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Books: New UCI Dissertation in Linguistics

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Message 1: New UCI Dissertation in Linguistics

Date: Sun, 8 Jun 1997 00:14:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: Irvine Linguistics Students Association <>
Subject: New UCI Dissertation in Linguistics

Irvine Linguistics Students Association is pleased to announce the
publication of the following UCI Dissertation in Linguistics.

		 Overt Movement as a Reflex of Morphology

				Hajime Ikawa

	Under the framework of the minimalist program, this thesis
answers fundamental questions with overt movement such as (i) what
forces its application, and (ii) what is responsible for its
presence/absence in languages.
	Chapter 1 raises the above-mentioned fundamental questions
with overt movement. It is shown that the current minimalist
framework, as it is, does not explain any of them in a principled way.
	Chapter 2 introduces two major operations assumed by the
minimalist program, Merge and Move.
	Chapter 3 first undertakes to identify the cause of overt
movement in a way consistent with the basic minimalist assumption that
any application of overt movement, as a departure from the best case,
should be forced from the outside of the core computational system.
It is claimed that overt movement is directly driven by the module
Morphology, which applies right after Spell-Out; overt movement,
whether head-movement or XP-movement, is forced to apply to
morphologically support the suffixal functional heads. This claim
automatically leads to derive the absence of overt movement in
consistently head-final languages like Japanese from their word order.
The proposed analysis not only provides principled answers for the
fundamental questions with overt movement, but eliminates one of the
most problematic aspects of the minimalist program, the strong/weak
distinction among functional heads.
	Chapter 4 discusses various implications and consequences of
the proposed analysis for overt movement, phrase structure, the
computational system, and typological variations.
	Chapter 5 discusses overt NP-raising as overt movement
indirectly driven by the morphological properties of AGR. It is
claimed that a subject in nominative-accusative languages overtly
raises not to directly support AGR, but to provide f-features for AGR
so that it can be successfully suffixed to a verb as the overt
realization of the f-features of an NP. From this, asymmetries
between overt NP-raising and other overt movements directly driven by
Morphology naturally follow.

Also available:
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Griffith, Teresa A. 1996 Projecting Transitivity and Agreement
Takano, Yuji 1996 Movement and Parametric Variation in Syntax
Zoerner, Cyril Edward 1995 Coordination: The Syntax of &P

US$14 each, plus shipping and handling

> UCI Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 3 (1997). Edited by Luther
> Chen-Sheng Liu and Kazue Takeda

Articles appearing in the third volume are:
Brian Agbayani: Category Raising, Adjunction, and Minimality
Lisa Lai-Shen Cheng: "Partial" Wh-Movement
Naoki Fukui: Attract and the A-over-A Principle
Toru Ishii: The " Crossing" Constraint and the Minimal Link Condition
Luther Chen-Sheng Liu: Light Verb and Accusative-ing Gerund in 
Yuji Takano: Object Shift as Short Scrambling
Kazue Takeda: A Note on Locality of Category Movement and Feature 
Sze-Wing Tang: The Parametric Approach to the Resultative Construction 
	in Chinese and English
Miyoko Yashui: Identification of Ellipses and Other Empty Categories

US$14 , plus shipping and handling

> UCI Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 2: Proceedings of the South
> Western Optimality Theory Workshop (SWOT II). Edited by Brian Agbayani
> and Naomi Harada

US $12, plus shipping and handling

> UCI Working Papers in Linguistics, Volume 1. Edited by Brian Agbayani,
> Kazue Takeda and Sze-Wing Tang

US$12, plus shipping and handling

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