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Tue May 6 1997

Sum: Computer-aided language learning on web

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  1. Rodrik Wade, Web-based computer-aided language learning

Message 1: Web-based computer-aided language learning

Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 15:27:12 GMT +0200
From: Rodrik Wade <>
Subject: Web-based computer-aided language learning

A few weeks ago I posted a request for information about Web-based
computer-aided language learning. I received very prompt and helpful
responses from a number of people. As promised, here is a summary of
the information I received:

Lynne Roecklein <> mentioned the NETEACH mailing
list as a resource and sent a long list of sites that are using the
Web for language teaching purposes:

SPECIFIC ESL SITES (for instructors and students)

Internet TESL Journal
iTs online
ESL Virtual Catalogue:
EFL Magazine:
List of Educational MOOs: 
TESL-EJ Online: 
U. of Tx Comp Writing/Rsch Lab:

SPECIFIC ESL SITES (for students)
Helsinki University of Tech:
Frizzy University Network: 
ESL Home Page:
Dave's ESL Cafe on the Net:
English for the Internet: 
The Virtual Eng Lang Center: 
LinguaCenter Home Page: 
Linguistic Funland TESL: 
LinguaCenter Search Engine:

Lotoshko Yurij Rostislavovic <> pointed me to a
web-based course on Russian Phonetics:

Claus-Dieter Pusch <> provided the URL of a
web page designed for self-teaching of Catalan:

According to Brian Nolan <> the Centre for Language and
Communication Studies in Trinity College Dublin is working on
Web-based language teaching. Their URL is:

Suzanne Kemmer <> put me in touch with Michael
Barlow <> who in turn provided the URL of the
Web-CT project which I found particularly interesting. Web-CT is a
web-based course development tool that includes a range of tools such
as record keeping, self-evaluation and testing, on-line chat etc. The
home page is at:

Dave Pollard <> has produced a JavaScript-based
quiz that can be easily modified. The relevant URLs are:

Jens S. Larsen <> mentioned an Esperanto course in
Swedish that makes interesting use of the Web:

Stuart Robinson <> provider a pointer to a
site for learning Portuguese:

Thanks once again to all those who responded to my request.

Rodrik Wade <> Phone: +27 (0)31 260 2617 
Web Page:
Postal Address: Dept. of Linguistics, Univ. of Natal,
 Priv. Bag X10, DALBRIDGE 4014, S. Africa
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