LINGUIST List 8.691

Fri May 9 1997

All: Format changes to LINGUIST on the web

Editor for this issue: John H. Remmers <>


  1. John H. Remmers, Format changes to LINGUIST on the web

Message 1: Format changes to LINGUIST on the web

Date: Fri, 09 May 1997 12:33:35 -0400
From: John H. Remmers <>
Subject: Format changes to LINGUIST on the web

If you read LINGUIST on the web, you may have noticed some
changes to the format of issues, starting with LINGUIST 8.663.

There are more links in the menu bar that follows each
message. In addition to the mail links that facilitate replying
to the author and the list, there are new links to make
navigation more convenient. A "Read more issues" link takes you
the issues "front page" that contains an index of the fifty most
recent issues and links to the topic indices. There is also a
link to the LINGUIST home page and a "Top of issue" link that
takes you to the directory for the current issue.

The HTML conversion software now recognizes internet-style
email addresses and references to LINGUIST issues and messages,
making them into live links. The latter feature should be
particularly useful in discussion threads. The standard forms

	LINGUIST 8.663 (reference to an issue)
 LINGUIST 8.663.1 (reference to a message)

are recognized, as well as the "Re: " mail reply convention

	Re: LINGUIST 8.663

and its abbreviation

	Re: 8.663

Recognition of these patterns is case-insensitive, so that
"Linguist", "RE: ", etc. also work. In addition, hyphens
instead of periods may be used to separate the parts of an
issue reference. Detection and conversion to links is done
in both message bodies and subject lines.

Contributors are encouraged to use the standard forms or the
"Re: " forms when referencing LINGUIST issues. The latter is
most appropriate in subject lines, where in fact your mail
software may supply it automatically under some circumstances.

The software that generates the HTML issues was developed by
myself and Zhiping Zheng. If you have any comments or sugges-
tions for improvement, please let the moderators or us know.

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