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Sat May 3 1997

Confs: Student Conference in Linguistics 9

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  1. SCIL 9, SCIL 9

Message 1: SCIL 9

Date: Sat, 3 May 1997 15:00:18 -0400 (EDT)
From: SCIL 9 <>
Subject: SCIL 9



	 MAY 9-10, 1997, Eastern Michigan University
			 Ypsilanti Michigan

	 Keynote Address: Charles Fillmore, UC Berkeley
 The Semantics of Replacement: An Introduction to FrameNet
	Saturday, May 10 1997, 3:30 Main Lounge McKenny Union

Conference homepage:

Detailed program follows below

Friday, May 9th		
9:00	registration starts	

Ok-Sook Park, Michigan State U.: 	Ralph Blight, U. of Texas at Austin:
[+sonorant] spreading 			Pseudo-Passives and Adjacency
within correspondence theory 	

Jae-Ick Park, Indiana U., 		Takashi Toyoshima, Cornell U.:
Swahili Syllable Counting 		Heading for Their Own Places
Poetry, Language Games and		
Stress Assignment	

Robert Pensalfini, MIT: 		Keiko Muromatsu, U. of Maryland:
Vowel Harmony in Jingulu: 		Individuals and Stages of Individuals
templates or rebracketing of heads	

Kunio Nishiyama, Cornell U.:		Norvin Richards, MIT:
Predicative and Attributive 		Featural Cyclicity and
forms in Classical Japanese:		(Anti-)Superiority
theoretical consequences	

11:30-12:00	BREAK	

Jennifer Hay, Northwestern U.: 		Martha McGinnis, MIT:
Morphological Adjacency constraints	Fatal Attraction and
-a synthesis				the Reflexive Clitics Puzzle

Marc Pierce, U. of Michigan: 		Sergio Baauw, Utrecht University:
Syllable weight and 			A Delay of Principle B Effect in
vowel alternations in Old Norse		Spanish Speaking Children:
					The Role of Lexical Feature Acquisition
1:00-2:00	LUNCH	

Nino Amiridze, 				Hyenkwan Cho, U. of Minnesota:
Georgian Academy of Sciences:
Nostalgia for being a noun:		A Unified Explanation of Korean
A Case of Georgian Reflexives		Double Nominative Constructions

Julia Moore, Northwestern U.: 		Brian Agbayani, UC, Irvine:
There's Redundancy and Then	 	A Theory of Category Movement
There is Redundancy: A Pragmatic	and its Applications for
Analysis of Two Redundant		Certain Extraction Asymmetries

Laura Hsiu-min Liu, 	Eun Cho, Cornell U.:
National Taiwan U.: 	Dual Nature of
Verbal Fillers as Pause Markers 	Contrastive Topic and LF Movement
in Spoken Chinese Narrative

3:30-4:00	BREAK	

Josep Quer: Universiteit Utrecht
Causing the Mood

8:00		Party at Heidelberg Restaurant, Ann Arbor

Saturday, May 10th
9:00	registration starts	

10:00-10:30					Hidekazu Tanaka, McGill U.:
						LF Wh-island and
						Minimal Scope Principle

Yunsun Jung, Harvard U.: 			Paul Hagstrom, MIT:
Maximality of Cardinal NPs			Phrasal movement in
						Korean Negation

Ayako Yamagata, Michigan State U.:	 	Eun-Young Yi, Cornell U.
A Unified analysis of 				Do head-Final Coordinate
-te-I-ru Construction				Structures Exist?

11:30-12:00	BREAK	

Richard Breheny, UC London: 			Franciso Ordonez, C U N Y,
						 Graduate Center:
Ordered Concept Routines for 			Minimality in Questions
non-Conceptual Meaning: The case of _hi_	in Romance	

Mean-young Song, Georgetwon U.:			Kazuko Yatsushiro,
						U. of Connecticut:
Tense and Opacity 				Structure within
in Propositional Attitudes			VP in Japanese revisited

1:00-2:00	LUNCH	

Grace Song, Northwestern U.:			Mika Kizu, McGill U.:
Auxiliary Selection and 			A Note on sluicing
the expression of motion events			in Wh-in-situ Languages

William Thompson and Jennifer Hay, 		Anna Pettiward,
Northwestern U.:				School of Oriental and
						African Studies, London:
The semantics of 				A Different case against
AS and TO BE complementation			"Case Adjacency"

3:00-3:30	BREAK	

3:30-4:30	Keynote Address: Charles Fillmore, UC Berkeley	
		The Semantics of Replacement: An Introduction to


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