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Books: Pragmatics

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Message 1: Books: pragmatics

Date: Tue, 3 Jun 97 18:02:30 BST
From: M.Groefsema <>
Subject: Books: pragmatics

Now available:

Proceedings of the University of Herfordshire Relevance Theory
Workshop. Edited by Marjolein Groefsema

ISBN 0-952-9901-0-5

This volume contains fifteen of the papers that were presented at the
University of Hertfordshire RT Workshop, which was held in Hatfield
Peverel from 27-29 October 1995. The aim of the Workshop was to bring
together researchers working within the framework of Relevance theory
to dicuss their research and exchange ideas. The papers presented in
this volume reflect the wide range of topics that are currently being
studied from a Relevance theoretical perspective, while some of the
papers critically assess aspects of Relevance theory.

Table of Contents:

A pragmaticization process affecting Norwegian negatives with scalar
 Thorstein Fretheim

Relevance, referring expression, and the givenness hierarchy.
 Jeanette Gundel and Ann Mulkern

Relevance and the Peircean conception of truth.
 William Downes

The awsome efficiency of what is false.
 Gloria Origgi and Adriano Palma

Conceptual and procedural encoding: criteria for the identification of
linguistically encoded procedural information.
 Steve Nicolle

Concepts and word meaning.
 Marjolein Groefsema

Relevance and the manipulation of the incongruous: some explorations
on verbal humour.
 Carmen Curco

Relevance theory and augmentative and alternative communication.
 John Clibbens

Ellipsis and inference
 Kaja Borthen, Thorstein Fretheim and Randi Alice Nilsen

Representation and relevance in human reasoning.
 Simon Handley and Edward Buck

The relevance of face calibration
 Koenraad Kuiper

Relevance theory and extraposed relative clauses.
 Yael Ziv

The relevance of Relevance theory to syntactic phenomena: Relevance
theory and the extraction from relative clauses.
 Tali Rubovitz

Issues in developmental "theory of mind" research from the point of
view of Relevance theory.
 Szabolcs Kiss

"If you would like to burn your mouth feel free": a Relevance
-theoretic account of conditionals used to children.
 Susan Foster-Cohen and Erika Konrad

Price including p & p: UK 10.00 Pounds Sterling
 Europe 11.00 Pounds Sterling
 Rest of the world 13.00 Pounds Sterling

To order: Please send a cheque, made out to Peter Thomas, or an
International Money Order to the address below. Unfortunately, there
are no facilities to handle credit cards.

Peter Thomas and Associates
'The Sticks', Cardfields Lane
Hatfield Peverel, Chelmsford

Dr Marjolein Groefsema

Dept. of Linguistics Email:
University of Hertfordshire Tel. +1707 285699 (direct line)
Watford Campus
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