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Wed May 7 1997

Sum: India in the history of ling

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  1. Marcin Lewandowski, India's role in the history of linguistics - summary

Message 1: India's role in the history of linguistics - summary

Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 22:37:10 +0200
From: Marcin Lewandowski <>
Subject: India's role in the history of linguistics - summary

Dear Colleauges,
Two weeks ago I mailed the following query to LINGUIST: 

I am looking for general materials related to India's contribution to
the study of language. So far I have found one book carrying the
above-mentioned title, namely "The Word and the World : India's
contribution to ..." by the late Prof. B. K. Matilal. Is this book
accessible on the net in any readable form(abstract, or summary, etc.,
etc.)? I would be extremely grateful for any other valuable links to
relevant websites.

Overall, I have received four replies to my query and I wish to take
this opportunity to express my gratitude to:

Theriault Alain <theriaalERE.UMontreal.CA>, who suggested approaching
Prof. Rajendra Singh from Universite de Montreal
Shravan Vasishth <>, who wishes to
elaborate upon the subject in one of the future projects.
Shikaripur N Sridhar <>, who both have
suggested the following bibliographical items related to the field:

1. Fritz Stall. In Current Trends in Linguistics, v. 5 S.Asia, ed
Thomas Seb- eok, 1968. Article on Sanskrit semanticists.

2. W. Stannard Allen. Phonetics in Ancient India

3. Bloomfied's discussion of Panini in Language

4. Matilal's book is easily available from OUP, Delhi 

5. Ann Freemantle, History of Linguistics

6. George Cardona's works 

7. Robins, A Short History of Linguistics, chapter on India

Many thanks to all contributors

Marcin Lewandowski
Institute of Linguistics
Adam Mickiewicz University
Poznan, Poland
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