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Fri May 2 1997

Sum: Language comprehension

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  1. Alain Dawson, Sum: language comprehension

Message 1: Sum: language comprehension

Date: Fri, 2 May 1997 14:30:51 +-200
From: Alain Dawson <>
Subject: Sum: language comprehension

In Linguist vol. 8-589 on April 25 1997 I asked for references about
text comprehension in the case of unknown, but closely related,
languages. The replies confirmed that this field is relatively
unexplored. These are the references I've received:

Chambers, J.K. (1982) Dialect acquisition. Language 68.4:673-705.

Graff, D., Labov, W., & Harris, W.A. (1986) Testing listeners'
reactions to phonological markers of ethnic identity: A new method for
sociolinguistic research. In Diversity and Diachrony, ed. D. Sankoff.
Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company. 45-58.

Labov, W. (1989) The limitations of context: Evidence from
misunderstandings in Chicago. CLS 25: 171-200.

Labov, W., Understanding Birmingham (new book about perception of
non-native but mutually intelligible dialects, coming soon)

Mackey, William F. (1979) Bilinguisme et contact des langues, Paris,
Editions Klincksieck (in particular chapters 9, 10, 11)

Niedzielski, N. (1997) Social factors and phonetic perception.
Presentation at the LSA Annual Meeting, Chicago, 2-5 January 1997.

Payne, A. (1980) Factors controlling the acquisition of the
Philadelphia dialect by out-of-state children. In Locating language
in time and space, ed. W. Labov. Academic Press. 143-178.

Sankoff, G. 1968. Social aspects of multilingualism in New Guinea.
McGill University dissertation.

Sibata, T. (1958) Nihon no hoogen [Japanese dialects]. Tokyo:
Iwanami Shoten.

Sugito, M. (1982) Nihongo akusento no kenkyuu [Research on Japanese
pitch accent]. Tokyo, Sanseido.

Young-Scholten, M. (1985) Interference reconsidered: The role of
similarity in second langauge acquisition. Selecta 6:6-12.

In addition, it has been mentioned that Gillian Sankoff at the
University of Pennsylvania has done work on communication along a
dialect continuum in Tok Pisin.

Thank you to Wendy Burnett, Corey Miller and Natasha L. Warner for
their contributions.

Alain Dawson
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