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Tue Jun 3 1997

FYI: Ling and lit, Language Australia

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  1. UnPrSouth, linguistics and literature
  2. Joseph Lo Bianco, Rebuilding of Language Australia

Message 1: linguistics and literature

Date: Sat, 31 May 1997 08:29:18 -0400 (EDT)
From: UnPrSouth <>
Subject: linguistics and literature

Dear colleagues,

As General Editor at University Press of the South, Inc., I would like
to invite you to visit frequently our Web Page at: We are considering manuscripts
for possible publication in every areas of linguistics, language, and
literature. Take advantage also of our 25% rebate from May 20 to
September 1 on all our academic books if you order directly through

I look forward to hearing from you,
Dr. Alain Saint-Saens
General Editor
University Press of the South, Inc.
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Message 2: Rebuilding of Language Australia

Date: Sat, 31 May 1997 09:48:12 +1000
From: Joseph Lo Bianco <>
Subject: Rebuilding of Language Australia

Dear colleagues,

I am writing to let you know that the rebuilding of Language Australia
is in train. As you all know the Board of Directors of the Institute
has taken a decision to close the National Office. In this way the
Company can absorb the recent funding cuts entirely within
administration and management, ie not cut research, professional
development or any 'field' activity in any way.

Unfortunately, this necessitates some redundancies and quite a lot of
upheaval. Also it can only be done once. If the second planned cut to
our funding goes ahead in 1998-99 and we have not secured alternative
funding then it may be curtains all round. But these are next year's

For now, we must, rebuild, refocus and revitalise the
organisation. All this has started. I am quite optimistic, and
determined, that we will succeed. I am writing to tell you this
because I have heard it said around the traps that "LA is gone" etc.
Nothing could be further from the truth! Language Australia will be a
landmark on the landscape for a long time yet!

1) On 2-4 July we are holding a strategic planning forum to refocus
our work and restructure the company in ways that can accommodate a
reduced management/administration system and maintain our core
functions of research, research coordination, applied linguistic
policy advice, professional development, connecting researchers and
teachers and communities.

If ever there was a time in Australian history for language and
education policies to be based on knowledge, some reflection and a
commitment to pluralism it is now. The 'restrictionist' movement
which is alive and well in other English speaking countries is in full
force here: One language and all that.

2) I am preparing a new corporate plan along these lines, the mission
of fostering an articulate, literate, multilingual/cultural nation,
and connecting local diversity to globalisation is central to our
reason for exisiting. Making Australian pluralism a resource in our
national planning is our job. The new mission will not change any of
this. The other rumour I have heard, that there is a 'takeover' of the
Organisation by "bureaucracy" is also wrong.

3) We have an extremely good chance of being supported in an increased
research budget through the Commonwealth

4) We have a determined and supportive Board with business and State
representatives willing to offer advice and assistance

5) We have an unrivalled network of researchers, teachers and
departmental officials, as well as very strong community links and

6) The 1998 workplan will proceed exactly as planned. This is a vast
program of research and pd which all parts of the education and
non-education system in Australia have contributed to shaping. The
collective processes of forming the workplan give us political

7) We are proceeding with plans to hold Language Expo in Melbourne in
early 1999. We have secured sponsorship for this and there is the
same level of interest and excitement around the concept as there has
been in the past.

8) We are negotiating with several institutions and agencies for a
'hosting' arrangement for the much reduced National Office. Clearly
major changes will have to happen, but the identity and autonomy of
operation of the Institute will remain.

9) We will submit a major proposal to State and Territory governments
that they take equity in the Company. This will happen later this

10) On 20-21 June in Melbourne we have a seminar/conference
celebrating the last 10 years of Australian language policy
achievement and planning the next ten.

The National Languages and Literacy Institute; Australia's main
language research and planning agency, is alive and well and preparing
to kick again. Joe Joseph Lo Bianco

Chief Executive
Language Australia: The National Languages and Literacy Institute of
Australia Professorial Fellow, Faculty of Education, University of

Tel: (61) 6 253 4622
Fax: (61) 6 253 4626
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