:00	break
Session V	Chair: Gilbert Rappaport, University of Texas at Austin
11:00-11:40	Sandra Stjepanovic, University of Connecticut
		'Clitics and VP Ellipsis in Serbo-Croatian'
11:40-12:20	Stephanie Harves, Princeton University
		'The Case against Prosodic ni-raising'
12:20-1:00 	Jindrich Toman, University of Michigan
		'On Resumptives in Colloquial Czech'
1:00-2:30 	Lunch break
Session VI	Chair: Ljiljana Progovac, Wayne State University	
2:30-3:10	James E. Lavine, Princeton University
		'Null Expletives and the EPP in Slavic: A Minimalist Analysis'
3:10-3:50	Sasa Vukic, University of Connecticut
		'On Dispositional Reflexive Construction in Russian
		and Serbo-Croatian'
3:50-4:05	break
Session VII	Chair: Robert Channon, Purdue University
4:05-4:45	Leonard H. Babby, Princeton University
		'Subject Control as Direct Predication: Evidence from Russian'
4:45-5:25	Miriam Engelhardt and Helen Trugman, The Hebrew University
		and CTEH
		'D as the Source of Adnominal Genitive in Russian'
5:25-5:40	break
Session VIII	Chair: Zeljko Boskovic, University of Connecticut
5:40-6:40	Invited talk: Howard Lasnik, University of Connecticut
		'Exceptional Case Marking: Perspectives Old and New'
6:40		Business meeting
7:00		Dinner party
Session IX	Chair: Martina Lindseth, Wabash College
8:45-9:25	Christopher Pinon, Humboldt-Universitaet
		'Verbs of Motion in Polish, II: the Role of Direction'
9:25-10:05	Irina Sekerina, CUNY Graduate Center
		'Late Closure Principle in Processing of Ambiguous
		Russian Sentences'	
10:05-10:45	Michael Yadroff and Loren A. Billings, Indiana University
		and Universitaet Leipzig
		'Syntax of Approximative Inversion in Russian'
10:45-11:00	break
Session X	Chair: William Snyder, University of Connecticut
11:00-11:40	Ljiljana Progovac, Wayne State University
		'Avoid Conjunction Principle'
11:40-12:20	Maria Babyonyshev, MIT
		'Covert Feature-Checking and Conjunction Agreement in Russian'
12:20-12:30	break
Session XI	Chair: Eva Bar-Shalom, University of Connecticut
12:30-1:30	Invited talk: Steven Franks, Indiana University
		'Parameters of Slavic Morphosyntax Revisited:
		A Minimalist Retrospective'
1:30		Closing remarks: William Snyder, University of Connecticut
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