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Fri May 16 1997

Sum: Software

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  1. StThGries, Linguistic software

Message 1: Linguistic software

Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 15:14:50 -0400 (EDT)
From: StThGries <>
Subject: Linguistic software

Dear Linguist Listers,
roughly two weeks ago I posted a query in which I asked if anybody had some
ideas on

1.) which linguistic software one could / should present in an introductory
computer course for students of linguistics;

2.) URLs at which one can find freeware or shareware to download and use in
our course.

Thank you very much to all of you who were so kind to reply. In what follows
their names and contributions are given (in alphabetical order):

- Antworth, Evan L. (Evan.AntworthSIL.ORG):
- Blanchard, Duane L. (
pointed out to me that I had accidentally given a totally wrong URL for the
Natural Language Software Registry Homepage
- Brew, Chris(
- Holt, D. Eric (
Conc(ordancing software) put out by John Thomson & the Summer Institute of
- Lager, Torbjoern (
- Newman, Michael (
teach-ling (list):
- Scott, Mike (
- Weis, Uta (
telnet:// login: susytest password: susyguest (Terminal vt
- Zhou, Xuan (
for questions & comments concerning Syntactica:

Thanks again to all who responded.
Stefan Th. Gries
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