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Thu Jan 23 1997

Confs: Texas Lx Society, RWC '97,COLING/ACL-98

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  1. rblight, Texas Linguistics Society 1997
  2. PONeillBrown, RWC '97
  3. P. Isabelle [TAO], COLING/ACL-98, first announcement

Message 1: Texas Linguistics Society 1997

Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 02:43:51 -0700
From: rblight <>
Subject: Texas Linguistics Society 1997

Below is the program for the 1997 Texas Linguistics Society
conference. A copy of this program, as well as information about
registration, housing, and transportation is currently available at
our website, 
If you have any additional questions, contact us at

 1997 Conference of the Texas Linguistics Society
 The Syntax and Semantics of Prediation
 March 7 - 9, 1997
 The University of Texas at Austin

Friday, March 7

8:00-9:00AM - Registration

9:00-9:30AM - Opening Remarks

9:30-10:10AM - Manuel Espanol-Echerarria (UCLA)
 The Role of Predication in the Syntatic Licensing
of Purposive Adjuncts

10:10-10:50AM - Youngjun Jang (Harvard University)
 On the So-called Adjunct Predicates in Korean

10:50-11:30AM - Yunsun Jung (Harvard University)
 Obligatory Adjuncts

11:30-12:30PM - LUNCH

12:30-1:10PM - Dalina Kallulli (University of Durham)
 NP Predicates

1:10-1:50PM - Tony Badia (Universitat Pompeu Fabra,
 Predicative Structures of Nominals in HPSG

1:50-2:30PM - Nancy Mae Antrim (The University of Texas at El

 Interfacing Syntax and Semantics: The Predication
of Possession

2:30-2:45PM - BREAK

2:45-3:25PM - Veerle van Geenhoven (Max Planck Institut for
 Psicolinguistik) & Louise McNally
 (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

 De Dicto Readings Via Semantic Incorporation

3:25-4:05PM - Sheila Glasbey (University of Edinburgh)
 I-level Predicates that Give Existential Readings
 for Bare Plurals

4:05-4:45PM - Francisco Gonzalvez Garcia (University of
 California, Santa Barbara)
 A Modality View of Predicate Selection in Small

4:45-5:00PM - BREAK

5:00-6:00PM - KEYNOTE #1- William Ladusaw (UC, Santa

Saturday, March 8

8:30-9:00AM - Registration

9:00-10:00AM - KEYNOTE #2 - Edwin Williams (Princeton
 The Asymmetry of Predication

10-10:10AM - BREAK

10:10-10:50AM - Stephen Wechsler (The University of Texas at
 Resultative Predicates and Control

10:50-11:30AM - Leonard Babby (Princeton University)
 Subject Control vs. Direct Predication

11:30-12:30PM - LUNCH

12:30-1:10PM - John Bowers (Cornell University)
 A Binary Analysis of Resultatives

1:10-1:50PM - Anke Luedeling (University of Tuebingen)
 Strange Resultatives in German

1:50-2:30PM - Soowon Kim (University of Washington) & Joan
 Maling (Brandeis University)
 A Cross-Linguistic Perspective on Resultative

2:30-2:45PM - BREAK

2:45-3:25PM - Knud Lambrecht (The University of Texas at
 French Relative Clauses as Secondary Predicates

3:25-4:05PM - Helen de Hoop (University of Groningen)
 Optional Scrambling and Predication

4:05-4:15PM - BREAK

4:15-4:55PM - Ivy Sichel (City University of New York Graduate
 Two Pronominal Copulas and the Syntax of Non-
 Verbal Predication in Hebrew

4:55-5:35PM - Caroline Heycock (University of Edinburgh) &
 Antony Kroch (University of Pennsylvania)
 The Non-reducability of Equation to Predication

Sunday, March 9

8:30-9:00AM - Registration

9:00-10:00AM - KEYNOTE #3 - Susan Rothstein (Bar-Ilan
 Predicational 'Be'

10-10:10AM - BREAK

10:10-10:50AM - Andre Meinunger (Zentrum fur Allgemeine

 The Structure of Cleft and Pseudo-cleft Sentences

10:50-11:30AM - Eun Cho (Cornell University)
 External Argument, Predicate Phrase, and Multiple
 Feature Checking Theory

11:30-11:45AM - BREAK

11:45-12:25PM - Hotze Rullmann (University of Groningen) & Jan-
 Wouter Zwart (University of Groningen)
 Subjects with Semantic Types of Predicates

12:25-1:05PM - Hamida Demirdache (University of British
 Predication Times in Statimcets Salish

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Message 2: RWC '97

Date: 22 JAN 97 12:54:18 EST
From: PONeillBrown <>
Subject: RWC '97

For information about the 1997 Real World Computing Symposium to be
held in Tokyo Jan. 29-31, go to:

Patti O'Neill-Brown
Japan Technology Analyst
Asia Pacific Technology Program
U.S. Department of Commerce
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Message 3: COLING/ACL-98, first announcement

Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 15:07:33 -0500
From: P. Isabelle [TAO] <>
Subject: COLING/ACL-98, first announcement


I am pleased to announce that the 17th International Conference on
Computational Linguistics (COLING-98) and the 36th Annual Meeting of
the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL-98) will be
combined into a single major event: COLING/ACL-98.

This landmark conference will take place during the week of August
10-14, 1998 on the main campus of the Universite de Montreal (Quebec,

More information, including a call for papers, will be published in
due course.

	-- Pierre Isabelle
	 Chair, COLING/ACL-98 Organizing Committee
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