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Mon May 12 1997

Confs: Computational Phonology, Lg Acquisition

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  1. John Coleman, SIGPHON 97 registration
  2. Bart Hollebrandse, Conference Program, New Perspectives on Language Acquisition

Message 1: SIGPHON 97 registration

Date: Wed, 7 May 1997 11:38:06 +0100
From: John Coleman <>
Subject: SIGPHON 97 registration


 Third Meeting of the ACL Special Interest Group in Computational Phonology


 In conjunction with ACL'97/EACL'97 Joint Conference Madrid, Spain,

 12th [or possibly 11th] July 1997

The workshop will be devoted to all areas of computation, as applied
to contemporary phonology. Papers will be on substantial, original,
and unpublished research on any aspect of computational phonology,
including (but not limited to) finite-state, connectionist and logical
techniques; formalisms, implementations and complexity results;
computational, mathematical and psychological models; and the
integration of phonology with grammar and speech.

The workshop will occupy the whole day, with 8 papers, with a critical
discussion in the middle of the day.

Primary contact. All correspondence should be sent to:

John Coleman, Oxford University Phonetics Laboratory, 41 Wellington Square,
Oxford, OX1 2JF, UK

Tel. +44 (1865) 270444, Fax. +44 (1865) 270445, email:

Registration. All participants must register for the main ACL/EACL conference.
Information about the main conference is available from the URL
http://horacio.ieec.uned.ed/cl97/, where registration forms for the main
conference AND THIS WORKSHOP may be found.

As previously announced, spare copies of the proceedings will be sold off
after the workshop at a cost of $10 per copy.

John Coleman

Director, Oxford University Phonetics Laboratory
41 Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JF, UK

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Message 2: Conference Program, New Perspectives on Language Acquisition

Date: Thu, 08 May 1997 01:29:41 -0700
From: Bart Hollebrandse <>
Subject: Conference Program, New Perspectives on Language Acquisition

	Conference Program

	New Perspectives to Language Acquisition:
	Minimalism and Pragmatics

	University of Massachusetts, Amherst
	June 2,3,4 1997

Day 1: Early Stages in Child Language / Negation
Monday, June 2

9-10	registration	

Session 1: Early Stages of Language Acquisition		
10-11 Invited Speaker:	David Lebeaux	
 	"Determining the Kernel II: Prosodic Form, Syntactic Form,
 and Phonological Bootstrapping"
11-11:30	Susan Powers	
		University of Potsdam, Germany
 	 "Binary Processes and Structures in Language Acquisition"
11:30-12 Coffee		
12-12:30 	Mireia Llinas i Grau
 Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain
 	"Verb-Complement Patterns in Early Catalan"
12:30-13 	Mary Sweig Wilson and Jeffrey Pascoe
		Laureate Learning Systems, Inc.
 	"The Minimalist Program: Implications for Early Language
13-14 Lunch		
Session 2: Later Stages
14-14:30 	Ken Drozd	
		Max Planck Institute, The Netherlands
 	"The Weak Quantification Hypothesis"
14:30-15 	 Lamya Abdulkarim, Thomas Roeper, and Jill de Villiers	
		University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Smith College
 	"Negative Islands in Acquisition: LF-Feature Movement or
Chain Links"
15-15:30 Coffee		
15:30-16	Dana MacDaniel, Judy Bernstein, and Cecelia McKee
		University of Southern Maine, University of Arizona
		"Minimalist Perspectives on Resumptive Pronouns in Children's
 and Adults' Relatives"
Session 3: Negation
16-16:30	D'Jaris Coles
		University of Massachusetts, Amherst
 	 "Linguistic Constraints on Negative Concord in African-
 American English"
Session 3: Reference: New Perspectives		
16:30-17	Alison Henry, Cathy Finlay and John Wilson
		University of Ulster, Jordanstown (Ireland)
 "The Acquisition of Negative Concord"
17-18		Invited Speaker: Frans Zwarts
		University of Groningen, The Netherlands	
	 	"Semantic Parameters in Language Acquisition"

19:30 Party at Tom's		

Day 2: Developing Representations: Specificity, Temporality, and Theory of Mind
Tuesday, June 3

Session 1: Specificity	
9-9:30 	 Jeanette Schaeffer
 	"On the Acquisition of Object Placement in Dutch and Italian"
9:30-10	 Ana Perez-Leroux	
 "Specificty, the Acquisition of DPs, and Development of a
Theory of Mind"
10-10:30 Coffee		
Session 2: Acquisition and Temporality
Across Languages - I		

10:30-11:30 Invited speaker	Michel Degraff	
 	"With creoles in mind... Thoughts on language acquisition and
 language change"

11:30-12	Janice Jackson
		University of Massachusetss, Amherst	
 	 "Aspectual Knowledge in African-American Children"
12-13 Lunch		
Session 3: Acquisition and Temporality
Across Languages - II		
13-13:30	Laura Wagner	
		University of Pennsylvania
 	 "What Children Know When They Understand Viewpoint Aspect"
13:30-14	Angeliek van Hout	
 "On the Role of Direct Objects and Particles in Learning
14-14:30	Michael Walsh Dickey	
		University of Massachusetts
 "Tense and Discourse in the Acquisition of African-American
14:30-15 coffee		
Session 4: Tense and Theory of Mind	
15-15:30 Jill de Villiers	
		Smith College
 "On Acquiring the Structural Representations for False
15:30-16 	Bart Hollebrandse	
		University of Massachusetts, Amherst
 "On Theory of Mind and Sequence of Tense"
16-16:30 Commentator	Angelika Kratzer	
		University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Day 3: Minimalism and New Approaches to Child Grammar

Wednesday, June 4

Session 1: Later Stages and Minimalism
9-9:30	 	Shalom Zuckerman	
		University of Groningen, The Netherlands
 "The Acquisition of Verb Movement in Hebrew"
9:30-10 	William Snyder, Deborah Chen, Maki Yamane, Laura Conway, and
 Kazuko Hiramatsu	
		University of Connecticut
 	"On the Nature of Children's Left-Branch Violations"
10-10:30	Carole Tenny Boster
		University of Connecticut
	 	"A Minimalist Processing Approach to Early Subject Omissions"
10:30-11 Coffee		
11-11:30	Arild Hestvik	
		University of Bergen, Norway
 "Optimality Theoretic Account of Children's Coreference 
11:30-12	Ayumi Matsuo
		University of Connecticut
 		"Reciprocity and Binding in Early Child Grammar"
12-12:30	Thomas Roeper	
		University of Massachusetts, Amherst
 "Minimal Syntactic Structures"	

"Agreement Mismatches and the Economy of Derivation"
	Sharon Armon-Lottem
	University of Maryland
"Object Shift, Subject Position and Verb Raising in Korean"
	Judy Baek
"A Minimalist Approach to Root Infinitives"
	Laurel Laporte-Grimes
	University of Connecticut
"A Psycholinguistic Approach to Some Aspect-Related Constructions in English"
	Roumyana Slabakova	
	McGill University
"SLI, Optional Infinitives and Parameter Setting"
	Alison Henry, Lindsay Klimacka and Alex Smith
	University of Ulster, Jordanstown (Ireland), Cherryville Clinic

Registration:	$10 (students: $5)
		This includes two lunches.

For more information:
Bart Hollebrandse
Linguistics Department
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003
(413) 545 0885
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