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Tue May 20 1997

Confs: History of Ling, Quantitative Ling

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  1. A.R.Linn, History of Linguistics conference: 2nd posting & programme
  2. Fiona J. Tweedie, CFR: Workshop in Quantitative Linguistics - Sept. 1997

Message 1: History of Linguistics conference: 2nd posting & programme

Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 09:31:57 +0100
From: A.R.Linn <>
Subject: History of Linguistics conference: 2nd posting & programme

- ----

10-13 SEPTEMBER 1997

The 1997 colloquium of the Henry Sweet Society for the History of
Linguistic Ideas is to be held at the University of Luton,
Bedfordshire, UK. Registration will take place during the afternoon of
Wednesday 10 September, and the colloquium will conclude with breakfast
on Saturday 13 September. Luton has its own international airport and
the town is very accessible from within the UK, situated as it is 30
miles north of London on the M1 motorway and on a main railway line.

The papers for the colloquium have now been accepted, and a
provisional programme is included in this posting. The response has
been very good indeed and the Luton colloquium looks set to be an
extremely interesting one. It is particularly pleasing for the society
to be able to welcome colleagues from all over the world - speakers
represent 14 different countries. In addition to the usual 25 minute
papers, there will also this year be an hour long symposium on the
nature and history of figures and tropes, chaired by a panel of
specialists in the field.

Further information and booking forms are available from the
conference organiser:
Dr Andrew Linn
Department of English Language and Linguistics
University of Sheffield
GB - Sheffield S10 2TN, England.

Tel: +44 ( 0)114 222 0216
Fax: +44 (0)114 276 8251

The deadline for booking and payment of dues is Friday 25 July.



1300 -	Arrival and registration
1730	Werner H=FCllen (Essen, President of the Henry Sweet Society) -
'Habent sua fata libelli'. On the Importance of a 'History of Books'
for a 'History of Ideas'
1830	Dinner


0800	Breakfast
0930	Dirk M. Schenkeveld (Amsterdam) - Reasons for the non-
Development of Syntactical Theory in the Hellenistic Period
1000	David A. Reibel (T=FCbingen / York) - The Rt Rev Robert Lowth
(1710-1787) D.D., Bishop of Oxford, Pioneer of English Syntax
1030	Lieve Jooken (Leuven) - The Foundation of Grammatical Categories
in 18th Century Scottish Treatises on Language

1100	Coffee

1130	Fredericka van der Lubbe (Sydney) - Martin Aedler: Germanist,
Hebraist or Comparativist?
1200	Masataka Miyawaki (Yokohama) - James Harris's Revision of Hermes
1230	Gerda Hassler (Potsdam) - Hervas y Panduro's Position in the
History of Anthropological Linguistics

1300	Lunch

1400	David Cram (Oxford) / Jaap Maat (Amsterdam) - Dalgerno [sic] in
1430	Discussants: James J. Murphy (Davis, California), Lynette Hunter
(Leeds), Peter Mack (Warwick), Dirk M. Schenkeveld (Amsterdam), Brian
Vickers (Zurich) - Symposium on the history and nature of figures and tropes

1530		Tea

1600	Hanne Lauridsen (Copenhagen) - English in Denmark 1678-1800
1630	Inge Kabell (Copenhagen) - English in Denmark in the 19th Century

1800	Dinner
1930	Concert of 'linguistic organ music' - Andrew Linn


0800	Breakfast

0930	John E. Joseph (Edinburgh) - A Matter of Consistency: Humboldt on
1000	Ann Wehmeyer (Gainesville, Florida) - Keichu and the Native
Japanese Linguistic Tradition
1030	Cristina Altman (Sao Paulo) - South American Missionaries and the
Description of the General Languages

1100		Coffee

1130	Douglas A. Kibbee (Urbana, Illinois) - Language and Dialect in
the History of Linguistics: a Case Study of the Politics of Anglo-Norman
1200	Jon Mills (Luton) - Cornish Lexicography from the 9th Century AD
to the Present Day
1230	Adel Siderus (Evora) - Problemes d'interpretation lexicologique
des anciens vocabulaires multilingues

1300	Lunch

1400	Kjell-Aake Forsgren (Skoevde) - German Valency Grammar of the
19th Century
1430	Els Elffers (Amsterdam) - From Psychological Linguistics to
1500	Beatrice Godart-Wendling (Paris) - Le Traitement de la
Quantification d'Ajdukiewicz =E0 Montague

1530		Tea

1600 	Frits Stuurman (Utrecht) - 'Traditional Grammar' in the Early
History of Chomskyan Generative Linguistics
1630	Pius ten Hacken (Basle) - The Unity of the Chomskyan Research
1715	Annual General Meeting

1900	Conference Dinner


0830	Breakfast

Conference ends

NOTES: This programme is a slightly revised version of the programme to
appear in the May edition of the society's newsletter.

The conference of the Linguistic Society of Great Britain (LAGB) is
being held at the nearby University of Hertfordshire from 4 to 6

Dr Andrew R. Linn
Department of English Language and Linguistics
The University of Sheffield
GB-Sheffield S10 2TD, England

Tel: +44 (0)114 222 0216
Fax: +44 (0)114 276 8251
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Message 2: CFR: Workshop in Quantitative Linguistics - Sept. 1997

Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 17:59:21 +0100
From: Fiona J. Tweedie <>
Subject: CFR: Workshop in Quantitative Linguistics - Sept. 1997


 Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute
 Department of Statistics 
 University of Glasgow, UK
 11, 12 September 1997

 Announcement and Call for Registration

In recent years techniques from disciplines such as computer science,
articficial intelligence and statistics have found their way into the
pages of journals such as the Journal of Quantitative Linguistics,
Literary and Linguistic Computing and Computers and the
Humanities. While this influx may bring more advanced methods of
analysis to the fields of quantitative linguistics, stylometry and
stylistics, the demands upon researchers to understand and use these
new techniques are great. Familiarity with the appropriate software
and the ear of a sympathetic expert are pre-requisites without which
the technique may seem out of reach to the average researcher. The
Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute and the
Department of Statistics of the University of Glasgow are hence
supporting this practical workshop in Computationally-Intensive
Methods in Quantitative Linguistics.

The workshop is designed to introduce the participants to four such
techniques in a practical environment. Each half-day session will be
divided into an introductory session in a lecture theatre and a longer
period spent working with software and practical examples. All of the
speakers have published papers using the analyses they will present
and their aim in this workshop is to enable the participants to return
to their home institutions able to carry out these techniques in the
course of their own research.

The sessions and speakers are as follows:

Deconstructing texts with electronic dice: Monte Carlo methods in
 lexical statistics.
Harald Baayen; Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen,
 The Netherlands.

Fitting probability distributions to linguistic data. Deductive and
 explorative methods in synergetic linguistics.
Reinhard Koehler; University of Trier, Germany.

Evolutionary Computing and Text Categorization.
Richard Forsyth; University of the West of England, Bristol, 
 United Kingdom.

Neural Nets, Principal Component Analysis, Marlowe and Shakespeare.
Thomas Merriam; United Kingdom.

The workshop will be held in the Boyd Orr Building of the University
of Glasgow, commencing on Wednesday 10 September with a reception in
the Hunterian Art Gallery. The four workshop sessions will take place
on Thursday 11 September and Friday 12 September. There will also be a
half day to Loch Lomond and the Glen Goyne whisky distillery on the
morning of Saturday 13 September.

Accommodation has been arranged in university accommodation with some
en suite facilities. Tea and coffee, lunches and evening meals on 11
and 12 September are included in the registration fee. The
registration fee is GBP150.00 and GBP100.00 for students.

For more information about the workshop and to register, please
consult the web site at, or send
email to the conference organisers at
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