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Wed Jan 22 1997

Sum: Neologism reference

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  1. N o s t a l g i a, Summary: Neologism reference

Message 1: Summary: Neologism reference

Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 17:59:34 +0900
From: N o s t a l g i a <>
Subject: Summary: Neologism reference

This is a sumary of responses I received for my query posting on the
LINGUIST List Vol-8-43 a few days ago, which said: 

>Sorry for extremely fuzzy clues, but I am now looking for this
>particular paper that (1) dealt with neologism in English, (2) taking
>data from the Times (a British newspaper) and (3) was published within
>last ten years. Someone mentioned the paper to me last summer, but he
>was not able to give me the exact reference and my desperate search
>began. Given the fact that he is a rather techie humanist, it is also
>likely that the Times data comes from some kind of an electronic
>corpus. If these three fuzzy sets ever ring a bell, please write to me
>directly at

The mystery paper(s) turned out to be:

Baayen, R. Harald & Renouf, Antoinette (1996) Chronicling the Times:
Productive Lexical Innovations in an English Newspaper, LANGUAGE, vol
72, no.1

Renouf, Antoinette (1993), "A word in time: First findings from the
investigation of dynamic text," pp. 279-288 in English Language
Corpora: Design, Analysis and Exploitation, ed. Jan Aarts, Pieter de
Haan and Nelleke Oostdijk, Amsterdam: Rodopi (Language & Computers

My thanks are to Eleanor Olds Batchelder, Claire Cowie and Ming-Wei
Lee, who kindly sent me the references.

Kenjiro Matsuda
Hiroshima University
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