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Wed Jun 18 1997

Books: Language Planning

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Message 1: New Book: Language Planning

Date: Sun, 15 Jun 1997 19:41:30 +0200 (MEST)
From: Christoph Eyrich <>
Subject: New Book: Language Planning

 Michael Clyne 


 1997. 23 x 15,5 cm. VIII, 520 pages
 Cloth DM 198,-/approx. US$ 141.00
 ISBN 3-11-015509-5
 Contributions to the Sociology of Language 78

 Mouton de Gruyter * Berlin * New York

This book is a collection of sixteen original articles on language
planning in the wake of sociopolitical change. Each chapter covers a
different language which underwent changes due to deliberate planning
which has recently been rescinded or replaced by further planning for
sociopolitical reasons (e.g., the collapse of the Soviet Bloc, the
unification of Germany and of Vietnam, the abolition of apartheid). A
theoretical epilogue draws together the findings into a general model.
The volume contributes to the study of language and society and
language change.


Michael Clyne, Introduction * Alexander Krouglov, Ukrainian -
reconstituting a language * Miklos Kontra, `Stubborn as a mule calls
for dialectical presentation': On undoing and redoing corpus planning
in Hungary * John M. Lipski, Linguistic consequences of the Sandinista
revolution and its aftermath in Nicaragua * S. M. Lee-Wong, Undoing
some effects of the Cultural Revolution - Chinese address forms *
Michael Clyne, The reconvergence of German after reunification and its
limits * Nguyen Xuan Thu, The reconvergence of Vietnamese * Radoslav
Katicic, Undoing a `unified language': Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian *
Marcu Gabinschi, Reconvergence of Moldavian towards Romanian * Ernst
Hakon Jahr, The fate of Samnorsk: a social dialect experiment in
language planning * Kas Deprez, Diets, Nederlands, Nederduits,
Hollands, Vlaams, Belgisch-Nederlands * Andrew Gonzalez, From Pilipino
to Filipino_1 to Filipino_2: unmaking and remaking a national language
* Rakhmiel Peltz, The undoing of language planning from the vantage of
cultural history: two twentieth century Yiddish examples * Hendrik
Boeschoten, The Turkish Language Reform forced into stagnation * Ran
HaCohen, Influence of the Middle East Peace Process on the Hebrew
language * Hassan R. S. Abd-el-Jawad and Fawwaz Al-Abed Al-Haq, The
impact of the Peace Process in the Middle East on Arabic * D. J. van
Schalkwyk, Eradicating racism in language - Afrikaans * Michael Clyne,
Epilogue * List of contributors * Index of names * Index of subjects


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Postfach 30 34 21 200 Saw Mill River Road 
D-10728 Berlin Hawthorne, NY 10532 
Germany USA 
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