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Mon May 12 1997

FYI: Computers, Student Grants, TESOL

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  1. Kruschwitz U, Using Computers for Language Analysis
  2. Pamela W. Jordan, Student Grants for ACL/EACL 97
  3. Stephen A. Grady, TESOL ACADEMY 1997

Message 1: Using Computers for Language Analysis

Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 16:27:51 +0100
From: Kruschwitz U <>
Subject: Using Computers for Language Analysis

*** Apologies if you receive this more than once ***

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Dear Colleague,

Over the past few years, many colleagues have commented that they
would like to use computational techniques in their own research and
teaching, or would like to encourage their students to do so, but that
they lack some of the basic knowledge and skills. This is true for
colleagues in various fields of study, such as language, literature,
culture, and history.

In order to assist such colleagues, a group of us are arranging
`Computers and Text', a practical course in using computers for
language analysis, which will take place in Debrecen, Hungary from
4th-10th September 1997.

We hope that the Course will enable colleagues to get a better idea of
the benefits that computer-based methods can offer them in their work
and study.

Although the focus of this course will be on the English language,
most of the principles and techniques involved are broadly applicable
to other languages, for many of which corpora and computer tools
already exist or are currently being developed. We will certainly be
willing to advise and assist people working on other languages.

As we are a self-funding course, we would appreciate anything you can
do to publicize this event. Please copy this email to your colleagues
and relevant departments in your institution, or to any newsletters,
bulletins, or journals you contribute to or subscribe to. Or print out
the email and pin it up on your noticeboards.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Best wishes. 

Ramesh Krishnamurthy, COBUILD, University of Birmingham.

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Associated with the ESSE/4 Conference, organized by the European
Society for the Study of English. (For further information about the
ESSE/4 Conference, visit the home page of ESSE:

This is the second course of this type to be held in Debrecen (the
first was in 1995). The planned course components include hands-on
classes in the computer room as well as the sessions listed below.

Further sessions may be added.


1. Available corpora and tools, corpus creation, lexical analysis,

2. String handling, text retrieval (collocations, etc), and basic

3. Working with Concordancers

4. Lexicographic model building


1. History of corpora, and corpus design considerations

2. Lexis as a linguistic level: paradigms and syntagms

3. The relationship between Corpora and Dictionaries

4. Usage prototypes: collocation and syntactic patterns


1. `Enthusiasm' and `Condescension' - contrasting Historical (17-18th
Century) and Modern corpora

2. The Individual in Time and Space - how everyday words such as `over'
and `above' are used

3. Extremes of exploitation - `Finnegan's Wake' and the OED

4. Cognitive prototypes - what Speakers do and what Hearers believe

REGISTRATION: Fill in the pre-registration form electronically at if you can. Otherwise, fill in the
Registration form at the end of this announcement, and post it to the
Course Organizer. Applications must be received by 30th June 1997,
otherwise late registration fees will apply. Once your Registration
form has been received, a booking confirmation will be issued to you
within 5 working days by e-mail, or 21 working days by post, if you
have not given us an e-mail address.

6 Extra Practical Classes are available, at a fee of UK Pounds 50, or
US $ 80, per person. If you wish to join these classes, please fill in
the relevant section on the Registration form below.

TIMETABLE: As the Course timetable depends partly on the ESSE/4
Conference timetable, details will be issued after the Conference
timetable is published. 

IMPORTANT: If you are taking part in any of the ESSE/4 Conference
events, please tell us which events in the relevant section of the
Registration form below, and we will try to organize the Course
program to avoid clashes with your ESSE/4 commitments.

COURSE ORGANIZER: Ferenc Rovny, CLTDC, Foreign Language Centre, Lajos
 Kossuth University, Debrecen, Hungary - 4010, P.O. Box 41.

DEBRECEN INFORMATION: for travel, accommodation, food, etc, see:
a) pp 79-80 of the European English Messenger, Volume V/2, Autumn 1996
b) the ESSE homepage:

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1. YES, I want to take part in the `Computers and Text' Course
described above from 4th-10th September 1997, in Debrecen, Hungary.

REGISTRATION FEE: US$ 260, UK pounds 160 (before 30th June 1997)

LATE REGISTRATION FEE: US$ 325, UK pounds 200 (after 30th June 1997)

2. I understand that it is a pre-condition to register with the ESSE/4
Conference as well.
(Fill in BLOCK LETTERS, please, and send to the COURSE ORGANIZER:
Ferenc Rovny, CLTDC, Foreign Language Centre, Lajos Kossuth
University, Debrecen, Hungary - 4010, P.O. Box 41.)

Title (Prof/Dr/Mrs/Mr/Miss/Ms):



First name:



Zip code:




EXTRA PRACTICAL CLASSES: (Delete 1. or 2. as appropriate)

1. YES, I wish to join the 6 extra practical classes at an additional fee of
UK Pounds 50 or US $ 80.

2. NO, I do not wish to join the 6 extra practical classes.

ESSE/4 CONFERENCE PARTICIPATION: I will be taking part in the
following lecture(s), seminar(s) and roundtable(s):



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- --- End Included Message -----

- ----------------------------
Udo Kruschwitz
University of Essex
Department of Computer Science
Wivenhoe Park
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Message 2: Student Grants for ACL/EACL 97

Date: Thu, 08 May 1997 10:55:29 -0400
From: Pamela W. Jordan <>
Subject: Student Grants for ACL/EACL 97

Don and Betty Walker International Student Fund

The Don and Betty Walker International Student Fund was established by
the executive committee of the association for Computational
Linguistics (ACL) to honor the extensive and far-reaching
contributions of Don and Better Walker both inside and outside the
field of computational linguistics. The fund helps defer travel costs
for students to attend meetings in recognition of the priority that
the Walkers have always placed on making the ACL accessible and
welcoming to students and others who for geographical or financial
reasons would otherwise not be able to participate as fully in ACL


All full-or part-time undergraduate and graduate students from
anywhere in the world who are submitting a paper for presentation to
either the regular or student session of the Annual Meeting of the
Association for Computational Linguistics and the Biennial Meeting of
the European Chapter are eligible to apply.


Selected students will receive funds to cover all or part of their
travel costs to attend the ACL meeting. The meeting registration fee
will be waived as well.


Strong preference will be given to those students whose papers are
accepted for presentation. Preference will also be given on the basis
of demonstrable need.

Please complete all parts of this application and email the form to by May 20th. Please fax or mail signatures by 
May 20th to:
Pam Jordan
901 CL
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh PA 15260 USA
fax number: +1 412-624-6089 (addressed to Pam Jordan at ISP)

Application Form
Don and Betty Walker International Student Fund

Part 1 - To be filled by Applicant

Applicant's Name


College or University

Email Address

Postal Address


Matriculation Date

Expected Graduation Date

Approximate travel costs (please itemize):

Item							Amount

							Total Amount




Application Form
Don and Betty Walker International Student Fund

Part 2 - To be filled by Advisor

Advisor's Name


College or University

Email Address

Alternative sources of travel funds for this student (please itemize):

Item							Amount

							Total Amount




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Message 3: TESOL ACADEMY 1997

Date: Fri, 9 May 1997 16:01:20 -0400 (EDT)
From: Stephen A. Grady <>
Subject: TESOL ACADEMY 1997

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc. (TESOL) announces the
following 1997 TESOL Academies:

TESOL Academy in Baltimore at The Johns Hopkins University: June 27-29, 1997
TESOL Academy in Seattle at Seattle University: July 25-27, 1997

TESOL Academy Workshops in Baltimore include:

* Using the TESOL pre-K-12 ESL Standards for curriculum and assessment
* Integrating pronunciation into a communicative curriculum
* Cultural diversity in the classroom: Social, political, and academic
* Embedding assessment in instruction
* Making Connections: Collaboration between ESL and mainstream teachers
* Teaching ESL in the workplace: A toolkit for beginners
* Issues and practices in cooperative/collaborative learning and development
* Choosing and using software for language teaching (CLOSED)

and in Seattle:

* English language, academic content, and learning strategies: Teaching 3 in 1
* Multiple intelligences and learning styles in second language teaching
and learning
* Pronunciation: The missing link in communicative language teaching
* Teaching L2 reading: Moving from theory to practice
* Multimedia Multicultural projects
* Using the TESOL pre-K-12 ESL Standards for curriculum and assessment

To request registration materials, call TESOL at 703-836-0774 or
e-mail at Please specify which TESOL Academy (Baltimore
or Seattle) you are interested in. Thank you.

TESOL Academy Workshops were launched in 1996 for ESOL professionals
seeking opportunities for continuing education. Academies offer a series of
intensive summer weekend workshops that focus on today's challenges and
solutions for ESOL professionals.

 |From: Stephen A. Grady, Projects Coordinator |
 |TESOL Central Office, 1600 Cameron Street, Suite 300 |
 |Alexandria, VA 22314-2751 USA Tel. 703-518-2514 (voice)|
 |Fax 703-836-6447 email: |
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