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Thu May 29 1997

FYI: Secretary-Treasurer, Web-editor

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Message 1: LSA Secretary-Treasurer Search

Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 10:21:58 +0100
From: LSA <>
Subject: LSA Secretary-Treasurer Search

Call for Nominations for Secretary-Treasurer of the Linguistic Society of

The Secretary-Treasurer is the constitutionally designated chief fiscal
officer of the Society. The responsibilities of the Secretary-Treasurer
shall include keeping the records of the deliberations of the Society and
the Executive Committee, presenting an annual report to the Society, which
shall be published by the Society, supervising publications of the Society
which are not the responsibility of the Editor, and such functions as may
be assigned by the President and the Executive Committee. Although the
Secretary-Treasurer is elected annually, the recent tradition has been to
serve for five consecutive years.

During their term in office, all past Secretary-Treasurers have been
faculty members in residence although this is not a requirement. They have
been able to continue to pursue their own professional commitments,
interests and responsibilities because the work of the Society is generally
carried out by the Secretariat in Washington. The Secretariat, currently
staffed by three employees, administers and manages the work of the Society
under the direction of and in frequent communication with the

Each year, the Secretary-Treasurer receives a modest honorarium in
recognition of service and is reimbursed for office supplies and the
expense of a telephone at his or her office, as well as for travel on LSA

The members of the Ad Hoc Secretary-Treasurer Search Committee (Frederick
J. Newmeyer, Chair; Paul Angelis and Dawn Bates) welcome applications and
nominations from any member. The Committee would also be pleased to
respond to inquiries about the position and to supply detailed information
on the responsibilities. The deadline for receipt of materials is 1 July
1997. All applications and nominations should be accompanied by a
curriculum vitae and be sent to: Ad Hoc Secretary-Treasurer Search
Committee, c/o LSA Secretariat, 1325 18th Street, NW, Suite 211,
Washington, DC 20036-6501.
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Message 2: LSA Web Editor Search

Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 10:17:05 +0100
From: LSA <>
Subject: LSA Web Editor Search

Web Page Editor

The Linguistic Society of America seeks applicants for the position of Web
Page Editor. Responsibilities include:
 * developing policy concerning electronic communication
 * designing and supervising the maintenance of the LSA web site
 * soliciting and editing materials to be placed on the web.
Applicants should be members of the LSA and be familiar with the Society as
well as with the field of linguistics. Good contacts with other relevant
learned societies are a plus since links to other sites of likely interest
to the LSA membership should be maintained at the LSA site. Finally, a
good working knowledge of HTML and web page design issues is an important
asset for someone interested in this position.

It is estimated that designing and maintaining the site will require at
least 50 hours per year. The editor will be assisted by a paid parttime
student intern and will be able to call on the LSA Committee on Computing
for advice. In recognition for this service to the Society, the Web Page
Editor will be paid an honorarium of $1,000.

The Search Committee (D. Terence Langendoen, Chair; Mary Dalrymple and
Richard Sproat) requests candidates send a letter summarizing web page
experience and special qualifications for the position with a c.v. to:
Linguistic Society of America, 1325 18th St., NW, Suite 211, Washington, DC
20036. The deadline for letters of interest is 15 September 1997. For
further information, please contact the LSA Secretariat (
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