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TOC: MITWPL 28: Endangered languages

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  1. Rob Pensalfini, MITWPL 28: Endangered languages and the Maintenance of Linguistic Diversity

Message 1: MITWPL 28: Endangered languages and the Maintenance of Linguistic Diversity

Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 07:45:06 -0500
From: Rob Pensalfini <rjpensalMIT.EDU>
Subject: MITWPL 28: Endangered languages and the Maintenance of Linguistic Diversity

MIT Working Papers in Linguistics is pleased to announce the
publication of its 28th volume of Working Papers, "Papers on
Language Endangerment and the Maintenance of Linguistic
Diversity". This volume, edited by Jonathan David Bobaljik, Rob
Pensalfini, and Luciana Storto, grew out of a workshop series
held at MIT in January 1995. The workshop placed a particular
emphasis on the thorny question of 'what works in language
maintenance?', and in addition to papers presented at the
workshop the editors have collected papers from other authors
recommended by presenters and a preliminary bibliography drawn
from the extensive bibliographies provided by members of this

The contents of the volume are:
 Introduction (general questions of endangerment and survival)
 - Jonathan Bobaljik & Rob Pensalfini
 Can Senior Secondary Studies Help to Maintain and Strengthen
 Australia's Indigenous Languages ?
 - Antonio Mercurio and Rob Amery
 The Ulwa language wakes up
 - Thomas Green
 A report on language endangerment in Brazil
 - Luciana Storto
 Modern Irish: A Case Study in Language Revival Failure
 - Andrew Carnie
 Explaining and Reversing the Failure of the Irish Language Revival
 - Peter Slomanson
 Universal grammar and the roots of linguistic diversity
 - Ken Hale
 Language Endangerment & the Non-indigenous Minority Languages
 in the UK
 - Mahendra K. Verma
 Policy Statment: the need for the documentation of linguistic diversity
 - Linguistic Society of America
 A Preliminary Bibliography on Language Endangerment and Preservation
 - Jonathan Bobaljik, Rob Pensalfini &
 Luciana Storto

The volume costs US$12 (+postage/handling of $2-$3 surface,
$5-$12 air) and can be ordered from MIT Working Papers in
linguistics by writing to them at MITWPL, MIT Room 20D-219,
Cambridge MA02139, USA or by sending email to MITWPLMIT.EDU.
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